World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1988

This made Shen Xiang remember the Huang Jintian's situation, Huang Jintian lived many years, but he actually forgot many years ago matters, the Yue'er situation looked like somewhat similar! I do not remember incorrectly, in the past rescued my cat is you!” Zhu Xiangyuan definitely said: „Can you be lose that to remember?” Yue'er also has doubts, she believes that she has not lost any memory, afterward she inquired Zhu Xiangyuan in the past by the time that she rescued. After Zhu Xiangyuan told her explicit time, Yue'er shook the head saying: This time that you said I truly was born was very long, but before then remembers that I have, impossible only this not to have! You said how I do rescue your?” Zhu Xiangyuan has pondered half sound, said: At that time I must the fellow of bark tie down with vines by a muddy height, at that time I already by Untidy-looking severe wound, if he completed at that time again strikes finally, I possibly died! But in that moment, your suddenly appears, the body releases the white ray, making the rattan that bark person puts shrink, then you lead me to carry on fast space teleport, leading me to be far away from the place of that danger(ous)!” At that time I, although severe wound, but I am sober, I do not remember incorrectly!” Yue'er has run back in the Shen Xiang's backpack, she does not have is speaking, obviously Zhu Xiangyuan suddenly said these things to her, making her be very puzzled, she needs to calm down to think well. We said the proper business, to Yue'er time, now she not yes!” Feng Yujie said. Zhu Xiangyuan nodded, regarding Yue'er he is very grateful, after all his life is Yue'er rescues. Mu Chen as Supreme Temple Palace Master, suddenly discovered that he did not understand to the disciple who own Temple just joined very much, he and Xiao Changle had discovered probably Shui Bingyan is somewhat unusual, but they are not good to ask.

Senior Zhu, what important matter did you say a moment ago?” Shen Xiang asked that he and Feng Yujie were brought here by Luo Tianjun, definitely really did not come to see Xiao Changle. Mu Chen said: Says our present situations! White east he went to that side Divine Country, you should know!” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie nodded, Mu Chen continues saying: That side Divine Country had many matters to solve, because world of Nine Heaven has very big change, causing them to extract some strength to process!” Quick, world of Nine Heaven must annex this Highest God Realm! world of Nine Heaven was formidable very fearfully, is hard to divide once more, once annexes Highest God Realm, even if that nine big Divine Country collaborates to be hard it to shake , can only wrest away world of Nine Heaven with the bloody method!” Mu Chen mentioned world of Nine Heaven, on the face full was the awe, because this world of Nine Heaven was Nine Spirit Kings creates. Xiao Changle looks at Feng Yujie, indifferently said: Little Jie, you are Nine Heavens Goddess, when the time comes you should know how should do!” Feng Yujie lowers the head slightly, is recalling anything likely, she is also accidental at this time, because she simply has not thought will have such matter, the world of Nine Heaven strong speed must make her unbelievable quickly, this shortly, can annex this Highest God Realm on adolescence! Shen Xiang said: Said that Gods had been annexed?” The Mu Chen nod said: Had been annexed, world of Nine Heaven adolescence results in the speed with crazy to describe!” Shen Xiang thought that this was also the good matter, Gods already not, turned into world of Nine Heaven, but world of Nine Heaven also in continuous growth, once annexed this Highest God Realm, he later can look for Lu Qilian at any time they.

Initially he had the good foundation in world of Nine Heaven and Gods, if were not suppressed by nine Divine Country, developed a period of time again, definitely can also become a strong side big influence. Now what he worries, influence complete slaughter when the time comes that nine Divine Country to control world of Nine Heaven, will not obey world of Nine Heaven these completely! Currently speaking, in Highest God Realm, Beast God Temple, Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple is the strongest three influences! Naturally, nine Divine Country are stronger than time us, but they have not wanted to surface, their present plans through controlling Supreme Temple and Six Paths Temple, will be used to win over the world of Nine Heaven big or medium influence from now on!” Mu Chen then said: If nine Divine Country must such do, we are also helpless, after all nine Divine Country are very strong!” Feng Yujie sighed: Then, nine Divine Country want to let Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple controls world of Nine Heaven, like this their nine Divine Country do not need to appear, thus carries on indirect operation world of Nine Heaven, like this they can continue to handle their matters relieved!” Xiao Changle smiles helplessly: Is this, but the big ratio, nine Divine Country will come when the time comes the person! However I heard that they possibly also will draw when the time comes in Beast God Temple!” Hides pokes head in backpack inside Yue'er, said: Is impossible, Beast God Temple and your Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple are different! What because leads Beast God Temple is four big divine beast clans! You are not do not know that four big divine beast clans are support to Nine Spirit Kings that initially was Nine Spirit Kings has saved them!” Let alone four big divine beast clans hate to nine Divine Country, will be impossible to take orders from nine Divine Country.” Mu Chen shakes the head saying: If before is, truly is this, but currently the Beast God Temple situation also had very big change! You are Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, should be Stars and Moon God Clan! Your God Clan is very strong, however the current situation, the Beast God Temple most formidable influence should be Divine Lion Race!” When the time comes other three divine beast clans to avoid having the conflict with Divine Lion Race, definitely will choose to bear patiently, even is the compromise! If before is old Beast Emperor, four big divine beast clans definitely not like the present! Various your four big divine beast clan clans lack strong emperor, therefore now is in a state of disunity, moreover feared that has an accident!”

Yue'er does not speak, because she also knows the situation of a point aspect, especially Divine Lion Race, is very strong in Beast God Temple! Your Beast God Temple can also guarantee that now good order, that is because governs the Beast God Temple four big divine beast clans not to be chaotic, once falls randomly, they will be suppressed kill! But if they faced with the threats of nine Divine Country, very much may compromise, after all the leaders of present four big divine beast clans are only calm and steady, regarding them, so long as will make the clansman calm and steady will be living, even if will be the biggest success.” Xiao Changle said. actually four big divine beast clans did not have Beast Emperor, this made Shen Xiang immediately heavyhearted! „It is not right, our Beast God Temple also ten thousand beast God Emperor, if has an accident, ten thousand beast God Emperor will regain consciousness, when the time comes under the leadership of ten thousand beast God Emperor, at most again and nine Divine Country slaughters that's it, nine Divine Country definitely have very serious matter to be encumbered now, looked that they do dare to make war with ten thousand beast God Emperor!” The Yue'er look is very firm, that ten thousand beast God Emperor can resurrect come to be the same evidently probably at any time. Xiao Changle and Mu Chen slightly sighed, they felt to admire regarding Yue'er this firm intention, but they were sighing. Divine Lion Race has taken over control of Beast God Temple now, but Divine Lion Race already has made the transaction in secret and nine Divine Country, can say that Beast God Temple had been controlled similarly by nine Divine Country. So long as other three clans when the time comes do not revolt, when the time comes Beast God Temple definitely will get rid to cope with world of Nine Heaven, such one, will not awaken ten thousand beast God Emperor!” Mu Chen sighed.