World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1978

Luo Tianjun has sighed deeply: No wonder the divine medicine treasure trove will present this to plant flowers, is this farms in partnership, he is same as usual, always likes planting this type of thing.” Shen Xiang was startled being startled, Xiao Changle truly very much loved colored, this fearful Mysterious Death Evil Flower unexpectedly was he plants! Luo Tianjun looks to Feng Yujie: „Does girl, you also know this fellow?” Feng Yujie nodded: I young...... In childhood and he was quite familiar, has not thought of him to be able here!” in other words Nine Spirit Kings that time matter, Nine Spirit Kings had the prestige at that time, but Xiao Changle can know Feng Yujie, explained that Xiao Changle has the good status at that time. Hall Master, he said that he is Six Paths Temple, what status is he in Six Paths Temple?” Shen Xiang asked that this Xiao Changle knows that his some secrets, he may probably clarify the Xiao Changle status now. He is Six Paths Temple Palace Master! Although this fellow is Six Paths Temple, but he is also alchemy such as, if strict, he was my Martial Uncle! Knows he in the Six Paths Temple status are not many, only then our Supreme Temple several elders and Palace Master know.” The Luo Tianjun words let Shen Xiang and Yue'er are very surprised, they have not thought that Xiao Changle unexpectedly is Six Paths Temple Palace Master! Feng Yujie knits the brows: His actually, but does God Wind Valley, how run up to Six Paths Temple now?” Luo Tianjun said: He controls the wind principle, the matter that because afterward God Wind Valley and Purple Mist Divine Mountain jointly made some harm both sides disciples, at that time God Wind Valley and some Purple Mist Divine Mountain outstanding disciples left, he at that time entered Six Paths Temple, afterward Six Paths God Monarch was missing, held the post of Palace Master by him.” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that Xiao Changle inquired his Deicide Sword Art time, obviously Xiao Changle knows that he fused Six Paths God Monarch Godhead, moreover knows that he has the Divine Mirror of Six Paths matter, but has not exposed, he does not understand why this is. „Is his manner what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked.

Is good, likes dressing up compared with the woman, likes spending compared with the woman, other are very good!” Luo Tianjun laughed: You should see him in the divine medicine treasure trove!” Shen Xiang nodded, truly said with Luo Tianjun is the same. Hall Master, he said that after a period of time will come Supreme Temple, does he come to here to do?” Shen Xiang asked. Should be leads their Six Paths Temple disciple to join in the fun, our Palace Master should have the agreement with him, this big ratio will possibly compare with other influences! When the time comes three big Temple will gather together, in addition, God Wind Valley and Purple Mist Divine Mountain this will influence also come.” Luo Tianjun said: Quite will be when the time comes lively.” „Before this is also Palace Master, with me said that therefore I will close up, because when the time comes our these old bones must go on stage to save a face.” Old Luo!” suddenly some people of shouted, sound like thundering. One hear of this sounds, Shen Xiang knows that who came, this is Soul Hall total Hall Master, Zhu Xiangyuan! Shen Xiang helped him find Dao Heart Stone, but he gave the Shen Xiang's reward also to have half not to cash, to Shen Xiang together good Divine Soul. Now he arrived here, should deliver Divine Soul to come! Zhu Xiangyuan comes , after seeing Shen Xiang, not saying anything further, throws to a Shen Xiang grain of bead, Shen Xiang received the bead, thinks very hot! This is fire attribute Divine Soul, I have refined, you can fuse very much easily!” Zhu Xiangyuan said with a smile: Fusion time must be careful, this fire attribute Divine Soul is overbearing, be not burnt.”

Luo Tianjun thinks strange, he closed up for several months, Zhu Xiangyuan has delivered Divine Soul to Shen Xiang, must know that was their these old bones, wanted to obtain this quality good Divine Soul from Zhu Xiangyuan there not to be easy. What's all this about?” Luo Tianjun thinks very strange, looks to Zhu Xiangyuan, pursues asks., He helped me find Dao Heart Stone......” Zhu Xiangyuan just saying that discovered one said inadvertently, because he has complied with Shen Xiang, did not tell Luo Tianjun this matter. After Luo Tianjun hears, the eyeball stares immediately perfectly round, after he stared Shen Xiang, fills leaves, should be evidently goes to the supreme great hall to look for that old man. Zhu Xiangyuan he he smiles to Shen Xiang: Does not need to be worried that I will not make your Hall Master make any matter to come, my this visits him!” Zhu Xiangyuan also walked, Shen Xiang sighed one reluctantly. Yue'er continues to play with Shui Bingyan together, they are pursuing play, Shen Xiang they were talking a moment ago, Shui Bingyan very clever sitting peacefully is also listening in the one side. Sister Feng, how do you know that Xiao Changle?” Shen Xiang asked: He, if the present sees you, but also knows you?” Feng Yujie said with a smile: Naturally recognizes, this fellow initially settled on by Nine Spirit Kings, therefore he also mixes in God Wind Valley very well, God king directs him frequently, therefore I am young time also frequently with his together practice! This fellow likes spending very much, loves very much cleanly neat! Now this.” Did not say that this, I had also found this in the divine medicine treasure trove!” Shen Xiang puts out Heaven Ocean Flower, said with a smile: „Is this Heaven Ocean Flower?” After Feng Yujie sees, shouted pleasantly surprised tenderly: Is Heaven Ocean Flower, good! This refines divine medicine that Divine sea pill is quite difficult to look.”

Shen Xiang said: It seems like I have not admitted mistakes!” Feng Yujie careful will preserve, this regarding her is very precious. little rascal, I now regenerating Divine Pill have improved!” Feng Yujie also has the good news to tell Shen Xiang, seeing her whole face haughty smiling face, Shen Xiang cannot help but to put out a hand to touch her face. Improves what kind of?” Shen Xiang knows that Feng Yujie this is to leave the one breath, is used to refine to regenerate the Divine Pill young alchemy master in view of that. Regenerates Divine Pill, although can make flesh and blood regenerate, but the speed is slow, moreover to the flesh and blood quite strong Heavenly God not good effect!” Feng Yujie said: Blue Returning Spirit Dan that but I refine now, can actually fast the flesh and blood regeneration, if fleshly body disappointingly, can complete instantaneously, regenerating Divine Pill is better than time!” Feng Yujie Youyou sighed: Only insufficient is this pill refines the difficulty to be slightly big, but must increase same middle-grade divine medicine, although the effect is very good, but the price definitely also will sell very high, otherwise is hard the book! Although I can found new home remedy, but this actually cannot with the regeneration Divine Pill competition of that fellow!” Shen Xiang looked at Divine Soul in hand, said: I have the means! Regeneration Divine Pill of fellow not endless, I thought that he stored up, moreover he only sold to some people, if we can duplicate to regenerate Divine Pill herbs fast, can refine fast, that can definitely compete with him!” This I also know, but can solve this problem? Duplicates herbs is not the difficult matter, what is difficult is the fast refinement! This after is middle-grade Divine Pill, refinement time needs a group of High-Grade Saint pill.” This is Feng Yujie comparison headache matter.