World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1994

Yue'er walked, she does not know that achieves these matters that she wants to do with any way, but she had the direction! How will she do?” Feng Yujie looks at Shen Xiang, here, be only Shen Xiang and time of Yue'er contact is longest. Shen Xiang looks at out of the window, looks direction that Yue'er vanishes, has sighed deeply: Star moon/month! I thought that she was a whole that and star moon/month linked, the star moon/month has bred her, the star moon/month was all her, although her memory was erased from Divine Soul by these old bastards, but during the star moon/month of sky will certainly be preserving for her! This only then she knows how should do!” Shui Bingyan looks melancholily airborne: Yue'er will certainly be all right, I must protect her!” Shen Xiang touches her head, said with a smile: Perhaps Bingyan, you in become stronger, you do not know every day! Utilizes oneself formidable strength well, the world grants you this formidable strength, you should to understand that your strength is longing for anything!” Shui Bingyan nodded, bearing in mind. White Tiger said with a smile: Shen Xiang, has not thought that such long does not see, your more and more maturity! However you same like stirring up trouble!” Shen Xiang laughed: I am only am me to think the correct matter! White Tiger Senior, why should you not know me with the Divine Lion King sub- opposition? He estimated that will not say this matter!” Truly does not know, although your brat has the fearful potential, but cannot now with the Divine Lion King sub- opposition time, said that looks.” White Tiger said. Homicide Qi Yan, Qi Shi looked for him upon learning this, Qi Shi was almost killed, I have rescued Qi Shi, he sent silver lion to catch me.” Shen Xiang said quickly is succinct, after White Tiger hears, the complexion changes suddenly, angry incomparable. Vermilion Bird hastily has patted his shoulder, making him constrain the anger in heart, will otherwise cause not the small stir here. Qi Yan had not died completely......”

White Tiger took a deep breath, breaks Shen Xiang: Told me the blow-by-blow account of this matter!” After the moment, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird know about this matter very clearly, when gathering British Divine City drummed out by Mu Chen this Palace Master including Divine Lion King. I will look for Supreme Temple Palace Master, when the time comes Divine Lion King arrived here, do not get rid, I must butcher this bastard personally.” White Tiger looked at Vermilion Bird, Vermilion Bird nodded to him, he is prepares to carry on a fight of being ready for any sacrifice obviously, but Vermilion Bird also supports him. Shen Xiang sighed: My present strength is limited, when the time comes cannot help!” The big hand of White Tiger builds on the Shen Xiang's shoulder: You have rescued Qi Shi, has sufficed.” Feng Yujie asked: White Tiger Senior, you and Qi Shi Qi Yan relationship is not probably ordinary!” „After Nine Spirit Kings lets our rebirth, Qi Shi is my apprentice, Qi Yan is also I looks to grow up! But ancient god time, they are my sworn brothers, I am their brothers.” White Tiger is gripping tightly the fist, several times he almost cannot control his mood to vent here, but after Vermilion Bird comforts, he can calm down. The day was completely black, the Teleportation Formation that side transmits an intermittent space to fluctuate, some many people transmit. Shen Xiang stands near the window, is looking at the brilliantly illuminated transmission plaza direction, that side has the intermittent noisy sound. I had a look in the past!” Shen Xiang said: I worried that Xie Ao this fellow cannot deal with.”

I do not go, I and Bingyan stay here!” Feng Yujie said. ...... White Tiger was tranquiler, he and Vermilion Bird goes to transmit plaza with the Shen Xiang half step. Xie Ao? This fellow initially named Evil Emperor, has not thought that he is also living, but also arrived here! Although he cultivates very weird cultivation technique and strength, but he and Qi Shi but good friend.” White Tiger had known after the Shen Xiang mouth Xie Ao matter, feels very accidentally. Xie Ao is humanity, moreover like the beasts of White Tiger their these ancient god time cannot the awakening memory and strength, therefore present Xie Ao does not have Qi Shi they to be so strong. In plaza is lively, is surrounding anything, obviously is watching the fun. Shen Xiang arrives, sees Xiao Chou to stand near plaza in a balcony in building, looks with great interest. But Xiao Chou Zhu Xiangyuan granddaughter's husband, moreover is the good seedling of Titan clan, the status is not naturally common, watches the fun also has compared with others good position. We go to there!” Shen Xiang has referred, then enters fifth layer of that building, he said that is looks for Xiao Chou, the entrance person immediately makes him go. brat, looks very crisply!” Shen Xiang has patted his bald, said with a smile. Xiao Chou sees with also two people who Shen Xiang comes, he sees these two familiar faces, slightly one startled, then hastily shouted: White Tiger Senior and Vermilion Bird Senior!”

Initially Xiao Chou in the Subduing Dragon Sect's time, had seen White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, but he had the vigorous bloodlines, quite received the attention of White Tiger and Vermilion Bird. Good brat, becomes very fierce! What liveliness is looking at?” White Tiger said with a smile. That called the Xie Ao fellow to be really crazy, his sword had killed a moment ago four Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciples, now the Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder seized him, but does not dare to kill him! Strange, why our Supreme Temple elder has not come out.” Xiao Chou said. The Supreme Temple elders were called to meet by Mu Chen, because Divine Lion King sub- today says the ruthless words, they must be ready. Elders are meeting, here sound is not very big words, they should not realize that we a bit faster pass, in order to avoid Xie Ao encounters the severe wound.” Now Shen Xiang hurriedly said, gets rid, but Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder, moreover Xie Ao had also been prohibited by the two elders of opposite party, is unable to move. The Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder does not dare to act unreasonably, after all the Purple Mist Divine Mountain strength and Supreme Temple differed were too far, but they killed and burnt the behavior that plundered also to understand outside to that several disciples that had personal enemy that in all directions is the affirmation. Shen Xiang grazes directly from the building, descends in plaza, his elder shouted to Purple Mist Divine Mountain: Why do you make an arrest?” The memory when sees this Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder, in the Shen Xiang mind suddenly to reappear initially he to cut to kill that purple clothes robber obtains, is this elder incites these purple clothes robbers to grasp his. This Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder knows that he is Shen Xiang, knows that he has Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique, he told these frequently the disciple who robbed outside, making them pay attention Shen Xiang this person, so long as met, on resorting to all means seizing. Homicide our Purple Mist Divine Mountain disciple, you also had to see! Do not think that your Supreme Temple is formidable, can kill people recklessly, I hold him, but prevents him to run away, when your Supreme Temple elder and Palace Master arrive, I ask for an explanation to them again.” This elder sees Shen Xiang this face, in the heart secret surprised, this is the person who he has wanted to look, now appears before him.