World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1997
First Dan Hall is also very famous, Hall Master is the same with Luo Tianjun, is very splendid Dan God! This Hall Master said that regenerates Divine Pill to have the issue, this made these just buy regenerates the Divine Pill person the heart to be cool immediately, shouts must send back. Liang Gaoyi, you must be responsible for the saying that you spoke!” Gu Laoda sees the people to shout the returned goods, he has drunk one greatly. Liang Gaoyi is first Dan Hall Hall Master, his words are very certainly authoritative, therefore these people also suspected that at this time regenerates Divine Pill to have the issue. You cause these many to regenerate Divine Pill in a short time, moreover quality excellent, this is absolutely impossible, therefore these have the issue inevitably! You definitely regenerate Divine Pill inside to attempt to pervert in these.” Liang Gaoyi definitely said that he thinks the impossible matter occurred, he will not accept, therefore he will say. Gu Laoda was anxious, because this Liang Gaoyi in Highest God Realm is quite famous alchemy master, he said that now such words, clarifies is wrecks the event. Feng Yujie is actually very calm, she asked in a soft voice: Liang Hall Master, that please ask that you need us to show this does regenerate Divine Pill not to have the issue? We are willing to put out ten grains to regenerate Divine Pill to show from the remaining 40 grains!” Shen Xiang looks in the one side that Feng Yujie is the same with Lu Qilian, handles this matter to have very good method, but Gu Laoda they are partial to the violence obviously the way, a moment ago Gu Laoda on verbal threat this Liang Gaoyi, but Liang Gaoyi does not eat his wrap. I do not know how must show, in brief I thought your regeneration Divine Pill have the issue!” Liang Gaoyi this saying made Gu Laoda jump immediately, a fist has pounded. You clarify are stir up trouble!” The after fist of Gu Laoda pounds, by Liang Gaoyi stubbornly holds. Although Liang Gaoyi is old man, but is tall and sturdy, looked from the personal appearance that Gu Laoda appears very small and weak. Old Liang, you want not to talk clearly to me this matter, I ensure you are crawling today.” Out of the door broadcasts the Luo Tianjun sound, Liang Gaoyi was still same as before, has not feared because of this threat.

Before Shen Xiang, hear of Gu Laoda have said that reason that tenth has not placed first , because Luo Tianjun has lost to this Liang Gaoyi, moreover fights to lose. Only if he can refine a furnace with my herbs at the scene, like this I believed.” Liang Gaoyi looks at entrance Luo Tianjun, smiles lightly: Old Luo, hundred years passed, you think that you can be victorious now I?” Liang Gaoyi puts out a box, looks to Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang, said: I remember that regenerates Divine Pill is a female refines probably!” The Feng Yujie nod said: „The girl refines, I am willing to refine a furnace on the spot, cancels the question of Liang Hall Master!” So long as refines with Liang Gaoyi herbs, that definitely does not have the issue, person who the plan returned goods, how also decides to have a look at the result. Luo Tianjun said: Old Liang, you are pit young people! If she can refine, you may probably apologize, moreover regenerates Divine Pill also to turn over to them.” Liang Gaoyi puts out pill furnace, said: Not only need use my herbs, but must use my pill furnace, if she can refine, I was sincerely convinced.” Shen Xiang sees that pill furnace, thought that inside somewhat improper, he stands, said: Doesn't use this pill furnace? Trades other!” „It is not good, pill furnace that if prepares with you, I worried that you will attempt to pervert in inside!” Liang Gaoyi smiled: If you are worried about me to attempt to pervert, I called Hall Master of other halls to prepare one to you!” Luo Tianjun received that pill furnace, looked at several, then pounds vigorously in the ground, turns into a place fragment: On this broken pill furnace, what thing can refine? Old Liang, you, if continues to stir up trouble again, I real life Qi/angry!”

Shen Xiang said: Or I refine, I do not use pill furnace!” Doesn't need pill furnace to build up? The people are surprised immediately, Luo Tianjun also thought that some are impossible, after all this refines middle-grade Divine Pill, the difficulty is big, if other these low level Saint pill anything, usually does not need pill furnace to build up to play. Good, this was you said that started!” Liang Gaoyi smiles, gives Shen Xiang the jade box in hand. Shen Xiang received to open, Luo Tianjun scolded immediately: Liang Gaoyi your bastard......” Hall Master, ok...... I can refine!” Shen Xiang looks at these is similar to hay same herbs, although is somewhat discontented, but he does not have the too big response. Trash same herbs, has not used pill furnace, can this refine to regenerate Divine Pill? At this time Luo Tianjun remembered suddenly, what Shen Xiang practice is Heaven Refining Technique, now Shen Xiang is so self-confident, definitely had means solution these difficult problems. One side Feng Yujie falls back on, she sees these herbs time also slightly knits the brows, because she thought that she uses good pill furnace, will be impossible refined into pill, let alone will not use pill furnace! White Tiger has seen several Shen Xiang alchemy, therefore he was familiar with this situation, but smiles to look in the one side, but Vermilion Bird actually very rare Shen Xiang in the presence of everyone alchemy, therefore she stares the big eye to look at this time, because in her heart, this is also the impossible matter. Vermilion Bird she strongest is the flame, therefore she also will usually refine some pill, quite knew about alchemy. Shen Xiang put out to regenerate Divine Pill to say several divine medicine that needed, then gave back to Liang Gaoyi the jade box.

What's wrong? Don't you need High-Grade Saint pill?” Liang Gaoyi was smiling still, but actually cannot smile now, because of Shen Xiang that very earnest appearance, understood at a glance that now is confident. Does not need High-Grade Saint pill also to refine middle-grade Divine Pill, if is really this wants, then the short time can refine massive regeneration Divine Pill truly, but this does not conform to the common sense very much! For many years, many Dan God when carrying on various attempts, got rid refined high level Divine Pill needs other pill to come the auxiliary situation, but majority were defeated! Naturally, there is successful Dan God, but also is only the hand may count, moreover in Divine Country, that is topest Dan God. Xiao Chou also came, his anxious hastily clashes busily, because he most liked looking at Shen Xiang alchemy, especially technique of that defeating the enemy by a surprise attack. With the Shen Xiang familiar person, how sees him not to use pill furnace is alchemy, still wants to look. Shen Xiang spreads out own big palm, divine medicine neat placing that these wither above, sees only his hand suddenly to turn into the silver-white color, is similar to the silver jade is ordinary, when the people are surprised, this silver jade hand spout silver Creation Fire, wraps palm above divine medicine! Before was different, before Shen Xiang, not uses pill furnace to refine time, releases visible Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, but he directly refines Divine Pill on the palm now, White Tiger that smiled, eye suddenly opens, surprised looks!