World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1996
Supreme Temple came old man, Shen Xiang to give him here matter finally, was bringing Xie Ao, they returned to the shop with White Tiger. All the way, they walk quickly, because of the matter, making them be the focus of attention, they do not want to obtain this attention. Enters in the shop, Shen Xiang just closed, Xie Ao finally start to talk that has not spoken all the way: Senior, has not thought that you also arrived here!” White Tiger smiled, has patted his shoulder: Good, you come here time to be very early evidently, you initially should also be very much long time ago leave world of Nine Heaven to go to Gods, then found to here entrance!” Xie Ao came to here is very truly long, moreover his present strength also calculates that was very strong, Shen Xiang guessed that under Highest God, the Xie Ao influence should be that level of uppermost, he came back from the divine medicine treasure trove, broke through probably, otherwise he was impossible to kill several Purple Mist Divine Mountain Heavenly God all of a sudden. Xiao Chou with, him has not kept that place to tell old man that comes to process the process of matter. Thanked Senior, on the same day I and you distinguish, I also think that you went to beast Divine Mountain to even up the big brother!” Shen Xiang said that they arrived at five buildings. Xie Ao said: I must go, but I cannot add on busy of Qi Shi now, therefore also relinquishes, I come back ahead of time, after obtaining the direction of Palace Master, I by luck break through, has enough strength to cut to kill that several purple clothes robbers.” Palace Master?” Shen Xiang said with amazement. Xie Ao nodded: Palace Master looks after to me, in the past I arrived at this Highest God Realm, was because ran into him, can enter Supreme Temple. Although I am the Fist Hall disciple, but I and Fist Hall that big Hall Master is not.”

Fist Hall and Sword Hall that several big Hall Master is the Divine Country person, Xie Ao probably also knows anything, therefore he will speak such words. „Since Xie Ao, you have been to practice the evil strength, but you have not actually stepped onto Evil Path, this phenomenon is very unusual!” Vermilion Bird said that Xie Ao that evil strength is fearful, although has not arrived at the Highest God strength, but can actually frighten some Highest God. Xie Ao smiled: Evil strength is very strong, moreover cultivates is very easy! But must suppress is very difficult, if not suppress appropriately, will then enter evilly, by evil strength decayed soul! By that time, will be organized by evil strength, if the evil strength breeds the consciousness, once soul by devour, will then turn into Evil Devil.” To control formidable evil strength, I while cultivating evil strength, is practicing own conscience, so long as has a formidable and honest conscience, will not be controlled by the evil strength, moreover can suppress the evil strength, making the formidable evil strength be adopted by us! The evil strength that also because of so, me controls compared with the great strength of other Evil Devil! Because my evil strength has honest strength.” White Tiger said with a smile: Two complicated strength fuse together, will always have the unexpected might! But your this practice way compares danger(ous), once loses control, possibly did not have including the opportunity of rebirth.” Meets again rarely, Shen Xiang they have chatted in hall late at night, but outside is also getting more and more lively, transmits plaza Teleportation Formation not to stop, transmits other disciples of influence, sometimes also some beast roars, that the big fellow who came from Beast God Temple. White Tiger and Vermilion Bird temporarily reside in this shop, Xie Ao is returns to Supreme Temple. Tomorrow morning must open sells to regenerate Divine Pill, Feng Yujie has not rested tonight, at the same night is preparing, Shui Bingyan returns to the room to sleep very much long time ago, moreover she sleeps, the body will also release blue light glow like before, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie thinks her should in adolescence. Greater part of the night time, the Gu three brothers come back, on face filled smiling face.

With such that we suspect, many disciples knew to regenerate Divine Pill, they come here also to plan to purchase! But they only know, the sell regenerates Divine Pill, only then a that shop, when the time comes must tender to rush to purchase, every day only sells ten grains!” Gu Laoda said with a smile. Then we open today sell hundred grains, then the following daily 50 grains, sold-out regeneration Divine Pill that's alright in our hand.” Shen Xiang said: We regenerate Divine Pill to sell completely several hundred grains, regeneration Divine Pill did not have the big value, moreover they could not sell the high price.” Million divine yuan stone grain of Divine Pill are also quite expensive, many disciples have been possible unable to put out these many divine yuan stone! For example Xiao Chou, he has the good strength and status, but he also has several hundred thousand divine yuan stone. Therefore, although this gathers the disciple who British Divine City gathers at this time to be many, but can afford regenerates Divine Pill actually few. First day sells hundred grains, possibly was unable to sell. The Gu three brothers exit to disseminate at the same night news, making most people in city know that here will sell 100 grains to regenerate Divine Pill tomorrow, and price is materially beneficial! In the morning, Shui Bingyan got up, she arrives at first layer, only sees here pendulum a crystal cabinet! In the transparent crystal cabinet is neat is placing grains of sparkling regeneration Divine Pill, is very dazzling. Opens the door!” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly, Gu Laoda opened the front door of shop, out of the door had some people to come. These people put on very dignified . Moreover the strength is also quite strong, is some young people. Is excellent quality regeneration Divine Pill, is much better compared with regeneration Divine Pill that No. 1 pill spreads! You must know that regeneration Divine Pill of that fellow hid a period of time.” Gu Laoda welcomed this group of people , to continue saying: It is well known, even if Divine Pill obtains very good preservation, the time of but depositing is too long, will have not the small influence to the Divine Pill overall quality, but shortly after regeneration Divine Pill that we sell today just drew a charge.”

The shop is very spacious, person eyes that here only then a pendulum in the crystal cabinet of high place, therefore comes in can see in the crystal cabinet clearly these gleaming regeneration Divine Pill, light looked from the semblance that knows these regenerate the Divine Pill quality to be good. „It looks like is very good, regeneration Divine Pill that pill spreads not only does not give the person to inspect goods first, but also sells very much expensively! They sold 100 five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, because knew that here today will sell 100 grains, therefore they cut hundred thousand divine yuan stone the price today, does not know how many divine yuan stone one grains your here regeneration Divine Pill does sell? The price is appropriate, I buy two grains.” Grasps this leaf of scholarly man to say. The Gu three brothers exit to propagandize time, has not said the price is many, but said the price to be materially beneficial, this also spreads for No. 1 pill changes the price too big reason temporarily. Million divine yuan stone grains!” The Feng Yujie voice falls, the people gawked first staring, on the face have shown the unbelievable facial expression to come, they determined after one have not misunderstood, competitively said that a lot of grains must purchase. Has the share for everybody, Feng Yujie stipulated that everyone can only purchase one grain! Quick, sells 60 grains! Everybody first do not walk, their regeneration Divine Pill have the issue!” The entrance locates suddenly to present a tall and strong form, hearing this sound, the Gu three brothers to knit the brows. Gu Laoda coldly said: Hall Master, do not talk nonsense! I told you, if you did not talk clearly this saying, I rubbed a ball to lose you.”