World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2001

Stars and Moon God Clan second in command unexpectedly looks for Yue'er personally, this obviously because of very important matter, Shen Xiang and White Tiger they have thought immediately matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice to! Samsara offers a sacrifice to Stars and Moon God Clan these high-level eyes is important, now this elder comes out to seek personally, the time that in other words Samsara offers a sacrifice to must arrive! The time that so long as Samsara offers a sacrifice to arrives, the star moon/month will arrive at strength to give Yue'er, if they could not find Yue'er, once misses the Samsara sacrifice, will then possibly initiate many terrible business. Before, Yue'er was obedient, but since Yue'er met Shen Xiang, frequently ran around, moreover was also very difficult to find, this Stars and Moon God Clan was ahead of time looked for Yue'er, this was to avoid missing the Samsara sacrifice. Yue'er she walked, she said that wants to go back! Although she does not have what strength, but her speed is quick, should not have any issue.” Shen Xiang said that now he was unable to say the matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice, otherwise Stars and Moon God Clan knew, unavoidably will make any crazy matter to come, let alone now they already with the Divine Lion Race opposition, if when the time comes two divine beast clans join up, that is not the good matter. Yi Baidong nodded: I said with them! These three are your friend? How before to have seen?” Yi Baidong thought that White Tiger and Vermilion Bird look familiar, he had certainly heard Vermilion Bird and White Tiger before, has looked at the fuzzy image from some ancient book, in the past these many years, he could also a little impression, be very good now. Shen Xiang said with a smile: They are White Tiger and Vermilion Bird two Senior, in the past was Beast God Temple! Elder Yi you should hear!” This lets Yi Baidong immediately in great surprise, hastily respectfully salutes to White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, in the past ten thousand beast God Emperor sat down second four big Protector, that is illustrious existence, now haughty rebirth, moreover appears here, this made Yi Baidong very pleasantly surprised. That this?” Yi Baidong looks to Jiang Sheng, asked. I come from world of Nine Heaven, peon, do not treat as any Senior! You are my Senior also almost.” Jiang Sheng happily said with a smile.

This saying made Yi Baidong smile: „The future is a guest, let alone you are also the Shen Xiang's friend, then you were also the friend of mine!” Elder Yi, you had discussed before how must cope with the attack of Divine Lion Race! Happen to White Tiger Senior also has the account to with Divine Lion Race they calculate.” Feng Yujie said. The Yi Baidong nod said: Then I bring two Senior to see Palace Master!” White Tiger and Vermilion Bird see Mu Chen with Yi Baidong, regarding them, there are these two divine beast here, when the time comes the Divine Lion Race attack, they do not need to be worried about that many! Yi Baidong is curious, rebirth later White Tiger and Vermilion Bird restored many strengths, because past White Tiger and Vermilion Bird were very fearful. I stroll in this city, then goes to that Beast God Temple to have a look...... cough cough, do you have divine yuan stone? I just went to this place, you also know.” Jiang Sheng said with a smile. Feng Yujie puts out five million divine yuan stone to him: Leaves the chaotic flower, if there is a Qi Shi news, must a bit faster come back to tell us!” Jiang Sheng sees Feng Yujie to get rid such straightforwardly, said with a smile: Worthily is Nine Heavens Goddess, is really natural!” This is five grains regenerates Divine Pill, the relaxedness can gain, today sells 100 grains to regenerate Divine Pill, that is over a billion divine yuan stone, moreover tomorrow must continue to sell. In the hall only then Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan, Shen Xiang fully had not restored, Shui Bingyan is still helping him massage. What are you worried about?” Feng Yujie can see the Shen Xiang's thoughts. Yue'er, now what I most am worried is she!” Shen Xiang said: Was worried that she will be found by Stars and Moon God Clan, then carries on a Samsara sacrifice.”

Some Shui Bingyan also this types worried that she said: Or we look for her, I had the means to find her, like this we can protect her!” Although this daily preparation for that competition, but Yue'er is quite important! You and Bingyan look for Yue'er together, I do not feel relieved her very much, she may not have a little strength now, moreover Stars and Moon God Clan affirms knowing things like the back of one's hand to her, perhaps she will again be grasped.” Feng Yujie said that has been together a period of time with Yue'er, she also has affection very to Yue'er. Shen Xiang nodded: I restored, instantly leaves!” He puts out more than 20 grains of Dao Heart Stone, gives Feng Yujie: These are Dao Heart Stone, when the time comes I have not come back, you looked that the situation delivers exits, we must win over the helper now as far as possible, can help us go through the difficulty to the critical time.” Hall Master and Elder Yi must to them, three attend to Senior Brother, as for Palace Master and that Xiao Changle, you already made a decision.” Shen Xiang said. Dao Heart Stone regarding wants to control cultivating of strength of Great Dao to be precious, so long as has one grain, can become by oneself stronger. Initially Shen Xiang felt relieved that made Yue'er leave, was because they do not know that Samsara offered a sacrifice to such quickly must approach, Samsara offered a sacrifice, but relationship promotion of Stars and Moon God Clan these high-level strength, in addition, what they attached great importance to was Yue'er obtains star moon/month arrival strength, because this is very likely to make Yue'er awaken all memories. Now Shen Xiang knew that the Stars and Moon God Clan second in command looks for Yue'er personally, therefore he secretly is worried that for these years, their Samsara sacrifices carry on very smoothly, therefore Stars and Moon God Clan definitely had some methods to find Yue'er! Therefore he must a bit faster find Yue'er, then brings Yue'er to hide, making Yue'er carry on one time star moon/month the baptism, even if Yue'er cannot awakening remember that definitely can also become very strong. Feng Yujie is caressing the Shen Xiang's cheeks lightly, is encouraging him: Wants Yue'er to look, she is our one, cannot make her withstand that type to be painful again, this little thing is very pitiful!” Certain meeting!” Shen Xiang kisses her cherry lips, says with a smile firmly.

Quick, Yi Baidong spreads the news, that Stars and Moon God Clan elder knew after Yue'er leave, anxiously left! Restores Shen Xiang to the night, therefore he also brings Shui Bingyan to leave to gather British Divine City in the night! Bingyan, in what way where can you know Yue'er?” Shen Xiang asked. Water...... between Heaven and Earth is saving the water vapor, but you cannot see, therefore Yue'er is contacting with the water every time, the place that she passes through will also participate in some aura fusion water vapor, so long as I induce to distinguish.” Yue'er said with a smile lightly: I induced, walks here!” Shui Bingyan can induce with this way to the Yue'er trail, this also made Shen Xiang that not be worried, at least they can find Yue'er fast. Shen Xiang is bringing Shui Bingyan, carries on space Legend, has not stopped consecutively for three days! Yue'er runs really quickly, she leaves us shortly, but I pursued for three days not to overtake.” Shen Xiang cannot help but exclaimed in surprise that Yue'er speed, was really too quick, but this was also the good deed, at least the Stars and Moon God Clan elder will not overtake her. When Shen Xiang thinks, Shui Bingyan said: „It is not good, front has the aura of other beasts, moreover is very strong, he turned into the human form now!” After Shui Bingyan induces, spreads out the jade palm, only spoke on her palm to present the villain who water vapor turned into, this was she a moment ago saw, that was white robe old man. „Can this fellow be the Stars and Moon God Clan second in command?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: We must a bit faster catch up, this fellow unexpectedly is quicker than us, moreover he can also trace Yue'er probably.”