World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2002

Knew that the Stars and Moon God Clan elder grasped Yue'er, Shen Xiang and Shui Bingyan worried, full speed was going forward.

They should be knew that Yue'er walked, uses some secret method to trace Yue'er! But perhaps use this secret method, has anything to affect to them, otherwise before them, does not need to gather British Divine City to seek for Yue'er, should trace Yue'er directly.” In the Shen Xiang heart is analyzing, he guessed after that elder uses secret method, will have possibility strength to fall very much, such one, to them will be very powerful. If this elder is really the Stars and Moon God Clan second in command, then the strength is definitely formidable, perhaps even if were Shui Bingyan cannot cope, when the time comes not only cannot rescue Yue'er, instead was killed is uncertain. The Shen Xiang full speed advance, is only the half-day time, Shui Bingyan induces to Yue'er in the nearby. Big Brother Shen, can stop, that old man already with Yue'er together.” Shui Bingyan said that although she is pure, but also knows that at this time was discovered not well by the opposite party. After Shen Xiang stops, uses space domain covers him and Shui Bingyan, avoids being discovered by the opposite party, then approaches the position that Shui Bingyan said little. This place everywhere is black giant stones, the surrounding area thousand li(500 km) is this type of strange stone, after Shen Xiang induces from these stones to strength of the stars, knows that these black giant stones the stars fragment that from airborne crashes. Yue'er she went to this place to stop.” Shui Bingyan said. Shen Xiang suddenly understands that Stars and Moon God Clan elder has not traced the Yue'er ability, but he guessed correctly that Yue'er will come to this place, because here has the innumerable stars fragment, may have relationship with Yue'er very much. He can also see from these stars fragment that these giant stones had long time, but the interior still has faint trace the strength of stars, these crash to come here stars very much obviously are not the ordinary stars.

Yue'er, does not play the temperament now time, in the clan left the important matter, moreover you come out to be so long, everybody thought you very much, you must go back now.” Shen Xiang heard the old sound to transmit, this sound sounded to be gentle, likely was not the appearance of conspiring. Afterward broadcasts Yue'er that child tender sweet voice: I do not go back now, I want dull a period of time, the elder you to go back to tell them here, said that I also very much think them, when my was happy, I naturally can go back.” Yue'er is also very astute, had not asked directly that this elder has about the matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice, because her very clear present asks that definitely will not have the good end, certainly will be grasped, therefore she will disguise not to know that is spinning with this long Old Zhou. Sees Yue'er not to go back, this elder has not suspected anything, is only somewhat angry, the time that because Samsara offers a sacrifice to must arrive quickly, when the time comes cannot kill Yue'er, living Yue'er can obtain these strength, this is the matter that they do not allow to have. Yue'er, you must go back with me today in any event!” This elder complexion sank, seriously said: If you are not willing obediently to go back with me, then I also can only lead forcefully you!” Yue'er looks at the sky, although at this time is daytime, airborne also only then a deep blue day, but she actually looks is lost in thought that her suddenly meow, said: Before, was I many time this, is I will come here not to go back when this?” Hears this saying, this elder whole body shakes, looks to squat to sit in black stone above Yue'er dull, Yue'er swung has wagged the tail Palestine, continued saying: This is the feeling of my suddenly, this feeling is very familiar, I experience probably many time have been same.” Shen Xiang is also anxious at this time, Yue'er said such words, under this elder wanted certainly the cruel methods!

Goes back with me!” After that elder is shocked, loudly shouted, waves to make a white great net, must cover Yue'er shortly time, Yue'er squats that black stone that sits to turn into the red, erupted dazzling red light, Yue'er also vanishes at this time. Is surprised in Shen Xiang of distant place, because was Yue'er controlled stars strength to achieve a moment ago. Star blood shield!” That standing net that elder startled shouted, he puts came up empty-handed, has not seized Yue'er, but Yue'er squats at this time on another black stone. Yue'er indifferently said: actually this is called star blood shield, very familiar name.” Very anxious Shen Xiang, secretly was pleasantly surprised at this time, can see that the Yue'er memory is restoring gradually. This matter occurred.” Elder coldly said, before it seems like, they have experienced such matter, the Yue'er association before Samsara offers a sacrifice to soon comes awakens some memories. Yue'er suddenly asked with the taunt expression: How many days does Samsara offer a sacrifice to also some to approach? For these years, you have carried on these many time Samsara sacrifices, unexpectedly only then this strength, you were also too useless! I died in vain really these many times!” Hears the Yue'er words, this elder just started is surprised, but was afterward careful thinks that Yue'er does not have awakening to remember, she offers a sacrifice to know to Samsara to be others tells her! Is who told you these matters? Since you know matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice, then I do not need to cover up now.” This elder has put out a disc, seems like extraordinary magic treasure: Some about matter that Samsara offers a sacrifice, only then several of us elder and Patriarch know that I am very curious, who is tells you!”

Ten thousand beast God Emperor told me, did you believe?” Yue'er said with a sneer: Wu Cang, your several these many years, in difficult Dao Heart to have guilty?” No, because of your sacrifice, can help us obtain formidable strength, soon after several of us can become God Emperor!” This asked the Wu Cang elder unemotionally said: But in our hearts will thank your, because does not have the Samsara sacrifice, we definitely are unable to break through, will only be eliminated! Offers a sacrifice to the star moon/month to obtain formidable strength with you, this has been Stars and Moon God Clan for many years tradition.” Yue'er angrily said: Benefit is also only you? Does not have relationship with entire Stars and Moon God Clan!” Wu Cang coldly snorted: Who said? Without our great strength, how could does Stars and Moon God Clan treat as an equal with other three big God Clan?” Yue'er both eyes suddenly becomes red, loud voice was shouting: If you do not kill that the time me, strength that I have now, let alone are treated equally with other three big God Clan, must make them submit we are not the issue.” „Because you will be formidable, therefore we must kill you, your rising will only threaten our status.” Wu Cang said mean, the disc in hand had been thrown by him.