World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1980
Shen Xiang has used several days, ravels from Heaven Refining Technique the method of bloodlines of that strong spirit, he will name it strong spirit law, the meaning of bloodlines of strong spirit. It seems like consumes the strength of Divine sea very much, does not know that my Divine sea inside Six Paths Power will use above will have any effect!” What consumption is strength in Divine sea, Shen Xiang, because cultivates Six Paths divine art, therefore his present is Six Paths Divine Power, but other people are the god profound strength. But the matter that the god profound strength can achieve, Six Paths Power can achieve. After finding the method, Shen Xiang started to refine to regenerate Divine Pill, after he burnt that several divine medicine first built up the certain extent, with source Spirit Eyes sees the bloodlines of spirit, uses strong spirit law that” he just comprehended. Before using this method, he must look first is which several divine medicine is too weak, then expands the spirit bloodlines of these divine medicine, so long as made the bloodlines of these spirits balance that's alright. Uses the strong spirit law, only then, Six Paths Power of his within the body on fast gushing out Divine sea, turns into pale-green light glow, overflows from his double palm, through pill furnace enters the hot mouth to enter in pill furnace, is wrapping these divine medicine, seeps to divine medicine in little, starts the strong these weak spirit bloodlines. Shen Xiang also uses source Spirit Eyes at this time, carefully observes the bloodlines of these spirits, bloodlines of weak time spirit, the color somewhat will be different, along with expands little, the color will also deepen, therefore is very easy to look. So long as several divine medicine color depths are similar, that can start to fuse! This situation will actually not occur on low-grade divine medicine, although the spirit bloodlines of low-grade divine medicine will have the strong and weak disparate situation, because the energy of low-grade divine medicine implication insufficiently detonates, can therefore carry on fuses forcefully! But middle-grade above divine medicine was different, formidable energy that the interior hides, so long as the bloodlines of spirit are slightly unstable, will explode! Was similar!” Shen Xiang has not thought that he has used three days, makes several divine medicine spirit bloodlines color depths achieve consistently, consumes his Six Paths Power to be also many.

I am because is not familiar, therefore little releases the strength of strong spirit, will therefore use such a long time, if after being familiar, the time can be shortened, must achieve to be fast pill is not the issue!” Shen Xiang turns into a hand with Divine Sense, holds the bunch of herbal Spirit Qi spirit bloodlines, will fuse together. At this moment, the Shen Xiang's heart thump thump is jumping, is somewhat anxious, if were defeated, he must from seek for the method newly! But the successful words, he later refines middle-grade Divine Pill other alchemy masters be easier, has not needed massive High-Grade Saint pill, this lets he very excited matter. Bloodlines of fusions several spirit are complicated together time, the Shen Xiang's forehead cannot help but seeps out the massive sweat, when sees the bloodlines of fusion spirit turns into one group, he is suppressing one breath on long exhalation. Became!” In the Shen Xiang heart is greatly happy, relaxed, herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder that at this time several middle-grade divine medicine turn into fuse together, turns into one group of very very thick Qi ball. Worthily is middle-grade divine medicine, several fuse together, can produce so crowded herbal Spirit Qi, can concentrate many pill to come evidently!” In Shen Xiang heart happy: If uses Saint pill to be auxiliary, after ending the fusion auxiliary, must release the Saint pill's energy, the draining exits also will cause a major part herbal Spirit Qi outflow, therefore pill is few!” Shen Xiang has understood, these young Dan God refine Supreme Temple is also only two grains, but Feng Yujie can leave the pill 34 grains, now he was unable many grains, he also to continue definite to burn to build up these herbal Spirit Qi, making herbal Spirit Qi purer. According to looked like this, if only concentrates ordinary pill pellet, at least can five grains!” Shen Xiang was more excited, concentrates the more better, this will sell the low price not to think to lose money. Now when he has solved the difficult problem, the refinement does not need to increase High-Grade Saint pill, when this can reduce many costs and refinements said the energy, meanwhile can promote pill's quantity! After Shen Xiang that big rolls herbal Spirit Qi burns to build up pure, is somewhat excited. Seven grains! Should not have the issue!”

He rewards this group of herbal Spirit Qi strokes seven, then carries on to congeal pill! Before long, Shen Xiang congealed the pill success merit, opened pill furnace to look that inside had seven grains of faint yellow regeneration Divine Pill, this was the excellent quality! Good, so long as then duplicates more, I can build up one to come fast in large numbers!” Shen Xiang wiped away sweat, takes these seven grains to regenerate Divine Pill, hurriedly goes out of the basement. Arrives at the above time, Feng Yujie just and Shui Bingyan lies on a bed sleeps, Yue'er lies by Shui Bingyan. Shui Bingyan rests very ripe, the appearance of sleeping is also very attractive, but at the same time already woke up in Feng Yujie, she hears the opening the door sound of basement, has opened the eye, she has been waiting for the Shen Xiang's good news. if wanted kisses her!” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly. I do not dare, she is fierce!” Shen Xiang curled the lip. Feng Yujie from going down the bed, arrives by a table, asked in a soft voice: How below did you toss about?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You look!” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to open a jade box, inside has seven grains to regenerate Divine Pill, was almost happier that much shouted, but she was worried to quarrel Shui Bingyan, restrained.

Refines? Does not use High-Grade Saint pill, you use two to regenerate Divine Pill herbs to refine seven grains to come!” Feng Yujie regenerating Divine Pill places the control, grains of carefully look: Excellent quality!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: „The my first furnace failed! These seven grains that you see, is the same furnace refines!” Is impossible!” Feng Yujie light shouted, she refines excessively multiple regeneration Divine Pill, she regenerating Divine Pill cannot find again that she thought her four grains are the limits, moreover she, only then displays to concentrate well four grains, usually is also only three grains. Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, Feng Yujie examined carefully these to regenerate Divine Pill, discovered that was hot, the temperature was similar, was a furnace comes out very much obviously! But she hastily shakes the head, she is unable to accept her to think the impossible matter! Sister Feng, you can also achieve, tomorrow I teach you, I now was somewhat tired, first takes a bath!” Shen Xiang walks into the bathroom, washes kakidrosis softly cleanly, then arrives on a chair to sit cross-legged the rest. Feng Yujie also depends, lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom, is caressing his cheeks lightly, supple sound track: I accompany you!” Shen Xiang has kissed her red lip, smiled, is hugging her, arrives on another bed, they support to sleep.