World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1995

Saw this elder in the eye to flash through a moment ago wipes the startled color, Shen Xiang knows that the opposite party recognized him to come! „Are you Purple Mist Divine Mountain?” Shen Xiang asked that this elder wore one purple clothes, but also was throwing over the purple cloak, his clothes looked like pour the purple clothes robber in pool of blood that several are nice , can see that he status in Purple Mist Divine Mountain was quite high. I am Purple Mist Divine Mountain Bu Tian Guang, is one of the Purple Mist Divine Mountain elders, has what question?” Bu Tian Guang loudly said, making the people who these surround know that he has the qualifications to grasp with Xie Ao. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: If I am the Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder, I certainly will not acknowledge at this moment......” he spoke of here, has not continued, this made the people very curious, wants to know why he must say. Bu Tian Guang is also curious, asks: Why?” Shen Xiang looks at tread that several corpses, loudly said: Because your Purple Mist Divine Mountain these disciples are the ferocious robbers, I once was used the clever trick to rob in the divine medicine treasure trove by them with this Senior Brother, is good is good because of our strength, has not died in their hands! But your this Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder teaches ineffectively, was presented such disciple by own sect, your unexpectedly also felt all right to say one were the Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder!” Nonsense, they died, your unexpectedly must insult them, moreover this also dies not verifies!” Bu Tian Guang was shouting angrily, he looked at all around, shouted: Everybody has a look, the Supreme Temple disciple really goes too far!” Because Supreme Temple undertakes this Highest God Realm big ratio, but at this time arrived here first group of disciples, is other these influence comparisons has the status, they whisper to discuss this matter at this time, because they do not know inside story, moreover sees Purple Mist Divine Mountain to be killed the disciple, elder another face is sorrowful, therefore in the heart thinks that Supreme Temple is bullying the person. Shen Xiang already expected this situation, he also early is prepared, sees only him to close to see with own eyes, puts out a grain of bead. The exquisitely carved bead, suddenly shone the white light, after the moment, Shen Xiang throws the bead airborne, bead in the air explodes, presented some images.

How these images are that several purple clothes robbers track in others behind, when others found divine medicine, then bloody slaughters, will rob, the people look at creepy feeling, because the methods of these purple clothes robbers are very brutal, to force others hands over storage equipment inside treasure, exhausted many bloody methods to suffer the person! In people heart originally also to some Purple Mist Divine Mountain sympathies, but sees these, the people are angry, other some disciples of influence, recognizes according to the clothing is sect's, unexpectedly is also cruelly harmed. You...... You, this is you make certainly, this absolutely not real.” Bu Tian Guang was still quibbling, pointed at Shen Xiang cursed to say. At this time a man walked, said: Absolutely is not his baseless imagination picture, because in has three my disciples in god profound Tianchi to be killed, but this was many years ago matters! If his baseless imagination, makes these pictures with secret method, is unable to cause these three with our god profound Tianchi exactly the same disciple, how I am curious he to make, this probably is some memories.” The corpse of Shen Xiang finger of tread that several purple clothes robbers, said: I use secret method to withdraw their memories, therefore everybody can see his evil conduct.” Before these memories are Shen Xiang is very early, obtain, is not the present withdraws, he cannot certainly say before one, has killed a purple clothes robber, because this will remind the Zhan Xi death. Xiao Chou also walked, was saying to that Bu Tian Guang: Hasn't released people quickly? These robbers snatch to kill these many people, moreover snatches our heads, now has killed also normally them, changes anyone, everybody will do such!” A moment ago the male complexion of that god profound Tianchi became ice-cold, said: You as the elder, think that also knows, it seems like you tolerate these bastards such to do intentionally!” Sees everybody to be filled with righteous indignation, Bu Tian Guang is unable to be calm, long sighed: They just entered god profound Tianchi time, is very good, has not thought that their unexpectedly will turn into this, I such trust them in vain!”

Shen Xiang does not believe him, because he knew from the memory of that purple clothes robber that this elder knew very much long time ago, and also obtained many advantage from their there, for did not expose them. Good, this elder knew very much long time ago, moreover is in cahoots with them, this is I knew from these memories!” Shen Xiang puts out a grain of bead. Sees this, Bu Tian Guang was anxious, because he has many transactions with these robber disciples, if Shen Xiang like, put a moment ago the pictures of these bloody transactions, he troubled. Bu Tian Guang discovered one have had no way out probably, then already trigged Xie Ao keeps off that before the body, shouted: You, if dares to act unreasonably to me, I have killed him!” Xie Ao bah, said to Shen Xiang: brat, butchered this bastard, leave alone my these many!” Shen Xiang is still secure at this time, because White Tiger appeared in him behind, Xie Ao also saw White Tiger, he is familiar with White Tiger. White Tiger is Qi Shi Master, but he is the Qi Shi friend. White Tiger lifts the hand, together black smoke suddenly covers Xie Ao and Bu Tian Guang, after the black smoke diverges, Bu Tian Guang could not move, but imprisoned Xie Ao strength also all diverges, Xie Ao hastily leaves Bu Tian Guang. But Bu Tian Guang Highest God, otherwise he will not be easy to give to trig Xie Ao, but White Tiger gets rid, is only such all of a sudden, Bu Tian Guang could not move! Majority on the scene are young disciples, their status to the White Tiger is curious, but they can also see White Tiger are not Supreme Temple, the Supreme Temple elder they heard . Moreover the body is hanging the elder token.

You are also the Purple Mist Divine Mountain elder!” Shen Xiang looks, because purple robe old man, asked. This old man has not spoken a few words from beginning to end, at this time on the face also full is the scared look, this by White Tiger frightening. „Does he have the issue?” White Tiger asked: If there are, I while convenient trig him.” No!” Shen Xiang shook the head, then looked at Xie Ao, Xie Ao has not been injured. This elder truly does not have, but Purple Mist Divine Mountain Dean has, this is Shen Xiang has not said that Purple Mist Divine Mountain Dean is not the good thing , is Divine Country has the attachment, must therefore catch him! In Supreme Temple inside Sword Hall, old man also has such idea, wants to catch him, then obtains Deicide Sword Art, he was also planning that now if wanted told Mu Chen this matter or is Yi Baidong they.