World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1993
About matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice, definitely is very top-secret, therefore Yue'er do not know! These definitely have other secret facts, Shen Xiang thinks now him, since knew with Yue'er, moreover is very good friend, he cannot make Yue'er once more sacrificial offering. White Tiger said: Slightly some understanding, this is when ten thousand beast Great Emperor and we narrated the divine beast origin, I inquired that starry sky White Tiger matter, he told us Stars and Moon God Clan some secrets! At that time only then our four divine beast on the scene!” Yue'er has flown Vermilion Bird there, Vermilion Bird hugs her in the bosom, is caressing her back of the head lightly, always rude and unreasonable she at this time shows very temperate smiling face, very loves tenderly is hugging Yue'er, but she cannot help but sighed sighing. White Tiger continues saying: This matter does not know on many Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, should, be only Stars and Moon God Clan elder that level will know, now the Stars and Moon God Clan elder should have four, in addition Patriarch is five, they can obtain very big promotion from the Samsara sacrifice!” The Yue'er nod said: „Since formidable Moon and Stars Mythical Beast has wanted to carry on elder trial, gains the elder qualifications, but was prevented! I knew from some old Moon and Stars Mythical Beast mouths that our Stars and Moon God Clan should have nine elder Patriarch, since star moon/month God Emperor died, turned into five, before had also died star moon/month Beast King!” Vermilion Bird said: Because is the sacrificial offering after you, they are skilled less, the promotion that obtains are bigger, therefore they will prevent other Moon and Stars Mythical Beast to carry on elder trial, once because through elder trial, they will also know secret that Samsara offers a sacrifice to!” Yue'er very angrily said: Now I understood, why these have not carried on the elder trial fellow also to obtain with the elder same authority! It is said elder trial is difficult, is a narrow escape, that several old fellow such persuaded our, then they wanted to carry on elder trial to carry on the simple inspection to the strength comparison, finally gave through the fellow very big authority of inspection.” Feng Yujie said puzzled: What secret on Yue'er has? Why was the sacrificial offering her, will these fellows obtain very big promotion? Stars and Moon God Clan is Great Dao naturally breeds, itself has very fearful talent, can absorb inexhaustible and formidable star moon power with ease cultivates! Currently also has this any Samsara sacrifice, is very obvious, this Samsara offers a sacrifice to is also strength that Great Dao naturally produces, but to not certainly promote the strengths of other clan is born.” The White Tiger nod said: I initially also thought have doubts very much, afterward Great Emperor told us! Yue'er has a very strange phenomenon, is each great distance 1st Stage very long time, when she died, the star moon/month will lower very fearful and strange star moon power, but so long as at this time burnt to extinguish the Yue'er corpse, can absorb this star moon power in nearby person, a day can absorb, the absorption later will promote to be very big.”

Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie understood immediately! That is the star moon/month lowered to Yue'er the strength of resurrect, but after ingenious use, in place that Yue'er dies, can absorb to belong to her strength! „Have this group of bastards, how many times they killed my?” Yue'er is angry, Vermilion Bird is comforting her hastily. White Tiger said: Great Emperor has said that even if your undying, when that time, you can absorb that star moon power! in other words, for these years, you had not been treated as the sacrificial offering the words, then the strength is very fearful!” Vermilion Bird is caressing the back of Yue'er lightly, said: Great Emperor he guessed, when if you have accepted a such baptism, you can melt the turn into a human shape! You have not absorbed that star moon power, therefore you should not melt the turn into a human shape! Naturally, if you have absorbed, you will be definitely formidable, does not need to become the sacrificial offering.” Shen Xiang said: I will not make Yue'er once more sacrificial offering! I thought that the Yue'er memory had not been cancelled completely, she had gone to a place before, but also displayed very strong strength to save a person, perhaps she has awakened in that place some memories, but after afterward became the sacrificial offering, was cancelled.” The White Tiger nod said: „After our rebirth, the memory was very much for a long time completely has also awakened!” Vermilion Bird lets loose Yue'er, Yue'er flies there Shui Bingyan, seeing Yue'er that sad look, Vermilion Bird to sigh lightly: The time that Samsara offers a sacrifice to arrives, they will hold Yue'er, killing, star moon power will arrive, they hide Yue'er, after absorbing that star moon power! Past in 9981, Yue'er resurrect, Divine Soul and fleshly body regeneration, they were also at this time in the memory to Yue'er Divine Soul attempted to pervert.”

Shen Xiang said: This matter ten thousand beast do God Emperor know? He told you time, there is an injunction you to leave speaks irresponsibly everywhere?” White Tiger shook the head: Because Great Emperor talked about many many matters to us at that time, shortly after on eruption great war, we completely died, the entire beast clan greatly was destroyed, therefore we simply did not have the time to say this matter.” Vermilion Bird smiled: Star moon/month God Emperor was also this died in battle, he made you die these many time becomes God Emperor, but died finally, this was the retribution, he did not have the resurrect possibility!” This bastard, before owing me, that worships him, this was these old fellow has injected the memory reason to me! During I must get rid of the situation, before I must retrieve me , the memory of losing, I must know that they have instilled into any not good memory to me.” The Yue'er sound is full of the anger. The White Tiger nod said: You, since you know that you are the sacrificial offering, then you were prepared! However you reclaim all memories of losing, possibly to you are not the good deed, because in your memory must have died repeatedly the beforehand pain.” Yue'er said strongly: I did not fear, if I retrieve to remember that can make me experience many deaths all of a sudden, this for me is rare practice, I must look, I must know that has these bastards to practice with me, I must know significance that I have.” Bingyan, I must walk!” Yue'er has licked the cheek of Shui Bingyan, very Shirdi did not say: I must handle a very important matter.” I know that you must come back!” Shui Bingyan Jing Jing (quietly) was listening a moment ago, she is also pondering many things, but she has not said that Shen Xiang their clear matters, she can also understand now.

Shen Xiang, you must look after good Bingyan!” Why Yue'er did not know, was reluctant to part to Shui Bingyan at this time, she and Shui Bingyan sentiment was truly good. Looks after the Bingyan matter to give me! We hope that you come back, can turn into an attractive young miss.” Feng Yujie traces her capitellum with a smile. Yue'er said to White Tiger and Vermilion Bird: Thanked you to tell me these matters, otherwise I forever was the sacrificial offering!” White Tiger lightly smiled: Does not use politely, Great Emperor initially mentioned your matter to be also angry, he also feels to your bitter experience sympathizes, but concerned about the great strength of star moon/month God Emperor, moreover at that time was the beast clan bitter experience foreign enemy, therefore he has not pierced this matter! But he also believes that if you had not been used like this, certainly is also expert of our beast clan, can a better protection our beast clan.”