World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2000
Shen Xiang brings from Jiang Sheng the news that learns of the news of beforehand little friend, in the heart happy at the same time, but also feels very worried, because when the time comes that nine Divine Country must govern world of Nine Heaven, will clean world of Nine Heaven strong presence originally surely, can subdue subdues, cannot subdue destroys completely! But Yun Xiaodao they will definitely not submit, when the time comes surely is reign of terror! Qilian they?” Feng Yujie is stable: „Do you have their news? I had returns to Gods passage before, but afterward does not know why sealed off!” These girls present was very good, has occupied another Dragon Vein, was your god grave, although they developed in secret, but was famous in world of Nine Heaven!” Jiang Sheng said: world of Nine Heaven and Gods had passage to link! Also is that side Profound Cold Ancient Domain, can lead to Gods Highest God forbidden land. Initially this group of girls returned to world of Nine Heaven from Highest God forbidden land that road.” White Tiger said: It seems like Highest God Realm time and world of Nine Heaven different! That side should long time!” The Jiang Sheng nod said: Among space Japanese people one year, had this view before, therefore here past dozens years, but world of Nine Heaven is several hundred years several thousand years, even is longer, concrete I am not clear! In brief before, Gods and world of Nine Heaven time was slightly different.” The Feng Yujie forced smile said: Later will unify, world of Nine Heaven will annex quickly this Highest God Realm!” White Tiger asked: „The Old Jiang head, do you come here? Does not come from world of Nine Heaven easily!” Jiang Sheng has drunk ice tea, acclaimed one, said: „It is not truly easy, but existences of our Highest God Realm, therefore in everybody with joint forces, reluctantly opened hole, but after is also only I comes, closed!” Vermilion Bird some do not believe: Must open hole not to be easy, even if several formidable Highest God collaborates to be unlikely! Only if has any passage to be good.”

Jiang Sheng said with a smile: Now the Highest God Realm space was getting more and more weak, in addition Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise these two become very fierce fellow participation, can therefore accomplish, the plan came together, but my luck is good, therefore only then I arrived.” Before Azure Dragon, was closed in Divine Prison, but Divine Prison had been broken through, ran Azure Dragon that to awaken from inside again in addition the memory, became very strong. Senior Jiang, then now Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God how? Initially Divine Prison was broken through, their pressures should be biggest!” Shen Xiang asked that these two Heavenly God initially were very good to him. They broke through, becomes Highest God, can definitely protect oneself, now Gods did not exist, after world of Nine Heaven annexes, obtains a more formidable energy to originate, under our help, they enters in Dragon Vein to practice, therefore broke through own bottleneck, now they are one of the Nine Heavens Sect important elders!” Jiang Sheng said. Nine Heavens Sect should be the world of Nine Heaven most formidable influence now, once when the time comes world of Nine Heaven annexes Highest God Realm, then Nine Heavens Sect is nine Divine Country main goals! Shen Xiang thinks that this matter, in heart secretly worries, he also asked: Who now Nine Heavens Sect is Dean?” Gu Dongchen, he said that he is your Martial Nephew, this fellow is also very fierce . Moreover the managed capacity is very strong!” Jiang Sheng said. Shen Xiang smiled, this makes him recall that in the past the matter when Extreme Martial Sect, this Gu Dongchen governed the Extreme Martial Sect's time to be truly good, but he was that mysterious Ancient Spirit Clan, was becoming such formidable. This fellow is good, but actually some stingy!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „To go back to see them, such long does not see, they became such formidable.”

White Tiger initially also had lived there a period of time, there also has his White Tiger Fighting Clan, he also very thinks of his clan, moreover during that time was also he crosses long-drawn-out with ease. Quick can see them, once world of Nine Heaven annexed here to be OK, how long this should not need to wait.” Jiang Sheng Hehe said with a smile: But when the time comes our world!” Shen Xiang actually cannot smile, Feng Yujie and Vermilion Bird they were also the whole face worried look, Jiang Sheng saw anything. What's the matter? You thought probably this isn't the good matter?” Jiang Sheng has the doubts to ask. Is the good matter, but also follows not the good matter occurrence!” Shen Xiang sighed: Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise should not tell you to have about here something! Although in this Highest God Realm three Temple are most formidable, but these three Temple are unable to be a worthy opponent at present that nine fearful Divine Country!” Feng Yujie said: Nine Spirit Kings initially was suppressed to hide by that nine Divine Country, world of Nine Heaven also therefore bursts, before Divine Prison was destroyed, has very big connection with nine Divine Country! Now world of Nine Heaven must annex here, nine Divine Country definitely also will get when the time comes rid.” After Jiang Sheng hears, could not smile, he had heard probably also had the matter about that nine Divine Country, if world of Nine Heaven once annexed, nine Divine Country must get rid, when the time comes definitely and must go all out, for these years they were developing stably, no one hoped this matter occurrence. It seems like does not have me to imagine that well!” Jiang Sheng sighed one, shortly after he saw will have a fierce battle. Was right, do you have to meet Qi Shi? He should also come to here, antique divine beast after awakening memory should know that this place, here is their genuine hometown.” Jiang Sheng said: Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise and Ice Dragon are because must keep the hand in Nine Heavens Sect, therefore has not come to here.”

Shen Xiang told Jiang Sheng the Qi Shi bitter experience, knew that Qi Yan this Ancient Fire Beast died, Jiang Sheng the anger soars to the heavens immediately. „It is not anxious, should not long, that Divine Lion King walk, when the time comes we must make his blood debt blood recompense.” White Tiger coldly said. Divine Lion King itself on good strength, moreover back Divine Lion Race, his lion Old Wang father is more formidable can struggle high with Palace Master under! However White Tiger has not actually feared, he also knew about Divine Lion Race, although he is the rebirth, but his present strength is not weak. When Shen Xiang they chatted vigorously, Yi Baidong came! Yi Baidong goes to the halls in five buildings, he sees White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, suddenly remembers anything to come, initially Yi Baidong recognized Huang Jintian this old undying, now looks like he also has the impression to White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, because just has the important matter, therefore he has not gone to ask. Stars and Moon God Clan came an elder, he said that must look for that cat, he knows news that cat here!” Yi Baidong expression seriously said: The elder who they come has very high status in Stars and Moon God Clan, almost and Patriarch are treated equally, obviously they attach great importance to this cat!”