World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1982
Shen Xiang only needs and other Feng Yujie to come out now, can with her discuss how well when the time comes to operate to regenerate Divine Pill! Sees Shen Xiang to smile, Gu Laoda some did not understand, because their Gu three brothers think that Feng Yujie gave up regenerating Divine Pill, because this cannot earn divine yuan stone, moreover regenerates Divine Pill herbs also by that side complete monopoly. Right little rascal, a quite important matter told you, was third Zhan Xi young little rascal dies.” Gu Laoda Hehe said with a smile: This fellow is also the young alchemy master, it is said can also refine middle-grade Divine Pill, now you and small Junior Sister competitor has been short of one!” Shen Xiang and Yue'er know that because Zhan Xi is Shen Xiang massacres. Dies? Such good seedling, unexpectedly will die!” Shen Xiang asked with amazement. This has anything to be extraordinary, in divine medicine treasure trove, even if dies ten eight Highest God is not the strange matter!” Gu Laoda said: Now three Hall Master investigated, can know that the cause of death was also difficult to say.” Shen Xiang nodded, he affirmed one kill Zhan Xi time has not left behind the clues, this will not look up on him, he also worried that before the Zhang Zhao matter will be looked up, but for a long time passed, Sword Hall as if also gave up tracing. But this Zhan Xi somewhat is different, this is three treasure, this young alchemy master in Supreme Temple inside status is quite high! The Gu three brothers returned to their room to rest several double-hour, in running of greater part of the night, they was very then busy these days, was preparing to deal with the forthcoming big ratio. Shen Xiang waited for two days, Feng Yujie to come out from the underground secret room, looks at her smiling face, knows that she used Shen Xiang to teach to her method success refines to regenerate Divine Pill!

I can only now six grains, after I am familiar, must refine seven grains is not the issue!” Feng Yujie said very much happily that she regenerating Divine Pill gives Shen Xiang, then go into the bathroom to take a shower, after Shui Bingyan sees, runs and Feng Yujie washes together, is kidding around together. Knows that inside has two beauties to take a bath to kid around together, this makes the Shen Xiang cannot help but recollections in close succession get up, wants to go to join in the fun...... 78 days, other disciples of influence one after another will arrive at outside Supreme Temple, when the time comes regeneration Divine Pill of that fellow will rise to 100 five hundred thousand divine yuan stone! Now although also sells this price, but also nobody buys temporarily!” Shen Xiang said that after Feng Yujie took a bath, is combing the hair. She hears this news, immediately yes what's the matter! What refinement regenerates Divine Pill is two fellows, is one, a name is Hua Yang, this is very short brat! Another is called Chu Xiang, is much longer, these two fellow relationship are very good, alchemy technique is very good.” Feng Yujie said: It seems like they planned that gains one while this, before they regenerating Divine Pill sold to these quite competent disciple, these disciples also regenerating Divine Pill propagandize.” Shen Xiang nodded: Therefore when the time comes greatly compared with before, each disciples of influence needed to stockpile therapy some Divine Pill, but this regenerates Divine Pill definitely to be favored by many disciples.” Our time are somewhat tight, it seems like a bit faster made some spirit beads to be good!” Feng Yujie said: We succeed to refine a furnace to regenerate Divine Pill, then our speeds can become quickly, should be able to catch up! I estimated that two little rascal does not have many regeneration Divine Pill, moreover before them, loses money the low price to sell, definitely also planned that fishes while the present, this that owes front not only can gain one, can attack me!” Said behind, Feng Yujie life Qi/angry, she does not want to become enemies with these little rascal, but currently she has to plant is bullied felt. Rests, we go to secret room alchemy!” Feng Yujie has hit a meaningful glance to Shen Xiang, they may not only want alchemy, but also wants the concise spirit bead to duplicate herbs.

Feng Yujie said to Yue'er: Yue'er, you look to favor Bingyan, do not let her run all over the place, these days Supreme Temple will be quite complex! Let her stay that's alright in the courtyard.” Shui Bingyan said cleverly: Elder sister, I will certainly not run all over the place, you do not need to be worried about me, well and Big Brother Shen alchemy.” Sees Shui Bingyan to be so clever, Feng Yujie happily smiles, touches her face, puts out some delicious fruits to eat to her. Because the time press, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie went to the basement immediately. little rascal, we have one to regenerate Divine Pill herbs now! If must duplicate one, needs eight grains of spirit beads, that elixir that now you and I practice alone are not many! But our day most also can only concentrate six grains of spirit beads.” Feng Yujie is nipping the lower lip lightly, the jade face rosy, glanced Shen Xiang one with a charming look. Shen Xiang thought that this response is somewhat strange, said: Was also good, at least several days suffice us to cause several to regenerate Divine Pill herbs, if each furnace succeeds, our also dozens grains regenerate Divine Pill!” Feng Yujie heard Shen Xiang saying that lightly snorted, the jade face was redder: little rascal, joins us to carry on a deeper level double cultivation, the spirit bead that comes out concise will be better!” Shen Xiang understands that now Feng Yujie that response, heart also suddenly jumped a moment ago quickly: This...... This is the affirmation, now we can......” Feng Yujie has not waited for him to speak, throws to stop up his mouth with the wing celtis mouth, afterward in the Shen Xiang mind broadcasts Feng Yujie that gently and charmingly temperately sound: My anything gave you, you later may probably take care of me well, helped me......”

Shen Xiang had not replied that Feng Yujie does not need him to promise anything to pledge, because of these days, Shen Xiang gives her help to be big. In basement, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie body and mind union, but they have supreme god bone, this union will be more wonderful, brings a better harvest to them...... Shen Xiang is shouldering the mission that Nine Spirit Kings rescues, his help to the Jiu Hanrou is also very big, because from now on will rescue Nine Spirit Kings, the enemy pressure that will face also will be also bigger, thinks of these, has been acting with constraint Feng Yujie took easy on suddenly, she adored Shen Xiang! ...... They naturally wake up, but at this time is also late at night, how long they did not know! Ten grains of purple bead...... was this too small a point?” When Feng Yujie has seen Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian their double cultivation purple bead that concentrates, but these are quite big, but she now and Shen Xiang, although concentrates ten grains, but is very small, only then the grain of rice is equally big. Shen Xiang looks at these purple bead lusters, then looked at internal the energy of implication with source Spirit Eyes, said pleasantly surprised: Although is small, but the effect is not weak!”