World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1992

White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, although is Nine Spirit Kings resurrect, but before Feng Yujie, with them is not very familiar, but afterward had being together of a period of time, was the friend. Feng Yujie said: We look for White Tiger and Vermilion Bird first, their present strengths are so formidable, should awakening remember that Qi Shi needs to help, having a look at them now to lend a hand to assist!” Yue'er nodded: Now we can only induce to their aura are very strong, but the concrete strength actually does not know, if they became Highest God, can let help Qi Shi actually handle many matters, let alone initially they and Qi Shi were also the good friends.” Vermilion Bird and White Tiger have not restrained aura, the goal that they such make whom must make know that they arrive at this city, Feng Yujie guessed that they are look for Shen Xiang's! Thinks that was they knew Shen Xiang in Supreme Temple. Feng Yujie saw White Tiger and Vermilion Bird quickly! The present is in the evening, street both sides are hanging the round bead of illumination, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird walk side-by-side on the street, White Tiger wears a white clothing, looked that his look is ordinary, but the side has a beautiful female of attire women's clothing with anyone, making many people unable to bear looks at several. After they see Feng Yujie, immediately moves forward to meet somebody with a smile. Yujie has seen two Senior!” Feng Yujie salutes hastily, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, if has awakened the memory, then they truly are Feng Yujie Senior. Two Senior are good!” Shui Bingyan sees Feng Yujie to salute, her also very politeness and Vermilion Bird White Tiger greeted. Does not use such politely!” Vermilion Bird smiles lightly, then looked at Shui Bingyan, asked: Shen Xiang this brat? Should he also here? Who is this attractive young miss? I had not seen before probably!” I am Shui Bingyan, Big Brother Shen am in alchemy!” Shui Bingyan has pure beautiful smiling face to say.

Hears Shui Bingyan such to call Shen Xiang, Vermilion Bird and White Tiger look at each other, obviously is thinks that Shui Bingyan and Shen Xiang have that relationship. When do you come Highest God Realm?” Feng Yujie is very curious, because Vermilion Bird and White Tiger went to Gods very much long time ago, but afterward did not have the news. White Tiger he he smiles: We just went to Gods shortly, seeks of Beast God Temple ruins Gods, we come here through that place, therefore there are many years!” For the convenience spoke, Feng Yujie led on them the five buildings in shop, entertained them to drink the ice tea that Shui Bingyan was making. White Tiger looked at all around environment, induces has faint trace fire Qi to a secret room, knows that Shen Xiang in inside alchemy, he said with a smile: Shen Xiang arrived at this Highest God Realm to restrain much!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said: Where has, he some time ago Divine Lion King annoying, oh!” Vermilion Bird and White Tiger know that Feng Yujie is the Nine Heavens Goddess status, now they could also see that Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang have intimate relationship probably, this made in their hearts very surprised. This matter we also heard! That Divine Lion King I am clear in Beast God Temple inside achievement, we just know that Divine Lion King sub- and on the Shen Xiang bar, has caught up to come to here. Has not thought that Shen Xiang this brat unexpectedly can also such relieved alchemy, resemble the bystander to be the same now.” White Tiger shakes the head smiles. Yue'er poked head, looked at White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, divine beast in these two Legend she personally has not seen.

This cat is Stars and Moon God Clan? It looks like looks familiar?” Vermilion Bird sees Yue'er that adorable small head, wants to put out a hand to hug, but Yue'er actually suddenly dodges, dodged from the backpack, flutter wing, float in the air. White Tiger knits the brows: Is the Moon and Stars Mythical Beast clan, some starry sky White Tiger clans and Stars and Moon God Clan also origins! This cat truly very much looks familiar, is that fellow?” Yue'er asked: „Do you recognize me? Is impossible, I was born after is your time, very long matter.” Heard the Yue'er sound, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird has looked at each other one, probably affirmed. Samsara sacrifice! You are the sacrificial offering that Samsara offers a sacrifice to need!” The White Tiger sound is very serious, definitely said: Reason that you do not recognize us , because after you become the sacrificial offering, already rebirth, there are massive memories to be cancelled, looks at your appearance, should work as many sacrificial offerings!” In the Yue'er heart shocks, said: What Samsara sacrifice? I have not heard, was your meaning I died many times?” Before Zhu Xiangyuan affirmed that Yue'er has saved him, but Yue'er actually does not remember that made her feel at that time very puzzled! The Vermilion Bird nod said: Knows Samsara offers a sacrifice to are not many, we initially listened to Great Emperor saying that this is your Stars and Moon God Clan unique ceremony.” Yue'er is swaying her small head: I am the sacrificial offering, why will they make me run everywhere? Moreover why they only erase I part of memories, but simply completely doesn't cancel?”

Is unbelievable regarding own status Yue'er, her unexpectedly is a sacrificial offering, she really has very high status in Stars and Moon God Clan, whom never has to that and she has mentioned such matter! „It is not right, I have parents, although I have not seen them!” Yue'er also said. That is Stars and Moon God Clan deceives your, because they offer a sacrifice to the star moon/month with you, can help them obtain very formidable strength, Legend the star moon/month beast emperor was such offered a sacrifice to the past through your unceasingly Samsara rebirth!” White Tiger sighed sighing, regarding Yue'er encounters him also to feel sympathizes, because her existence to let others is formidable. Because Samsara offers a sacrifice to every other a period of time to offer a sacrifice to one time, they need time naturally will make you! They are worried to affect your adolescence, will therefore preserve the memory that many can make you survive, even has made the conditioning! But these can make your formidable memory be deleted.” Vermilion Bird said: However you want adolescence to get up is very difficult, when is only Stars and Moon God Clan must let your adolescence to can make the sacrificial offering, they also need to pay many prices, therefore in the ordinary circumstances they will make you exit adolescence, you definitely have very formidable adolescence ability.” Now Shen Xiang understands why Yue'er escapes first-class, induction force first-class, this can guarantee that she meets danger(ous), but undying! Stars and Moon God Clan in order to makes her survivability stronger, injects many memories to her, but only does not make her formidable! White Tiger Senior, Vermilion Bird Senior!” Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird come here , although has restrained the aura, but Shen Xiang can induce obtains, therefore he uses secret method, making in pill furnace maintain the present condition. White Tiger and Vermilion Bird nodded to him. Two do Senior offer a sacrifice to understand to Samsara? Why after Yue'er kills, will they obtain formidable strength?” Shen Xiang asked that because this was relationship to the Yue'er matter, therefore he will immediately run.