World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1998
On palm alchemy, moreover middle-grade Divine Pill that builds up, this command presents all people dumbfounded, especially Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi this high level Dan God, because they fully realized that refines middle-grade Divine Pill is not the child's play, even if they refines, carefully treats to succeed, can guarantee the quality! However Shen Xiang refinement time, not only does not need High-Grade Saint pill to assist, has not needed pill furnace, refines on the palm directly, this is really incredible. The Shen Xiang's palm turns into the silver, silver fire, although is burning intensely, but does not have overflow heat, at this time the people can see clearly, these very inferior divine medicine after Silver Flame by flame incinerator a period of time, unexpectedly easily accomplished becomes full of vitality, not only had not been burnt down, the unexpectedly fever is better, this was really too strange. alchemy on the palm, made people very surprised, but now Shen Xiang can also make divine medicine that this type loses plant quickly die and be reborn, this was also shocking. But Shen Xiang's flame Creation Fire, moreover bases on the flame that Life Slaughtering Technique breeds, can destroy, can create to live, he fully is displaying the Creation Fire profound deep meaning now, burns down the good quality this inferior divine medicine, otherwise he is unable to refine. Liang Gaoyi frowns tightly, the eye does not wink looks, his innermost feelings while shocking, were also pondering Shen Xiang used any method, unexpectedly to show the so strange its technique the method. In a minute, these turned yellow are similar to hay same divine medicine, at this time when restored that bright color to most high quality, Hua Hua is green, but the palm of Shen Xiang pure silver, was gradually pale at this time, Silver Flame that he releases was not intense, a moment ago that was in peak condition of Creation Fire. Now he started to burn to build up divine medicine, carried in the palm! In the hall, the Shen Xiang draw raises hand, above the palm that spreads out is braving the weak red green light rosy cloud, these light glow from silver flame mischievous pushes, wanders when Silver Flame outside, probably is mischievous Elf, these are burns down divine medicine the energy that stimulate from the interior.

Although Shen Xiang refines on the palm, but has the barrier seal of invisible around his palm, therefore the flame and herbal Spirit Qi in palm will not reveal. Refines the middle-grade Divine Pill difficulty is the fusion time, if several divine medicine spirit bloodlines are not very even, then weak also will be exploded by other pushing, after exploding, will initiate other spirit bloodlines to explode, finally will have very strong explosive force, therefore needs High-Grade Saint pill to assist, strengthens weak divine medicine, to achieve to balance. But Shen Xiang does not need High-Grade Saint pill, he uses the strong spirit law, can use oneself to strengthen the spirit bloodlines of divine medicine directly, such one, not only does not need High-Grade Saint pill, but can also strengthen the bloodlines of spirit fast, strengthens the divine medicine overall quality, making the speed quicker, the quality is higher, has pill more! Suddenly, a double-hour passed by, these days, in the hall the complete silence, many people with rapt attention look at Shen Xiang palm above divine medicine, the ray that now divine medicine sends out was getting more and more intense, the lasing from the silver flame comes out, stabbing pain the both eyes of people. Shen Xiang saw several spirit bloodlines of divine medicine to be in the similar degree, then started to fuse together all spirit bloodlines completely! The instance of fusion, in silver flame as if one group of light violent exploding open, intense five colors light glow direction of fire eight sides, many people have to block the intense ray with the hand! Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi the Gu three brothers opened the eye to look at this time that they want to see mystery, because Shen Xiang's alchemy technique was really too astonishing. The instance of fusion, exploded the ray that welled up to continue the moment, then gradually weakened, but the Shen Xiang's palm above that group fog was still only sending out intense light glow, looked like resembles in his hand to have grain of brightly with many colors precious pearl.

divine medicine on his hand had many, but is burnt after now builds up, gradually tapers one slightly to roll Qi mist. The silver flame started to weaken, at this time also entered to the following stage, although here many laymen, but they look with great interest, at this time these purchased have regenerated the Divine Pill person, in the heart secretly have also felt relieved, at least like does not have the issue that Liang Gaoyi said! Now the people regard as Shen Xiang with Liang Gaoyi same existence, even thinks that Shen Xiang be much more formidable than the alchemy master of Liang Gaoyi this rank, because Shen Xiang not only can hold on alchemy, but can also let losing plant divine medicine resurrect with a mysterious method. Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi this very expert alchemy master, in the innermost feelings exclaims, because the Shen Xiang's alchemy speed was too fast, this is middle-grade Divine Pill, moreover now was also only the past more than double-hour reached the following stage! They have not to know that Shen Xiang now with trying to refine, it can be said that is in history most earnest most one time with every effort, therefore he will display such well, he is also clear, he goes to alchemy by present this condition, so long as refines this furnace, he will be weary, at least must rest 1-2 double-hour to restore to come. He such does also to let Liang Gaoyi is sincerely convinced, simultaneously overcomes the fame for this shop, because after following world of Nine Heaven and this Highest God Realm fuse, this will gather British Divine City to be possible very much becomes here first big city, but this shop when the time comes Lu Qilian they will join, will then have more type Saint pill and Divine Pill, can amass wealth by heavy taxation massive divine yuan stone, to help them develop the influence. The critical moment came, Shen Xiang frowned, low coldly snorted, sees only that group of faint yellow Qi mist suddenly to be divided into seven! Sees to be divided into seven Qi ball, Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi these two old Dan God whole bodies shakes, among the mind of bang, this intense shock, almost makes them not come to a stop!

Shen Xiang herbs, unexpectedly can refine seven grains to regenerate Divine Pill to come, only then their this Dan God can understand that this is the what kind great strength, although is not absolutely impossible, but must reach this level is really too difficult, in hearsay Divine Country these top Dan God can achieve this! The Gu three brothers also had a scare, in their hearts shocks is also subject to the attack! Those present also express the intermittent exclamation, because they know that refines Divine Pill not to be easy, leaves the pill two grains is very rare, let alone is seven grains, now all people understand why Shen Xiang they will have these many to regenerate the Divine Pill sell, because Shen Xiang builds up to regenerate Divine Pill planting the bean now is quicker. Concentrates pill's process not to be relaxed, Shen Xiang used half double-hour to complete, at this time seven grains of quality excellent regeneration Divine Pill float above his palm, put in a jade box by him! Has completed, regenerates the process of Divine Pill refinement to be obvious to all, our regeneration Divine Pill do not have the issue certainly!” Shen Xiang regenerates Divine Pill to hand in front of Liang Gaoyi that seven grains, Liang Gaoyi has not responded at this time that seeing Shen Xiang to hand over, he dull puts out a hand to receive.