World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1981
Feng Yujie hugged Shen Xiang Mei Mei to fall asleep, on the face was also bringing happy smiling! In the morning, Shen Xiang hears Yue'er meow meow the cry, he and Feng Yujie therefore wakes up, at this time the day did not have completely brightly, but in the room is actually floating the pale blue ray. These rays are on Shui Bingyan send out, at this time Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Yue'er woke up, have Shui Bingyan also in the deep sleep. She must break through probably! These days, she has not practiced!” Yue'er is very surprised, she flies Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang this bed. Feng Yujie said: Her former evening and I rested together, there is this, at that time I asked her, she did not know what's the matter!” Shen Xiang they look in the one side, after dawn, on Shui Bingyan stops sending out blue light glow, she also woke up at this time. After Shui Bingyan wakes up, sees Shen Xiang they to visit her, but at this time her clothes have soaked, obviously was that blue light glow created a moment ago. Good morning!” Shui Bingyan they sweet smiles to Shen Xiang, then takes off clothes deftly, has not cared about the Shen Xiang's feeling. This snow white beautiful body makes Shen Xiang two straighten immediately, his eye blocked from the white hands by Feng Yujie quickly. Shui Bingyan changed one set of purple skirt, Feng Yujie walked to help her reorganize the clothes immediately, urged: Bingyan, later has the man, cannot take off the clothes casually, I remember that has said with you!” But Big Brother Shen is not a bystander! Moreover he teaches me to wear clothes, my clothes give to me.” Shui Bingyan looks to Shen Xiang, pure to his beautiful smile, this makes the Shen Xiang's innermost feelings somewhat unable to dominate, this Shui Bingyan is really much purer, making him like very much.

Bingyan, you sleep, your body sends out the blue light, moreover got wet the clothes, what's all this about?” Shen Xiang asked: You slept a moment ago, what there is to feel?” Shui Bingyan looked at Feng Yujie, because before Feng Yujie, has asked this matter, she shook the head: I do not know that I thought slept a moment ago is somewhat hot, then the body perspired.” Shui Bingyan do not know that what's the matter, Shen Xiang they definitely cannot ask anything. Shen Xiang must teach Feng Yujie to use the strong spirit law refinement to regenerate Divine Pill, before the refinement, he must with Feng Yujie double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique, be more concise the spirit bead, this can duplicate to regenerate Divine Pill herbs. Yue'er and Feng Yujie play in the courtyard, because is worried about Shui Bingyan to stir up trouble, therefore Feng Yujie does not make her go out of this courtyard, must exit, must have the Feng Yujie accompaniment. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie under secret room, their double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique time, Shen Xiang also at that time teaches through the Divine Soul way the strong spirit law to Feng Yujie, in addition, when Feng Yujie can also obtain Shen Xiang to use the strong spirit law alchemy memory clearly. How I know refine, little rascal you are really fierce, unexpectedly can comprehend this method!” Feng Yujie was very happy that has kissed the Shen Xiang's mouth: Goes to look at Bingyan, before I was let her and I stay in the secret room, you also while convenient accompanied her to play.” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have kissed the moment, goes out of the secret room, arrives at outside time, is the evening. Shui Bingyan and Yue'er sit on the roof, looks at the setting sun of distant place, in the Shui Bingyan hand is also pinching a fragrant fruit, had been nipped several by her. The Shen Xiang run-up, arrives at side Shui Bingyan gently, said with a smile: Who gives your fruit, looks like very delicious!”

Shui Bingyan hands over the fruit: Big Brother Shen, you eat!” You eat, this fruit I ate!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, loved tenderly touches her cheek, then put out Huang Jintian to his Divine Fruit, this Divine Fruit can cause very fragrant fruit juice, he sheared scrap fruit pulp, then after the refinement, turned into the fragrant delicacy the fruit juice. Shui Bingyan received to drink one, acclaimed again and again, she was worried, could not drink again, small mouth sip. Bingyan, can you fondly remember the place that you were born?” Shen Xiang asked that but Shui Bingyan Dao Spirit, but she now and average man not different, she was the natural life that the world bred, the strength was also very strong. Does not want to go back, is very bored in, nobody and I said the interesting matter, does not have Yue'er to accompany me to play.” Shui Bingyan shook the head: I do not go back.” Shen Xiang smiled: That does not go back, after waiting, I will lead you to go to a more amusing place, handles a more amusing matter.” A Shui Bingyan face anticipated that nodded. They sit in the roof, can see the Gu three brothers to come back noisily, before they arrived at the gate. The Gu three brothers open the door, sees Shen Xiang and Shui Bingyan looks at the setting sun in the roof, in the heart cannot help but envies. little rascal, small Junior Sister? Regenerated Divine Pill to rise in prices, now sells 100 five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, rose 1 million compared with before!” Gu Laoda shouted.

Before because some people must do right with Feng Yujie, showed off like Feng Yujie, sold the value over a million divine yuan stone collection income taxes to four hundred thousand, but now suddenly rises 100 five hundred thousand, Shen Xiang thought very surprised. Why does suddenly rise these many? Do some people buy?” Shen Xiang asked that in his hand had seven grains to regenerate Divine Pill, now he had found the relaxed refinement to regenerate the Divine Pill method, therefore he and Feng Yujie planned to counterattack. Now also nobody buys, but had after a period of time! When the time comes Fist Hall, Sword Hall and Soul Hall fellow very this therapy Divine Pill! Before that regenerating Divine Pill sells the convenient fellow very much, now must gain the book, therefore he all of a sudden will raise the price, he propagandized his regeneration Divine Pill before.” Gu Laoda said: Small Junior Sister should she not plan to refine now to regenerate Divine Pill again?” Gu Laoer said: Now regenerated Divine Pill herbs to be purchased by that fellow, that bastard stored up regenerates Divine Pill herbs much, he lost money before sold four hundred thousand divine yuan stone purely not shows off himself! The fellow low price sells pill, buys at a high price to regenerate Divine Pill herbs! On the one hand to propagandize own strength and he has to regenerate Divine Pill, moreover greatly fishes one for compared with the current craze.” Shen Xiang said: Big ratio time, other people of will influence also come right?” The Gu Laoda nod said: Will come, moreover more than ten days will arrive ahead of time, they also will come when the time comes to here to purchase herbs, because in this Highest God Realm, our Supreme Temple Dan Hall is quite famous! In more than ten days, should have large quantities of other disciples of influence to arrive, now started the construction house outside Temple, is Fist Hall and Sword Hall that batch small is responsible for constructing young.” Shen Xiang for serveral days in closing up alchemy, did not know these matters, if were really this, when the time comes he and Feng Yujie can with regenerating Divine Pill counter-attack, before letting that experience the suppressed feeling with the young alchemy master who they competed.