World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1977
Shen Xiang did not know about this Xiao Changle, but this fellow actually knows that his many matters, he at the matter that in that cave kills that purple clothes man, definitely was known by this Xiao Changle. You do not need to be worried that you I have not seen at the matter that in that cave handles.” Xiao Changle has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang nodded, then holds the fist in the other hand saying: Many thanks Senior understood that said goodbye!” Shen Xiang starts running away at once, Xiao Changle said one are Six Paths Temple, but he arranges that killing formation in the cave with Divine Mirror of Six Paths, should also be seen by Xiao Changle, definitely knows that he has Divine Mirror of Six Paths, therefore he will run that quickly, he worried that Xiao Changle must think his Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Shen Xiang teleport, until going out of the mountain, arrived on a piece of prairie to stop the rest, he dashed about wildly continuously for two days. Takes shape? This fellow anything background, was too fearful, even if faces Yi Baidong this expert, I do not have this pressure!” Shen Xiang shouted the one breath, then emits small lightning, rides in carrying on the back of small lightning, returns to Supreme Temple. Yue'er said: Has not heard his name, but his strength I can guess correctly approximately that should be the fellow who arrives at the Highest God peak, is only poor, can surmount Highest God Realm, he should have ten nine Godhead Highest God!” Shen Xiang exclaims: So is no wonder fearful, does Supreme Temple inside have this expert?” Yue'er crawls from the backpack, runs up to the Shen Xiang's bosom, said: Has, Supreme Temple Palace Master should be this strength!” Shen Xiang has not seen Supreme Temple Palace Master, he had heard this Palace Master usually little makes an appearance, only if there is any big matter to come out to process, even if will hold the big ratio, he will not appear! The Supreme Temple thing is processes by some elders. This does Xiao Changle have and Supreme Temple Palace Master equally fearful strength? Six Paths Temple this fellow? Then, isn't Six Paths Temple more formidable than Supreme Temple?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, that Xiao Changle said own actually is God Wind Valley, afterward joined Six Paths Temple.

Beforehand Six Paths Temple is very formidable, especially Six Paths God Monarch time...... But afterward Six Paths God Monarch had been missing, Six Paths Temple also declined, has this character I also to think very strange.” The matter that Yue'er knows, knew from Beast God Temple these high-level mouths that she also has the noble status in Stars and Moon God Clan, will therefore know many matters. Shen Xiang returned to Supreme Temple, he has not thought that must go out of the deep place of that treasure trove to require such long time, his these has used for one month. Returns to tenth Dan Hall, Shen Xiang sees Shui Bingyan just and Feng Yujie is reorganizing some herbs outside courtyard. Sees Shen Xiang and Yue'er comes back, Shui Bingyan walks happily on the whole face: Big Brother Shen, Yue'er, hello!” Yue'er likes Shui Bingyan, she flies from the backpack, jumps into the Shui Bingyan bosom, is kidding around with a pair of adorable small claw and Shui Bingyan. Bingyan did she adapt?” Shen Xiang sits , helping divine medicine that Feng Yujie makes these to become dry, he did not know that these look like chaotic divine medicine. Feng Yujie said with a smile lightly: You and my worry is unnecessary, although this girl is pure, but is not easily swindled, she has strong sensation ability, can cherish illegally to her very keen perceiving to whom! She does not need to adapt to our humanity circumstances.” Shen Xiang looks at the day of Shui Bingyan the really bright smiling face, sighed: Hopes our humanity the environment don't sinisterly to her heart.” What thing are these?” Shen Xiang asked that these divine medicine were many, seems like grey fruits, but these fruit actually root hair twined together, needed little careful separated their root hair. God breath must with the empty Primordial Spirit fruit, refine Concealing God Pill main two middle-grade divine medicine, entangles together, now needs to separate.” Feng Yujie said: What do you go to that divine medicine treasure trove to harvest?”

My harvest! Your these do herbs obtain? Buys?” Shen Xiang asked. That is called the Xie Ao fellow to fill for my, why also does not know, his bewildered has given me, does not receive my divine yuan stone!” Feng Yujie saw Shen Xiang to show the smiling face, knows that this was definitely related with Shen Xiang, then hastily asked: This what's the matter?” Shen Xiang laughed: I have saved this fellow, moreover he was also an acquaintance, he was world of Nine Heaven Evil Emperor!” Feng Yujie is surprised opens the small mouth, has exclaimed in surprise one: actually is Evil Emperor this fellow, turned into this? I could not recognize, no wonder his aura gave me a very familiar feeling!” „Have you seen him?” Shen Xiang has not thought that Feng Yujie enters has seen Evil Emperor, what is strange her unexpectedly has not recognized. I have certainly added him, but at that time he and present 1 : 00 different, radically is two people! He has also seen me, but I had used other appearances at that time.” Feng Yujie said. Shen Xiang has put out that blue flower, he meets Xie Ao in the divine medicine treasure trove, because of these blue flowers, his simple told Feng Yujie the process. Feng Yujie is revolving this plumbago auriculata, knits the brows: Does not know that this is any flower, but from your description, this colored effect is not ordinary!” I suspected that is middle-grade divine medicine, I eat up a flower petal, the drug efficacy was fearful.” Shen Xiang said that at this time the blue flower in Feng Yujie hand, has been short of a flower petal. Small courtyard direction suddenly broadcasts the sound: This is Mysterious Death Evil Flower, you eat up a flower petal also to live, this is you have good luck ever , if not understand processing, the belly definitely will be exploded a hole.”

This is the Hall Master Luo Tianjun sound, he went out! He walks from the room, arrives by the table instantaneously, received this Mysterious Death Evil Flower from the Feng Yujie hand, tightens the brow: This plants flowers should not appear lets the divine medicine treasure trove!” After Yue'er hears, immediately flies, startled sound track: „Is this in Legend can readily make Highest God put on Mysterious Death Evil Flower of intestines broken heart?” Shen Xiang hears Yue'er such to describe that immediately has a lingering fear, he rejoiced that he initially ate up a flower petal, otherwise he definitely cannot now such comfortable sitting here. Luo Tianjun looked at Yue'er, although he closes up, any matter that but outside has he also knows, especially this Dan Hall! A while ago Yue'er and Shui Bingyan came, he immediately has known, but after all Yue'er Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, can look very much easily. This is only middle-grade Mysterious Death Evil Flower, if High-Grade, the gathering place estimate of this little rascal from new was fine long.” Luo Tianjun gives back to Shen Xiang this flower, then urged severely: Cannot eat again and again, this plants flowers is one type can the evil medicine that the person died!” Shen Xiang nods hastily, but in heart actually wild with joy, if refines pill, that might is very definitely good, that stone of that mountain the previous Long Xueyi remnant soul is, also has very fearful might, he did not have to refine. Hall Master, have you heard Xiao Changle this person?” Shen Xiang suddenly asked that he such asked that making Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun complexion change, their unexpectedly knew this Xiao Changle.