World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1986
Before Xie Ao, had suggested Shen Xiang he has very strong backer in Supreme Temple, this matter Zhan Xi does not know that Zhan Xi also thinks Xie Ao is small in Fist Hall. Shen Xiang finds that Fist Hall is these Divine Country influences, governs Fist Hall and Sword Hall elders works oneself to death for these Divine Country. Xie Ao now is Fist Hall, then his backer can be the Fist Hall elder? He hits relationship with that elder? Shen Xiang is curious, but actually may I ask. They could wait till will come tomorrow!” Shen Xiang said: Tomorrow the tenth shop must be open for business, if I will have the time I to come to see tomorrow!” That several Purple Mist Divine Mountain robber quite knew about him that now links his portrait to know, because Zhan Xi and Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciples are he kill, therefore he does not want again and Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple meets, he worried that can reveal something. Naturally, these robbers were very been also happy except him, because before these fellows, planned that seizes him, compelling him to hand over Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique! But incites them such to do, is a Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder! Xie Ao said: „The news that my inquiry arrives, they will arrive tonight, does not have the accident, should be this, you can wait for the darkness time comes again!” Xie Ao saw Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie a moment ago comes together, he before and Feng Yujie has met, but that was very long beforehand matter, moreover Feng Yujie change appearance, now he has not recognized Feng Yujie. Xie Ao can also see Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie relationship, Feng Yujie is being merry with the old iron chicken, this lets in his heart secret surprised, Xie Ao came Supreme Temple for a long time, knows that the disposition of old iron chicken, itself stingy and black heart did not say, moreover was also few and disciple is merry, only if were asks him to do business. Shen Xiang said: I am late come again, my a little matter is busy, I walked first, said goodbye!” Xie Ao nodded to Shen Xiang, then looks at Shen Xiang to move toward that side the old iron chicken. Elder, when this can Teleportation Formation construct probably?” Shen Xiang wants to confirm that Xie Ao said real, Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God will arrive tonight. „Before the darkness, can construct, where do you want to go?” The old iron chicken said with a smile, Shen Xiang gave him grain of Dao Heart Stone, he definitely was needless to say to Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie that like to own family member such.

Feng Yujie said with a smile: Elder he knows that we held the matter of shop, he said that will help us propagandize, will send for helping us arrange to decorate the shop.” Shen Xiang feels grateful hastily: Thanks the elder to help!” Polite anything!” The old iron chicken obtains Dao Heart Stone that Shen Xiang bestows, he everywhere has not spoken irresponsibly, because this will put to trouble to Shen Xiang. The old iron chicken just spoke these words, cool wind blows suddenly, Shen Xiang immediately one startled, this gust he is familiar, is that Xiao Changle! Xiao Changle is Six Paths Temple Palace Master, Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun knows this Xiao Changle, previous Xiao Changle had also said that he will come Supreme Temple, now Teleportation Formation has not constructed, he arrived. Is this fellow! Has not thought that he came, I also think Palace Master cracks a joke!” The old iron chicken looks at a direction, low mumble, it seems like he also knows this Xiao Changle. Feng Yujie gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Was Xiao Changle comes? Although in the past many years, but this aura is familiar!” Xiao Changle is disciple of Nine Spirit Kings key trained, therefore Xiao Changle also knows Feng Yujie. Is this fellow, he as Six Paths Temple Palace Master, but always mysteriously appears and disappears, does not have the expert style.” Shen Xiang was complaining: „The previous this fellow frightens me like the ghost!” Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang return to the shop, Shui Bingyan are pulling the arm of Feng Yujie, looks at a direction, that direction was also the old iron chicken a moment ago looked, Xiao Changle should in that side. Bingyan, do you look at that side to do?” Feng Yujie had guessed correctly that Shui Bingyan induces to existence of Xiao Changle, but she wants to determine.

That side has a very strong fellow, but he is well-meant to us, therefore we do not need to fear him!” Shui Bingyan winked winking, then has not cared this matter. Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly: Shen Xiang, if this Xiao Changle knows that I became your woman, may be jealous, you may probably be ready!” Shen Xiang some surprised: „Had this fellow pursued you?” Feng Yujie spits the tongue, pursed the lips, tender sound track: Looks at your this response, said my nobody to pursue to be the same! You may probably know that I am Nine Heavens Goddess, wants to obtain my man to be many!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: That is also what kind , aren't you in the end also my? Lets them damn!” Feng Yujie curled the lip: These fellows have much are very strong, you want to make them damn go not to be easy, for example this Xiao Changle, now is Six Paths Temple Palace Master!” Shui Bingyan asked: Xiao Changle that Big Brother Shen, you said that is this person?” She was saying spreads out jade palm, her delicate palm emerges one group of water, this group of water turn into a villain quickly, this villain long hair is elegant, the manner is graceful, grasps the flute, is that very handsome Xiao Changle! Is this fellow!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Bingyan, you are really fierce, did you see him?” Um, in the world has the water vapor that the human eye cannot see every time, I can see the surrounding all through these water vapor.” Shui Bingyan nodded. She is Dao Spirit, inborn grasps to ice Law of Water! Big Brother Shen, do you want to deal with this fellow? If he bullies you, I help you hit him!” Shui Bingyan said: I am victorious he.”

Shui Bingyan heard the dialog of Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie a moment ago, will therefore say that because she listens to Shen Xiang to have the formidable enemy! This let the strength of Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie to Shui Bingyan the new understanding, can be victorious Six Paths Temple Palace Master, this may be extraordinary! This, has not used temporarily! He is not my enemy!” Shen Xiang touches her jade face, smiled: Bingyan, you have the formidable strength, do not slaughter innocents, I think that you should also be able to distinguish these are rascal and good person!” Shui Bingyan said hastily: I can distinguish to obtain, Big Brother Shen is a good person!” Shen Xiang nods to say with a smile satisfied: Good!” Feng Yujie shook the head, Shen Xiang is the good person is good, but sometimes actually likely is Evil Devil. They are walking on returning to the road in shop, actually meets Luo Tianjun, but Luo Tianjun is looking probably also for them. Runs into you to be just right! That Xiao Changle came, we have a look at him, I had a period of time not to see this fellow.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile.