World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1976

Shen Xiang solves Zhan Xi and a purple clothes man, obtains Heaven Ocean Flower, the harvest is very rich, this made his in high spirit place humming a little tune in mountain forest, was walking vivaciously. Yue'er hides in the backpack is resting, only then what happened, she will induce obtains will wake up. Shen Xiang takes off a wild flower, is sucking in the flower the fragrant juice, then he casts off this flower gently, but also springs Qi Energy with the finger, scatters this flower, making the flower petal fall gently, this can make this flower sow seeds, later grows many in the forest. Several flower petals are slowly attractive, just about to descends the ground, in the forest actually suddenly blows light breeze, several flower petals that must fall to the ground shortly had been blown. What is strange, after these flower petals were blown, unexpectedly collision together, just started Shen Xiang to think is the coincidence, that but then he sees, makes him be critical situation, immediately is vigilant. After several flower petals was blown the light breeze that blow the same place by suddenly, the instance of collision, unexpectedly has a faint trace light white light, by the flower petal that Shen Xiang scatters, unexpectedly is combined, turns into the beautiful flowers! This absolutely is not the coincidence formation, but very formidable strength urge! Who!” Shen Xiang anchors the footsteps, has shouted one. This fellow is very strong, he tracked you to be very long evidently!” Yue'er hastily poked head from the backpack, looked at all around, the sound also became dignified. Knew one have been tracked, Shen Xiang back immediately one cool, if so, then before him , was the matter that kills the purple clothes man let by seeing? Shen Xiang turned around to look at behind, at this time he only felt that the wind was bigger, when he must continue to forward, suddenly saw the front to stand a long hair to be floating, wears the white clothing, grasped the man of bamboo flute. This almost frightens to call Shen Xiang, he had used a moment ago the space induction domain, but still has not actually discovered this man, even if he closes the eye now, still cannot induce this man in front, this regarding him was really too fearful.

Even if Highest God, will not make him feel so fearfully! This white clothing man has a very handsome face, the eyebrow after the careful conditioning, his hand shakes the hand of bamboo flute to be very slender, the nail after carefully has also pruned, looks like must care about these things compared with the female. But Shen Xiang is tall, the clothes dilapidated, the hair is dishevelled, in the nail also has to occupy some putties, the bottom of pants leg that the calf curls up, reveals the unusual cover the foot wool, although he is also much longer, but his messy appearance disposition, actually keeps this handsome face from highlighting. Shen Xiang and front this white clothing man, is two violent striking contrasts! Who are you? Why can track me?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask, a face is vigilant, he has put out Deicide Sword. The white clothing man smiles lightly, he smiles to be charming, his sound is also full of the magnetism and a strange charm: I have not tracked you, I in this place some days, I had discovered that some people enter here, the somewhat strange action, I come to have a look!” The slit of sunlight on by crown shines, enabling in the forest to have ray of light together to shoot, the white clothing man waved, breeze blows, that flower hikes up with the wind, falls in his palm. Really does not do right by, disturbs you!” Shen Xiang has held holding the fist in the other hand, turns head to walk, he has not walked several steps, the white clothing man suddenly appears in front of him. I only want to ask that Deicide Sword Art is you displays?” The white clothing man asked: I brought by your fearful Deicide Sword intent.” This white clothing man is very strong, Shen Xiang is unable to see his strength, only thought that this white clothing man can kill him at any time, is good does not have the hostility because of the opposite party to him. Yes!” Shen Xiang replied.

Where do you obtain?” The white clothing blows gently, the flower of palm fluttered with the wind, does not know that which fluttered, looked at his appearance, very cherishing these flowers. Senior Sister teaches for my, this Senior Sister Deicide Sword Art is her father passes to him, how to obtain as for his father, I was unknown.” Shen Xiang said truthfully. Oh? must practice this Deicide Sword Art not to be easy, especially must have your this degree of Deicide Sword intent more difficult! As far as I know, must first have the Deicide bloodlines to be good, but you apparently do not have.” White clothing man indifferently said, but that eye is actually watching intently Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang felt immediately the greatest pressure raids, the back full is the cold sweat, this white clothing man was really too fearful. I am not clear, before this possible and me, Godhead that fuses has relationship!” Shen Xiang had determined that Godhead that one fuse should be that anything Six Paths God Monarch, it is said that is the Six Paths God king son, in Six Paths Temple is also a legendary character, but actually bewilderedly dies in world of Nine Heaven. After the white clothing man hears, slightly frowned, has thought deeply about the small moment, no longer closely examines the Deicide Sword Art matter, but asked other matter: „In you wrap, but Moon and Stars Mythical Beast?” Yue'er pokes head in: I am Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, do you want to eat me?” Shen Xiang stares, Yue'er question time is having a impatient expression, she a little knew about this white clothing man evidently probably, moreover asked that the opposite party does want to eat me? White clothing man lightly smiled: Why you must ask that I do want to eat you? I look like look like very much eat Moon and Stars Mythical Beast specially?” Yue'er lightly snorted: Your God Wind Valley always has this tradition, as far as I know, our Moon and Stars Mythical Beast were grasped majority of by your God Wind Valley!” God Wind Valley? Shen Xiang suddenly understood, this male continuously use is the strength of wind, this God Wind Valley should also be in a Highest God Realm influence!

I good from God Wind Valley, but I was separated from God Wind Valley already many years, now I am Six Paths Temple!” The white clothing man smiled: Moreover God Wind Valley that you said that that is many years ago, present God Wind Valley has not eaten Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, they do not dare to eat!” Snort!” Yue'er is not still feeling well: Your what background? As far as I know, doesn't Six Paths Temple have people of your sort?” The white clothing man said with a smile: My named Xiao Changle, I, although joins Six Paths Temple, but I little make an appearance, I year to year practice in this treasure trove!” Shen Xiang said: If Senior is all right, I first walked! I must hurry back!” In this divine medicine treasure trove has strange strength, Xiao Changle cultivates in the hideaway here is also very normal, now Shen Xiang only wants a bit faster to return to Supreme Temple, is far away from this mysterious expert, although this person is well-meant to him. You are Supreme Temple!” Xiao Changle asked with a smile. Um!” Shen Xiang has not thought that was looked, on him does not have the Supreme Temple characteristics. I will go to Supreme Temple after a period of time! I think that you should be Dan Hall, will otherwise not collect divine medicine, has not thought in Supreme Temple Dan Hall, will have your this little rascal.” Xiao Changle he he smiles: You go back first, I think that we can meet not long again!”