World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1979
Reason that Shen Xiang has not started to refine middle-grade Divine Pill , because he is seeking for the solution to make all Dan God think matter that has a headache about! Is all middle-grade Divine Pill, needs to increase many High-Grade Saint pill in the refinement as auxiliary! The middle-grade Divine Pill home remedy majority are this, but is used for auxiliary High-Grade Saint pill also to play the stabilization, its efficacy will not integrate in Divine Pill, in other words, even if not need High-Grade Saint pill to refine, the Divine Pill quality that refines same will not change. However does not have High-Grade Saint pill, the stability in pill furnace to be hard to maintain, is mainly because middle-grade divine medicine, when was burnt builds up, needs to carry on some devour energies to be able docile and is not hot tempered! Therefore in ancient, Dan God find out this means that when refines middle-grade Divine Pill, joins High-Grade Saint pill, melts to come devour High-Grade Saint pill to middle-grade divine medicine, maintains pill furnace inside stability through such way. „Can I close up for several days, look succeed!” Shen Xiang said: Gives me two to regenerate Divine Pill herbs!” Feng Yujie gives Shen Xiang herbs, the face is blushing slightly, said: Spirit bead are not many, we must find a time to make more!” Shen Xiang badly smiles one, in a hurry enters the basement! He has not started alchemy, but puts out Divine Soul that Zhu Xiangyuan just sent, he now or Low-Rank Heavenly God, has two Divine Soul and Godhead. Shen Xiang's first assigns Divine Ability is Creation Fire has very big help to his alchemy, second assigns Divine Ability is Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, this is he cultivates, this that Heaven Body divine art obtains can make him have strong defensive power. But then he must practice third Divine Soul, concentrates third Godhead to come, will have when the time comes also third to assign Divine Ability!

cultivation technique that now he cultivates is Heaven Refining Technique, he planned that cultivates third Divine Soul and third Godhead with Heaven Refining Technique, this meets relationship to assign Divine Ability to his third. Xiao Chou that brat because has this type of thing, can advanced by leaps and bounds! I first fuse this Divine Soul to say now again that waits to practice third Godhead another day again, when the time comes I was Middle-Rank Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang thinks that must become Highest God needs ten Godhead, thinks also has a long way to go, therefore he must add a bit faster the speed. The Soul Hall method made Shen Xiang be surprised, this by Zhu Xiangyuan has refined Divine Soul, put in Divine sea by him, unexpectedly very easily fused together with him, now he only needs to practice slightly, and Divine Soul agreed with by oneself succeeds, but then he only needed to close up to concentrate for a long time third Godhead. Regenerates Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang puts out one to regenerate Divine Pill herbs, this is only herbs, does not have High-Grade Saint pill. Feng Yujie and he has said that even if uses Heaven Refining Technique, if not join High-Grade Saint pill in inside, is hard very much maintains the stability of pill furnace. Feng Yujie Heaven Refining Technique is the Shen Xiang instruction, she surely does not have Shen Xiang to understand to Heaven Refining Technique, therefore she in alchemy, before somewhat is also remaining, that alchemy method, will therefore cause her, when uses Heaven Refining Technique not to understand to be accommodating, this need senses for a long time can have the ability that Shen Xiang such comprehension and is accommodating. Feng Yujie regenerating Divine Pill these divine medicine has the opportunity of bloodlines of spirit to tell Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang does not need to attempt little, he can burn down certain degree these middle-grade divine medicine directly! Appeared, Sister Feng regenerates Divine Pill divine medicine very much to understand to this!” After Shen Xiang sees that several divine medicine spirit bloodlines, immediately grasps the bloodlines of these spirits, will then fuse together completely.

Must succeed shortly, but in the instance of fusion, has not presented the matter in Shen Xiang expectation, instead separates completely, the bloodlines of spirit break to pieces completely, pill furnace also violently sways. „It is not good!” Shen Xiang promptly turns on the pill furnace cover, releases pill furnace little wild several herbal Spirit Qi, otherwise must blast this pill furnace. middle-grade divine medicine is really different, can fuse, but why the bloodlines of spirit meet suddenly to repel one another, moreover disrupted!” Shen Xiang is lost in thought. Before this situation him, has not met, he uses building up of source, the bloodlines of spirit are important regarding him, if the bloodlines of spirit fall broken, then means that he will be defeated. Before Feng Yujie, has said that if before the bloodlines of spirit fuse, High-Grade Saint pill who the smelting increases, after Saint pill smelts , the energy of having for these middle-grade divine medicine devour, can little smooth fuses together several spirit bloodlines of middle-grade divine medicine, but this process needs to build up massive High-Grade Saint pill unceasingly, partition of energy that but must turn into Saint pill evenly, is very troublesome. If Shen Xiang wants to solve this difficult problem, why must first ravel middle-grade divine medicine to repel one another in the fusion, even from exploding the bloodlines of spirit. In his hand only then regenerated Divine Pill herbs, but bottom medicine that Feng Yujie there also was used to duplicate, therefore he especially treasures now. His took a deep breath, places on these divine medicine a jade board, then carefully is observing with source Spirit Eyes.

Then, he has looked, looked entire three days, a little clue. Should be this, these middle-grade divine medicine has bred a stronger intelligence, moreover a condense energy in divine medicine, similar Godhead Divine Soul and so on thing! If several divine medicine internal energies differ the too far time, is unable to fuse together, the bloodlines of spirit will also repel one another! But I bloodlines of polymerization together spirit, cause forcefully shatter.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to think: Some energy phase differences that middle-grade divine medicine hides are very big, strong and weak relationship of energy to the strong and weak of bloodlines of spirit! But too weak spirit bloodlines bump into are very strong, I will fuse together forcefully, will cause the small and weak spirit bloodlines to explode! Of exploding also will initiate other exploding to open, will therefore have the beforehand matter.” This is similar to he uses the egg to touch the stone to be the same, both disparity is too big, therefore is unable to fuse together! But joins High-Grade Saint pill, can play the protective function to make weak divine medicine have the energy guard shield, after achieving certain balance, when fusion will not cause weak exploding to fall, after fusing is successful, then withdraws the energy that these High-Grade Saint pill turn into. If I use building up of source , can only start from the source spirit bloodlines! The bloodlines of stronger Spirit Transformation, do not only let the too weak spirit bloodlines collapse in the fusion from exploding then!” Shen Xiang had found drop of solution, but he had not actually found the method of bloodlines of strong spirit! In Heaven Refining Technique should have, I initially comprehended building up of source, has seen related, at that time I had not cared!” Shen Xiang recalls that in the heart exclaimed in surprise secretly the Heaven Refining Technique profound place, unexpectedly these considered continually.