World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1999
Liang Gaoyi was sincerely convinced at this time, these seven grains regenerate Divine Pill his shop good to be too more, but he uses to regenerate Divine Pill herbs to be most also can only furnace two grains, the Shen Xiang's seven grains surpass his many. Regeneration Divine Pill of your shop does not have the issue, was I was oversuspicious, sorry, I apologized to you here!” Liang Gaoyi sighed, the manner is also good. After Luo Tianjun sees, Hehe said with a smile: Old Liang, your does if wanted buy one grain to go back to treat as commemorating? This furnace pill does not need pill furnace to refine . Moreover the speed so is fast, you looked that this little rascal now tired becomes this, should do utmost!” Shen Xiang this time complexion looks like fills wearily, the spirit is unsatisfactory, understood at a glance that this is because alchemy created a moment ago. Liang Gaoyi bought one grain to regenerate Divine Pill , after he walked, the people who watched the fun a moment ago rushed to purchase, but Shen Xiang also went back to rest. Shen Xiang sits in the hall, Shui Bingyan uses her pair to brave the cold air the white hands to help him massage, that faint trace cool qi flow emerges his body, making him very comfortable, the weary feeling also eliminated. White Tiger said: You were very probably low-key before, now suddenly such high-sounding talk, this not too proper!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I already stared in any case by these Divine Country, anything is not good to dread that now I must do builds the foundation, gains some divine yuan stone, later can definitely apply.” Vermilion Bird said with a smile lightly: You did not fear that is because we did appear?” Naturally is not, I may be many in expert that in Supreme Temple can win over, if I have an accident, my Hall Master will certainly help my!” Shen Xiang affirms this point, therefore he plans to find an opportunity, delivers grain of Dao Heart Stone to give Luo Tianjun! Previous time knew that Divine Lion King must catch him, Luo Tianjun is angry, immediately looks for the Divine Lion King double palm, the unusual loyalty, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart is very grateful.

Luo Tianjun and strength of old iron chicken is good, when the time comes that side Divine Country must to his fight, only need them to help, Shen Xiang to believe in secret one can the whole body draw back. Naturally, if Divine Country there sends out greatly strengthened expert, even if Palace Master gets rid, perhaps did not resist. ...... On a poly British Divine City street, Xie Ao is cold the face half step to walk, he had known that in the morning the matter of Shen Xiang that shop, he knows that now Shen Xiang fiercest unexpectedly is alchemy, but is not other these methods, previous time he and Shen Xiang in divine medicine treasure trove cooperation, thinks that the ability of Shen Xiang space utilization is quite fierce, he also thinks that Shen Xiang collects divine medicine helps the Feng Yujie collection. In the Xie Ao heart is thinking this matter, his suddenly felt that some people approach fast, weak wind raids to his back of the head bucket, afterward he only felt a back of the head pain, some unexpectedly people hit his head slightly facing the street! Does not need to be vigilant in poly British Divine City this place, if were plotted here, that definitely cannot go out of this Divine City, these elders had also met, these days that especially Divine City starts to operate, they will manage strictly Divine City, does not allow to sneak attack anything's matter occurrence. But now Xie Ao was actually sneak attacked, had been patted back of the head maliciously. Xie Ao turns the body suddenly, angrily he already murderous-looking, but after he sees a smiling face, the anger in heart also immediately wielding goes. That is one looks like the sporty young people, is very long is handsome, on the face full is mischievous smiling, this person of Jiang Sheng, Qi Shi good friend, was initially world of Nine Heaven inside Divine Craftsman! Old evil, for a long time does not see, your this fellow unexpectedly runs this place, came evidently very much long time ago, moreover mixes well.” Jiang Sheng Hehe said with a smile.

„The Old Jiang head, your unexpectedly has not died!” Xie Ao traces a moment ago hit place, Ha Ha smiles. Does not have the means that the heaven makes my this life inexpensive fellow live on liking.” Jiang Sheng also arrived at Highest God Realm, moreover in this gathers in British Divine City. Xie Ao said: Walks, we look for Shen Xiang, you should know this little rascal! He has mentioned you and Qi Shi matter with me.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Naturally knew that this little rascal turns into grey me to recognize him, now should be very fierce! Has not thought that your this fellow unexpectedly will know him, you should obtain evidently his help.” They were merry arrive at that shop, Jiang Sheng go in saw Feng Yujie. After Feng Yujie sees him, shouted tenderly: „The Old Jiang head, did you come?” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Good, has such big shop in this place, Shen Xiang this little rascal where, regardless of arrives, can mix enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water! Your this Nine Heavens Goddess should evidently already with him on good!” Feng Yujie pretty face one red, ridicules saying: You are same as usual, the mouth so are always inexpensive...... little rascal he in five buildings, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird two Senior also in!” Today's 100 grains regenerate Divine Pill to sell-out, Feng Yujie closes the door of shop, is bringing Xie Ao and Jiang Sheng walks. Shen Xiang was chatting with White Tiger Vermilion Bird, suddenly heard the laughter that Jiang Sheng that type owed to hit very much to transmit.

Big white cat, the easy life crosses well! Heard that you already and big fire bird lived together affectionately, when you live......” Jiang Sheng to see Vermilion Bird that jade face full killing intent to reveal completely, he swallows immediately the following words, then said with a smile: For a long time does not see, you looked like before are handsomer, was more beautiful.” White Tiger said with a smile: „The Old Jiang head, what wind blew this Highest God Realm you? I heard that world of Nine Heaven has annexed Gods, but must arrive at this Highest God Realm not to be easy!” Jiang Sheng sits on a very greatly very comfortable chair, is curling upwards one leg on the other, looked at Shen Xiang, looked to give the Shen Xiang massage Shui Bingyan. Ginger Senior is good!” Shui Bingyan light shouted, on the face shows the smile, she thinks that the Jiang Sheng name is Jiang Tou. Does not need to be polite! Regardless of where this little rascal arrives, can always find this beauty!” Jiang Sheng laughs, then looks to White Tiger, said: Now did not have no Gods, world of Nine Heaven is fiercest, moreover we have big sphere of influence in world of Nine Heaven.” Shen Xiang asked: Senior Jiang, you should be now Highest God, this adolescence speed is very inconceivable, do you have Gods?” Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Your this isn't little rascal Highest God? We can adolescence be so quick, must give credit to your Subduing Dragon Sect above Dragon Vein, that Dragon Vein was seized, but Subduing Dragon Sect was not, there has established Nine Heavens Sect, governs the Nine Heavens Sect fellows is your group of pig friend dog friends! I was honored to be able there to mix an elder very much, along with world of Nine Heaven fast adolescence, the energy that Dragon Vein released also becomes very astonishing, we cultivated there can advanced by leaps and bounds!” Knew that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they control that Dragon Vein now, in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly happy, he also very much wants to go back now.