World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1991
Divine Lion King laughs: Now knows that I fierce, your humanity are very in our eyes frail, I cannot hit you, but my back Divine Lion Race can actually raze here at any time, lets here rivers of blood!” Mu Chen suddenly sighed one, indifferently said: You get lost, makes me lose you!” Divine Lion King was shocked, Mu Chen said that obviously got angry! Our Supreme Temple is very hospitable, but actually does not welcome your this fellow! Before you get lost, you must warn you, you later should better not probably step into Supreme God Realm, otherwise your lion Old Wang father acts, I do not forgive you!” Mu Chen said very much calmly, but his words all are actually passing murderous aura and anger. You are waiting!” Divine Lion King sub- took a deep breath, he has not thought that Mu Chen so will be unyielding, said this words to come to him, this made him very angry. Divine Lion King quick walked, is bringing his large unit, leaves this to gather dingily British Divine City. Has put to trouble to you, was very sorry!” Shen Xiang sighed. Anything, was not right, Qi Shi that you said a moment ago, this name is somewhat familiar-sounding!” Mu Chen ponders, is recalling and this name related matter. Xiao Changle said: Works as old Divine Lion King seven sons' big Prince, because that fight died in battle, behind by Nine Spirit Kings resurrect, in the world of Nine Heaven rebirth! Now has awakened the past memory.” Mu Chen exclaims: If he can have the past strength, can perhaps recapture now the Divine Lion King throne, where did he go? By brothers who that Divine Lion King kills is who?” Qi Yan, Divine Lion Race seven Prince smallest, in the past and Qi Shi died together! Now is killed by Divine Lion King, but Qi Yan that Divine Lion King biological uncle, tut tut!” Yue'er said. In the past Qi Shi and Qi Yan this expert, was the object who Mu Chen and Luo Tianjun they worshipped, they very small time has heard these expert facts.

Qi Yan unexpectedly was killed, moreover was massacred by such fellow!” Yi Baidong arrives, the matter that unbelievable of face, Yi Baidong knows are many, he knew Huang Jintian before, it seems like he matter to Qi Yan and Qi Shi should also very much understand. Divine Soul also, but can also resurrect! But this only then Nine Spirit Kings can achieve.” Shen Xiang sighed: Present Divine Lion King? Young animal unexpectedly that lives is so rampant!” Mu Chen said to Yi Baidong: Calls the elder, we could deal with the attack of Divine Lion Race! Although not necessarily comes, but is ready first, we do not fear Divine Lion Race!” Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have not returned to Supreme Temple, they went to the shop, the shop have arranged at this time similarly, this was the Gu three brothers asks many people to help, they were the alchemy master, the personal connection are very broad, quick can find the person. fifth layer is the rest place, here has many rooms, the hall that now Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie they are is most greatly is most comfortable, here several room, later they have not needed to push in tenth. Today had many matters!” Shen Xiang has drunk Shui Bingyan ice tea, looks at out of the window that air-to-air street, now the person are not many. Tomorrow we must open sell to regenerate Divine Pill, hopes that do not have any accident.” Feng Yujie smiles, said to Shen Xiang: Do not want to be too many, in brief after this competition, we possibly must leave Supreme Temple!” Yue'er said: That Divine Lion King was bullied here, he will definitely come back to retaliate, does not know that his lion Old Wang father can help him retaliate, even if the surface does not help, will support in secret also some strength.” Now facilitates?” Gu Laoda knocks on a door outside. Naturally convenient!” Shen Xiang said. Gu Laoda enters the hall, sits down, takes up one cup of ice tea, drank eloquence saying: News that just obtained, regeneration Divine Pill that two little rascal will sell tomorrow is 50 grains, each grain of 100 five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, how many grains will you plan to sell tomorrow? How many are the price? Has determined, we help you propagandize tonight.”

Million divine yuan stone grains, altogether sell 100 grains!” Feng Yujie said: How many people tonight didn't have to come?” Tonight most people came, moreover is a number of comparisons has the wealth competent, you do not think that can be arranged to enter the Teleportation Formation fellow in the first batch, that definitely has certain background.” Gu Laoda said. Xie Ao is waiting in Teleportation Formation there, moreover he also definitely said to Shen Xiang that Purple Mist Divine Mountain robber will come tonight! Who the Shen Xiang beforehand curious Xie Ao back person is, unexpectedly can make Xie Ao not fear Purple Mist Divine Mountain, must kill the robber in Teleportation Formation that place! This matter only then asked that the old iron chicken or Luo Tianjun they knew! The Gu three brothers left the shop, they have not started to propagandize now, want when Teleportation Formation official opening, there are large quantities of other disciples of influence to arrive starts. Now also a little time, from the present to tomorrow morning, should also be able to refine 12 furnaces to regenerate Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said that because he is worried when the time comes insufficiently to supply, moreover in their hands also some regenerates Divine Pill herbs. Feng Yujie nodded: Then was laborious first you!” Shen Xiang received to regenerate Divine Pill herbs from the Feng Yujie hand, entered in the secret room alchemy. Now had not planned that looked Xie Ao cuts to kill these Purple Mist Divine Mountain robbers in plaza, today he has brought many troubles to Supreme Temple, if when the time comes because again he causes, in his heart will feel sorry very much. Day quick black time, outside transmits a noisy matter suddenly, after Feng Yujie hears, hastily opens the window to look to outside.

Is that side plaza transmits, other disciples of influence should come!” Yue'er said: Moreover also prepared to have the good play to look, our did if wanted have a look?” Feng Yujie had known a moment ago Xie Ao must kill people there, she shook the head: Does not want!” Yue'er also immediately understands, if their two go, when the time comes must take Shui Bingyan, although Shui Bingyan have also killed people, but that scene do not make her look too. This aura...... Very familiar!” The Feng Yujie congealing eyebrow looks at another direction, there is not the position that plaza is. I also induced, they put intentionally?” Yue'er said: Two very strong divine beast.” Is Vermilion Bird and White Tiger!” Feng Yujie said very pleasantly surprised: They also arrived at Highest God Realm, moreover became such fierce!” In the past ten thousand beast God Emperor second four big Protector!” Yue'er also is very surprised: „After their rebirth, unexpectedly adolescence such quickly!”