World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1990
Shen Xiang cannot hit Divine Lion King now, otherwise he already looked for Divine Lion King sub- calculate to go, wants to seize him for no reason! Now Divine Lion King arrives at Supreme Temple, has Luo Tianjun and old iron chicken supports in the back, this makes Shen Xiang be moved very much! They do not have, because Divine Lion King has the formidable background to be timid! Walks!” Luo Tianjun curls up the sleeves, steps stride to go out of Supreme Temple. Old iron chicken Hehe follows with a smile in Luo Tianjun behind, they look like do not fear Divine Lion King! We have a look!” Feng Yujie pulls Shui Bingyan to follow close on, she will be worried when the time comes to make the important matter. Shen Xiang naturally did not fear that in his heart is very repugnant Divine Lion King, he injures Qi Shi, but also kills Ancient Fire Beast, thinks to make him angry, if makes Long Xueyi know, can so. Yue'er lightly snorted and said: When the time comes I do not appear, I have a grudge with this fellow, this bastard in Beast God Temple, thinks own unmatched in the world is the same, sees to dislike!” Goes out of Supreme Temple, Shen Xiang before Luo Tianjun they arrive at a big house gate, arrived here Shen Xiang they to induce to a pressure, this is that Divine Lion King sub- releases! Because Luo Tianjun and old iron chicken is the anger is at this time steaming, has not concealed own aura slightly, Divine Lion King induces after inside, releases his Wang Wei back and forth should. This just constructed good poly British Divine City, had some people to come, from the major influences, at this time everybody can induce to have three imposing manners to conflict to this place, making airborne cloud layer qi flow seethe turbulently, dislodges the intermittent lightning violently. „Do they want to fight?” A Shui Bingyan face is looking at the airborne magnificent picture naively, feels that three formidable pressure to dash, but she has not felt surprised. No, is only and opposite party reasonable!” Feng Yujie said that here is impossible to hit, even if Luo Tianjun and old iron chicken wants to hit, two Palace Master also will come when the time comes out to prevent. „Is your this does do? You are the Supreme Temple elders, is this way that you entertain a guest?” Divine Lion King sub- somewhat angry, the expression becomes very ice-cold.

You did not say that must look for Shen Xiang, we bring him now.” The Luo Tianjun sound also fills anger. Divine Lion King came out, follows in him behind also two being blazing with anger grey clothes old man, these two old man looked at Shen Xiang, makes Shen Xiang feel the inexplicable fear. This Divine Lion King wears golden cloak, the body puts on golden armor, on the face is bringing the carving golden color lion's head alike mask, he very big, this tall and strong build and his gentle sound some do not build. My is silver lion you kills?” Divine Lion King comes out, direct examination Shen Xiang, he has seen Shen Xiang, therefore he also recognizes. Shen Xiang just wants to reply, that side Luo Tianjun on coldly said: Is the homicide, can you be what kind of?” Sees the Luo Tianjun so not politeness, Divine Lion King behind grey clothes old man eyes suddenly changes red, lightens blood light, said solemnly: Surnamed Luo, to Young Master, do not think politely here is your domain, whatever we you insulted!” Place that son-of-a-bitch, here you have not interrupted!” Old iron chicken sonic boom drinks, that such as the lightning-like deafening sound, erupts in the horizon loudly, shakes the world to tremble, airborne a moment ago that tuck dive the thick cloud, unexpectedly was shaken completely vanishes to go into seclusion. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie had a scare, this old iron chicken usually seems like only a bad old man, has not thought of acts crazy unexpectedly to be so fearful, he that drank a moment ago, perhaps if to a mountain, can break the great mountain. Divine Lion King perceived that some are not right, Luo Tianjun and old iron chicken not only has very big prestige in Supreme Temple, even if other Highest God Realm influences also understands some, now so violent anger, obviously because of the Shen Xiang's matter. What's the matter?” Mu Chen came, Xiao Changle also came, that sound, impossible not to have alarmed them a moment ago.

This Divine Lion King sub- sends his silver lion to chase down Shen Xiang, now that silver lion died, unexpectedly must look for Shen Xiang's to be troublesome, Palace Master you said that this fellow was too crazy? Under chased down our disciples dead, now also dares to walk to ask for the explanation!” Luo Tianjun said angry. Divine Lion King must kill Shen Xiang! This makes Mu Chen frown immediately, he looks to Divine Lion King, the sound somewhat ice-cold: Can have this matter?” I have not sent silver lion to kill him, but must catch him! But if he revolts, silver lion will kill him to be also very likely, this must ask him!” The Divine Lion King sub- expression is light, unexpectedly not, therefore feels to fear, with such that Yue'er said that looked like looks like unmatched in the world such. Old iron chicken said with a sneer: „The meaning of this fellow is, he sends under to grasp Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang cannot revolt, if revolts, was killed is also perfectly justified! Some where people were grasped doesn't revolt?” Mu Chen said: Please explain why can grasp Shen Xiang?” Divine Lion King replied immediately: Because he rescues one to kill my enemy, therefore he is my enemy!” Shen Xiang knit the brows: You kill the Qi Shi brothers with no reason at all, Qi Shi ask you to revenge naturally, but Qi Shi is my big brother, is the friend of mine, how did I save him?” „, You have not saved him are my enemy, I naturally can catch you!” Divine Lion King sub- said with a sneer. Since you are my enemy, then I naturally can kill silver lion that you send!” Shen Xiang is also coldly smiled: Your stupid lion is I kills! You should silver lion, not follow now side you, thinks that was also finished!” Xiao Changle knits the brows: „It is not right, the Shen Xiang present strength is also not enough to kill that silver lion, that silver lion I have seen, should be too the divine beast rank, is not Shen Xiang can cut to kill!”

Naturally is not Shen Xiang kills, is Shui Bingyan kills, Shui Bingyan kills that silver lion time, radically with hands down! Gave Shui Bingyan sound transmission in Feng Yujie a moment ago, making her not make noise! Luo Tianjun said: No matter who kills, this fellow sends silver lion to grasp Shen Xiang not to be right in any case, almost also makes Shen Xiang lose one's life, how could such to let off him?” Divine Lion King sub- said with a sneer: Good, he initially saved my enemy, I want to kill him, I make silver lion grasp him, wants to suffer dead him little, coerces my enemy while convenient, making his obediently look for me. I want to kill him now, can you I be what kind of?” Luo Tianjun has smiled, when he smiles, in his hand presents a black long stick suddenly, braves a very fearful black ghost. Wait / Etc.!” Mu Chen holds that long stick, shouted one. Sees Luo Tianjun to be prevented, Divine Lion King jokes: Your strength is truly strong, but you cannot I be what kind of really! You look at you unable now to my fight! But you now are also my enemy, you later are best not to leave your Supreme Temple, otherwise I will certainly make you die!” Luo Tianjun looked at same Mu Chen, Mu Chen is Palace Master . Moreover the strength is very strong, his weapon was grabbed by Mu Chen, did not move. The old iron chicken is angry, one side Xiao Changle also frowned, because this Divine Lion King was really too crazy, if Mu Chen not here that, but Mu Chen here, he also worked as in front of Mu Chen this Supreme Temple Palace Master saying that must kill Luo Tianjun!