World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1983

Feng Yujie asked in a low voice: little rascal, you and Qilian can one time concentrate probably more than ten grains, right!” Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: If she is also the Heavenly God strength, I and she practice, should also concentrate like the present! She cultivated Life Slaughtering Technique many years, therefore I and she will congeal a lot.” Said, when congealing spirit bead, along with their strength promotion, the effect of spirit bead also will promote?” Feng Yujie too did not know about these spirit beads, even if Shen Xiang also understands not deeply, has Lu Qilian to be familiar with this aspect, she can guess generally probably the spirit bead can duplicate many herbs. Um, I and you are the Heavenly God strengths, therefore before us, is only the kiss mouth can also concentrate to duplicate the divine medicine spirit bead fast, but now...... The spirit bead that we concentrate will be better.” Shen Xiang put out a jade bowl, the preparation started to duplicate herbs. Refinement regenerates Divine Pill to need four middle-grade divine medicine, needed two grains of blue spirit beads to duplicate in former each type, must therefore duplicate one to take eight grains of blue spirit beads, does not know how many these purple bead did need?” Feng Yujie also anticipated at this time that she puts out to regenerate Divine Pill herbs, has cut in half one, puts in the bowl. Shen Xiang nodded to Feng Yujie, hinting Feng Yujie can put in the spirit bead! Purple spirit bead only then grain of rice size, after Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang double cultivation, concentrates in the small mouth of Feng Yujie, Feng Yujie looks the spirit bead that one and beloved man first time concentrates, in the heart has a happy feeling. She puts in a grain of purple spirit bead the bowl, after the purple spirit bead moves the water in bowl, melts instantaneously, one bowl of water quickly become the deep purple! Then by cutting in half Divine Fruit, after having been absorbed the purple water, quick fast-growth grows other half, in the bowl quick presented two Divine Fruit! Water also has not changed Qing, said that can also continue to duplicate!” Shen Xiang said pleasantly surprised. Feng Yujie takes up that two Divine Fruit, cuts open these two separately, then puts in the bowl separately, finally turned into four!

Grain of purple bead, can make middle-grade divine medicine change four, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie are very accidental, because this has been above their anticipation! Good!” Feng Yujie was happy that has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks: Our these ten grains of purple bead can change 40!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Our double cultivation two days, can practice 20 grains again, then the rest of the time we start alchemy!” Feng Yujie nodded, although face is red, but looks at the Shen Xiang's time, was actually full of the strength of attracting, Shen Xiang had already asked for advice her marvelous attracting strength, but at this time was fiercer! Before Shen Xiang can definitely restrain the enticement of Feng Yujie, but after having tasted this Nine Heavens Goddess, Shen Xiang discovered one did not have a resistivity to her, this also made Feng Yujie smile delighted tenderly, she had not attracted Shen Xiang before successfully, in the heart somewhat was unwilling, but now Shen Xiang is conquered by her completely, this made her have the sense of achievement very much. Two days pass by, Feng Yujie has congealed 20 grains of purple bead, she leaves behind ten grains to give spare, other 20 grains duplicate to regenerate Divine Pill herbs completely, this altogether had 80! Sister Feng, do you also refine that blue Returning Spirit Dan?” Shen Xiang asked that but that blue Returning Spirit Dan the Feng Yujie first time used Divine Pill that building up of source improved . Moreover the effect was also good. Naturally refinement, but temporarily does not sell now, I planned when other competition of Dan Hall takes again.” Feng Yujie wears the clothes, after she becomes the Shen Xiang's woman, in addition the strength of her inherent attracting, so long as she does not restrain the strength of that attracting, she is full of the incomparable attraction. Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang somewhat unable to dominate, eats to smile, receives on the strength of that strange attracting, said with a smile tenderly: First alchemy, does not know can complete in these days?” Shen Xiang secret took a deep breath, held Feng Yujie to kiss her face, said: Could not refine also No problem, our some these many divine medicine, can take care of your pennies and dollars will take care of themselves in any case!” They together alchemy in secret room, will not think arid, instead fills the power!

Shen Xiang and building up of Feng Yujie use source, can refine four furnaces to regenerate Divine Pill every day, their one day is eight furnaces, they have refined continuously for six days, altogether built up 50 furnaces, leaves the pill 350 grains! But the disciple who is away from other influences goes to Supreme Temple also two days, they have been busy for several days, needs to rest, therefore they can only stop alchemy now! Was exhausted!” Feng Yujie is holding Shen Xiang, she sees Shen Xiang to be somewhat exhausted, then gently is caressing his chest with the white hands. Tired undying!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, then took a deep breath, relaxes the whole body gently, starts to rest, he must raise the full spirit. Next day, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie walk from secret room, Shui Bingyan sees Feng Yujie, gave regards on hastily in the past, but also hands over two icy cold water. This is ice tea that I refine, is very tasty! Eldest Senior Brother and Hall Master said that is good!” Shui Bingyan hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie receive, the ice tea just the entrance, very neat cool feeling, this made their one drink completely. Bingyan was getting more and more fierce, will also make such tasty ice tea!” The Feng Yujie praise said that this lets Shui Bingyan with joy, was praised such like the child by the Sir. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Bingyan, stuffily went bad for serveral days here! Walks, we lead you to exit to stroll.” Shui Bingyan already thinks that outside had a look, heard Shen Xiang saying that immediately the cheers were jumping for joy, Feng Yujie was holding her hand, went out of the courtyard. Yue'er flies, enters in the Shen Xiang's backpack, said with a smile tenderly: „The Nine Heavens Goddess taste is good!”

Shen Xiang has pressed with the finger according to her head: This matter do not speak irresponsibly!” Yue'er spits that adorable petite cat tongue, said with a smile: I will certainly not speak irresponsibly, but obtains Nine Heavens Goddess, is one of the Divine Country Prince goals, after all Nine Heavens Goddess has the inheritance of Nine Spirit Kings...... Naturally, in addition, but can also obtain world of Nine Heaven, I am not specifically clear.” Shen Xiang does not know these matters, he and Feng Yujie are only double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique, has not practiced other, he planned that has the opportunity to try to take a look, can perhaps let him and Feng Yujie has the advantage. At this time in Supreme Temple is quite lonely, because the person are centralized to Supreme Temple outside a city, this city named gathers British Divine City, constructs is also quite grand, is away from Supreme Temple to be very near, looks like and Supreme Temple is equally magnificent. This city to greet other Highest God Realm disciples establishes, but later here can also gather the common people in nearby some villages and small towns, this to Supreme Temple some disciple many advantage, at least later purchases divine medicine anything will be more convenient. Feng Yujie brings Shui Bingyan to walk in forefront, they put on are quite simple, but their outstanding appearances also cause many men to look at several much! The people in city are also not many, disciple but who can actually see other influences, has the Shen Xiang quite familiar Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple, on them the purple clothes is very conspicuous.