World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1987
Feng Yujie suddenly is gripping tightly Shen Xiang's, could see that she is somewhat anxious. Shen Xiang sound transmission asked: What is worried about?” Feng Yujie shook the head, had not replied that is only looking pensive, follows in Luo Tianjun behind, Shen Xiang guessed that she is worried about and Xiao Changle meets, after all Xiao Changle had pursued her, but she followed Shen Xiang now! Anything is not good to fear!” Shen Xiang laughed, to Feng Yujie sound transmission: Sister Feng, should he initially with your same strength, now he compared with you?” Feng Yujie responded: Naturally is not, he was initially more than me, at that time I was very young, I was created by Nine Spirit Kings, only then more than 20 years, but this fellow at that time was the Heavenly God strength, afterward he also grasped the wind principle, obtained the Nine Spirit Kings direction!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: At that time was Heavenly God, now he has not broken through Highest God Realm, this somewhat was rather weak!” Feng Yujie shakes the head: Must break through Highest God Realm not to be easy, he can arrive at now this Realm, is very great. Naturally, your this little rascal definitely is an exception!” Luo Tianjun must see Xiao Changle probably very much anxiously, therefore he steps out to go forward all the way! Xiao Changle appeared in plaza a moment ago, but now Luo Tianjun the direction is actually outside a Supreme Temple forest, Shen Xiang remembers that place is forbidden land, moreover very formidable barrier are covering, even to go is not easy. Luo Tianjun arrives at that forest time, suddenly stops the footsteps, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie also stops, because they know that front has barrier! Shui Bingyan, she is jumping to pursue an attractive butterfly actually, when she arrives at outside barrier, seeing in barrier to have the attractive flower, the floating body grazes! Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie are just about to stop her, which knows that she actually passes through barrier, arrives by that piece of safflower, the squatting lower part of the body is smelling the flower fragrance of safflower. Luo Tianjun sees this, has a big shock, looked at dumbly there!

little rascal, Bingyan this girl is any background!” Until now, Luo Tianjun knows own these many days have been mistaken, Shui Bingyan passes through this barrier casually, moreover was not discovered that this strength may be fearful, he is hard to imagine such a naive pure female, unexpectedly has this fearful strength. This...... Wasn't I the gang wished elder to look for Dao Heart Stone a while ago? I lead her from that!” Shen Xiang whispered. Luo Tianjun puts out together formation plate, can open hole to make them go in! Feng Yujie hastily was drawing Shui Bingyan at this time, was worried that she bursts in some formation, if meets some killing formation, that likely will cause some unnecessary trouble. Hall Master, where is here? Why that will Xiao Changle come to here?” Shen Xiang looks at all around, here is the ever green old tree, the fine spring day, gathers British Divine City somewhat to be different from Supreme Temple as well as that. Here is our Supreme Temple Palace Master residence, is our these elders usually and Palace Master meets to discuss that thing place, in this is also storing up many precious things, will therefore have fierce barrier, but Bingyan this girl a moment ago......” Luo Tianjun whispered: „The matter about Bingyan, I will help you conceal, later may probably pay attention to some.” With Luo Tianjun, Shen Xiang they go to a manor, on the stone table in courtyard, sits two young people and old man. And young people dress up careful Xiao Changle, the white clothing long hair, whole body is neat, that old man is Zhu Xiangyuan! Moreover that young people, wear the simple black clothed, has a short hair, the personal appearance looks like is also quite small, but actually gives people the terse and formidable feeling, his eye is similar to the falcon, saw the time, let Shen Xiang and in Feng Yujie their hearts trembled under. This short hair man, should be Supreme Temple Palace Master, is really very strong! unexpectedly is he!” Feng Yujie gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: This person of I also knew, is Nine Spirit Kings had directed in the past young people, it seems like I can enter Supreme Temple with ease, should have him to help in secret! His named Mu Chen, what grasps is Law of Thunder!” Old Luo, your tenth may really be came extraordinarily the character!” Mu Chen said with a smile heroically, the sound was loud and clear.

After Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang approach, Xiao Changle suddenly knits the brows, then surprisedly said: You are...... Little Jie?” Mu Chen said with a smile: Is that little girl, she came Supreme Temple to have a period of time.” Saw Feng Yujie to hold Shen Xiang's, Xiao Changle seemed understanding anything, but his response did not have such that Feng Yujie worried about, he was light smiles: I think that could not see you again!” Feng Yujie sighed one: Also can see you, I am also very accidental! In the past Nine Spirit Kings had not misread the person, you currently have one to take.” Mu Chen Ha Ha said with a smile: This is natural, Nine Spirit Kings such vigorously cultivated us in the past, how can we disappoint his expectation?” At this time Yi Baidong also came, he and Xiao Changle, Mu Chen was also quite familiar. Thing that we then must say is quite important, this cat and this miss......” Zhu Xiangyuan look at Yue'er, Yue'er also visits him. Is you!” Zhu Xiangyuan suddenly one startled, the body of that overwhelming power trembled. Such excitedly does? Hasn't this cat your previous time seen?” Luo Tianjun thinks immediately strange. Zhu Xiangyuan at this time looks like very excited, this lets Xiao Changle and Mu Chen thinks very interesting, can make Mu Chen so excited, obviously has any story. Yue'er also thinks strange, meow meow called two, he does not recognize this Zhu Xiangyuan, this Zhu Xiangyuan suddenly cries out strangely, simply is bewildered. Moon and Stars Mythical Beast...... I have not admitted mistakes!” Zhu Xiangyuan said.

Meow!” Yue'er called one, but also spits the tongue. Is Moon and Stars Mythical Beast is good, strangely what has? He does not know you probably!” Luo Tianjun said. Xiao Changle, Mu Chen and Yi Baidong already saw Yue'er are Moon and Stars Mythical Beast. Previous time I go to your tenth, this cat was being hugged by this miss, therefore I have not seen his wing, but I saw a moment ago!” Zhu Xiangyuan said: Brings the white cat of wing, I will not admit mistakes absolutely, when previous time I look for Dao Heart Stone, was this cat has saved me!” Meow?” Yue'er also thinks strange, how oneself will have rescued Zhu Xiangyuan: You remembered incorrectly, in my memory, has not saved you!” Sound is the same, how to be impossible?” Zhu Xiangyuan recognized that was Yue'er has saved him. Shen Xiang has held from the backpack Yue'er, asked: In your Stars and Moon God Clan, there are with you exactly the same, sound also exactly the same cat?” Yue'er shook the head, breaks free of the Shen Xiang's bosom, flies Shui Bingyan there: No, I am pure white, in Stars and Moon God Clan, although also has the white cat, but is not quite big, is the wing has other varicolored, or the color of eyeball is different from me! Naturally, majority of can melt the turn into a human shape, is only I am different races! Moreover my strength you are not do not know that I except for escaping fiercely, other are not good.”