World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1984

Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie walk on the road, suddenly sees front to have old man to beckon to them, this old man Gu Laoda, he before a pavilion front door of five story-high, Gu Laoer and Gu Laosan also there. The Shen Xiang half step walks, seeing in this pavilion one to be empty, this street above shop majority are spatial. little rascal, this is our tenth shops, what can you sell here? If no thing to sell, we forwarded to other people, can obtain a rent, when the time comes the rent we divided together!” Gu Laoda said. Feng Yujie on the road, was saying must look for the shop to sell to regenerate Divine Pill, moreover to this matter some headaches, has not thought that after this gathers British Divine City to construct, tenth can divide to such a good shop. Naturally has, we must sell Divine Pill, when the time comes gains divine yuan stone, we will give you a point!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: We are worrying the matter of shop!” Gu Laoda said with a smile: Your young people energy are really exuberant, soon greatly has compared, but can also cause some Divine Pill to sell, our these old bones cannot in any case!” Gu Laoer said: Can have such a shop to be the Hall Master merit, because Hall Master has very big contribution to Supreme Temple, will therefore obtain! In Dan Hall, only then our tenth obtains, other halls probably also only then ten can obtain!” Shen Xiang thinks immediately puzzled, asked: This Divine City is not small, the shop that has are also many, why apportions our Supreme Temple god hall so to be few? Ten halls can obtain!” Gu Laoda said: That is natural, after Supreme Temple constructs this Divine City, later must spend the big strength maintenance, especially that several large-scale Teleportation Formation, needs to consume massive divine yuan stone every day! Therefore our Supreme Temple will rent these shops, our Supreme Temple has certain share, other halls want the shop to do business, must by selecting relationship can obtain!” Feng Yujie asked: Said that other people of influence can also open the shop here?”

Gu Laoda nodded: Constructs this Divine City to gather Highest God Realm all the elite disciples of influence, this is conducive to the development of major influences, but Supreme Temple the conditions in various aspects are quite good, therefore chose here!” Shen Xiang looks at that very spacious street, asked: Makes such widely the street, to facilitate Beast God Temple these big fellows?” Gu Laoer happily said with a smile: This is the affirmation, but Beast God Temple these big fellows many good things, moreover they do not understand the use, constructs this Divine City time, Palace Master has told, must be the big fellow consideration of Beast God Temple is complete!” Feng Yujie enters the shop, exclaims: Altogether ten store fronts, each so is big, above also five, this shop, if rents, divine yuan stone that every month obtains are many!” Naturally, little said also hundred ten thousand divine yuan stone, if later develops, thousand ten thousand divine yuan stone one month!” Gu Laoda said: You lack a shop to take away, our brother three present does not lack that divine yuan stone in any case, you tossed about said one with us tired, when the time comes we transferred the shop!” Tomorrow, Teleportation Formation completely will stabilize, other disciples of influence also one after another will arrive when the time comes here! early stage to attract other people of influence comes to here, Teleportation Formation is free!” Gu Laoer said. Now Teleportation Formation has not constructed, the person had much, moreover from other places, Supreme Temple disciple, although also had, but looked like did not have many of other places. Shen Xiang asked: „Is when the time comes big ratio here will also conduct?” Gu Laoda said: Here conducts, conference site in middle, there is very large-scale plaza, when the time comes is the public competition, your little rascal, do not know that has that psychological quality!”

Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie are not worried about these, they have also experienced many big matters, what now they compare to care is how a bit faster to sell regeneration Divine Pill in hand. In shop, only then a table, Feng Yujie called to sit down the Gu three brothers, and made them close. Shen Xiang sees Feng Yujie eyeball glittering a smart-alecky ray, knows that she is hitting any wicked scheme. Three Senior Brother, I also know that you are very busy these days! Now this shop is so big, depends on me and Shen Xiang two, compared with difficult to handle all of a sudden, moreover tomorrow must be open for business, therefore......” Heard Feng Yujie saying that the Gu three brothers understand immediately, Gu Laoda said with a smile: Needed us to help directly saying that you were our Junior Sister.” Nearby Shui Bingyan happily said with a smile: I, I am also your Junior Sister!” Right, you now are our small Junior Sister!” Gu Laoda said with a smile: Isn't tomorrow is open for business? Today we help you arrange here proper, this minor matter could not have baffled us!” Feng Yujie puts out together jade token, said with a smile lightly: Then the younger sister I first thanked three Senior Brother, this regenerates the Divine Pill home remedy, I gave to you, since we were the Senior Brother younger sisters, therefore you must accept!” The Gu three brothers know certainly that regenerates the Divine Pill value, this is good middle-grade Divine Pill, seeing Feng Yujie must give them this, they reject.

This is not good, we may not have what good thing to return a courtesy, we cannot want! Was known by Hall Master, he will also teach our.” Gu Laoda shakes the head to say hastily. Gu Laoer said: Junior Sister, do not look on as an outsider, aren't we help you slightly busy? Serves a need such politely? Takes quickly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is open about the facts three Senior Brother, this regenerates Divine Pill not to have the big value in our eyes, therefore gives to you also to might as well, moreover we may, not only makes you help us here prepare, other matters want to be laborious you!” Feng Yujie nodded, including saying with a smile: I and Shen Xiang was busy refining to regenerate Divine Pill for serveral days, now had more than 300 grains! That two fellows are we biggest competitors! They definitely also for this reason prepared to be very long, some time ago also lost money the sell to regenerate Divine Pill to stoke up the fame, therefore I want to make three Senior Brother help us regenerating Divine Pill promote, when the time comes made other people know our sell regeneration Divine Pill compared with convenient of that two fellow, compared with their good!” The Gu three brothers were frightened heavily, more than 300 grains regenerate Divine Pill, thinks to make them feel fearful, because they inquired the news that in that two fellow hands also has 60-70 grains!