World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1989
Faced with present this situation, Shen Xiang felt that the pressure is not small, because of present this situation, should better is Nine Spirit Kings comes out! But Nine Spirit Kings needs him to rescue can come out from that 9th level space, he needs to seek for other Four Beast's Divine Weapons to be good! Temporarily will not have the matter, when the time comes is only world of Nine Heaven is also affected by nine Divine Country strength! Moreover currently world of Nine Heaven with Gods the fusion, Gods had many Temple to give loyalty to nine Divine Country! Perhaps therefore nine Divine Country can very steady control world of Nine Heaven, our three Temple not need to get rid.” Luo Tianjun said. Yi Baidong shakes the head saying: Was difficult saying that if world of Nine Heaven influence originally were also fearful, can with Gods Temple contended, soon after perhaps will hit!” Zhu Xiangyuan asked: These matters don't you have to understand? When does world of Nine Heaven annex Gods?” Three days ago starts, at present we did not know about the world of Nine Heaven above influence that after is away from a space, we not good to understand!” Mu Chen said: About world of Nine Heaven most knew that should be they!” Mu Chen looks to Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie. Shen Xiang let go, said: I left world of Nine Heaven to be very long, I left world of Nine Heaven strength was quite weak, but world of Nine Heaven adolescence such quickly, the above member should also be the same advanced by leaps and bounds! Therefore concrete I was not clear.” Before Shen Xiang suddenly remembered at this time, he meets Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian said at that time figures out an important matter to be related with him, this important matter will be related with the next world operation, and Shen Xiang will implicate with the gentleman! Huang Jintian's Heaven's Divination Technique has been considered as is very accurate, at that time Huang Jintian said important matter that has when big ratio, some present range big ratio also a lot of time, probably also about one month, but three days ago world of Nine Heaven annexed Gods such important matter to occur! in other words, when Highest God Realm each big influence conducts the big ratio, an important matter must occur!

Asked you to say these, was makes you have a preparation, because has not known when now world of Nine Heaven will swallow here! If swallows, you when the time comes possibly wanted some danger(ous).” Mu Chen said. Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang nodded, they can learn of this news ahead of time, can be ready, although their strengths are weak, but they will not sit waiting for death. Bingyan, we must go back!” Feng Yujie arrives at side Shui Bingyan, patted her shoulder gently, Shui Bingyan looks at these flowers in this manor a moment ago, was pursuing the butterfly and bird plays, although she also heard these talks, but she actually did not care. Feng Yujie is pulling the delicate hands of Shui Bingyan, was worried that she bursts in barrier by Mu Chen and Xiao Changle discovery. They return to Supreme Temple, the present is only noon, they also planned is gathering British Divine City to stroll, but knew that the world of Nine Heaven matter, did not have any mood. Does not need to be worried about Qilian they, if world of Nine Heaven and Gods melt together, before the little nine younger sisters definitely will bring they go to me that Dragon Vein, there is safest, the little nine younger sisters know how to go in!” Feng Yujie said. That Dragon Vein that Feng Yujie said that is in that god grave, is the Shen Xiang's place of birth, his father and other clansmen defend the grave there. Does not know when the time comes what happened, my Master and I have said that in that time that the big ratio starts, will also have the big matter.” Shen Xiang told Feng Yujie the Huang Jintian's situation. Your Master is really serious, unexpectedly has such background, if he can cross great tribulation, not only can restore to remember that perhaps can also restore his past strength, does not know when he starts to cross great tribulation!” Feng Yujie said: Qi Shi, how also did not know this fellow now!”

Speaking of Qi Shi, Yue'er suddenly was excited: This fellow, I almost forgot! He was one of the past Divine Lion King, died in that great war, if his time undying, were the Divine Lion Race Lion King, perhaps can also become new Lion Emperor! Now he went to the Lion Emperor tomb, if can obtain the inheritance of Lion Emperor, then he is very likely the Divine Lion Race new emperor!” Feng Yujie said: If smooth that is best, but we must complete the worst plan, if when the time comes has an accident, nine Divine Country must start to us, we run away!” Nine Divine Country acting seriously words, we have no place to go.” Yue'er sighed. No, we can run away Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, there on the 9th level space, so long as hides into, is safe temporarily!” Feng Yujie smiled: Naturally, this is the worst plan, has no recourse unable to enter that place, otherwise does not know when must be able to come out!” Nine formidable God king go, cannot come out to the present, they in naturally are also safest, making people think that they already died. Gods present very chaotic that's it, Divine Prison was also broken through, now world of Nine Heaven fuses together, can imagine there fearfully!” Feng Yujie shakes the head sighs: Hopes Qilian they to avoid these conflicts.” Shui Bingyan suddenly said: If really does not have the place, can place that went to me born, there should very be safe! Has me to lead you to go, will not have any matter, I have an ice palace under that piece of sea, is very attractive, but there is unamusing, is very bored.” The Dao Spirit agglomeration, there truly is a very fearful place, the Divine Lion King formidable subordinate, one was killed by Shui Bingyan, is hard to imagine Shui Bingyan to exhaust fully is how fearful! Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie come back shortly, Luo Tianjun arrived.

little rascal, Teacher told me, were you and Divine Lion King have the conflict?” Luo Tianjun and old iron chicken comes together, their complexion is quite serious. How?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised. Divine Lion King came, he mentions names to look for you, said that his silver lion died, possibly is related with you, must ask you to ask!” The old iron chicken said. The old iron chicken knows that Shen Xiang went to Beast God Temple, initially Shen Xiang met that request time, in other words have the friend in Beast God Temple, the friend is Yue'er! Therefore Divine Lion King said that the silver lion death is related with Shen Xiang, the old iron chicken secretly thought at heart is Shen Xiang does. Has nothing to do with me, I do not want to see him! The truth told you, initially Divine Lion King sub- sent his silver lion to chase down me, I had good luck ever after to escape had not died, his I not to be how clear as for behind! Right, he should be tracks me to enter that to find the Dao Heart Stone place. Let alone that silver lion, wished the elders also almost dead in inside, therefore that silver lion died I not to think strange.” Shen Xiang let go, although he said that but lets the old iron chicken and Luo Tianjun thought that this and he has the feeling. Luo Tianjun looked at Shui Bingyan subconsciously, Shui Bingyan is formidable he to experience, now he basically can determine that silver lion death is related with Shen Xiang! This Divine Lion King goes too far, unexpectedly sends under to chase down you! Such being the case, we cannot to him the good complexion, the old iron chicken we walks, this Divine Lion King sub- unexpectedly wants to kill this little rascal, the subordinate who sends out died also looked for us, absurd.” Luo Tianjun got angry.