World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2003

Wu Cang is secure, he is evidently confident to this disc, the disc flies, lightens a white light, shines on Yue'er, Yue'er wants to use the star blood shield, but has not thought after that white light shines, turned into a white small basket. Do not struggle, this basket was past star moon/month God Emperor and that several elders refines, specifically was used to cope your, for many years we have used many times, you did not run away each time! Relax, we kill you will not feel any pain, you were we are liked by everybody not long Yue'er.” Wu Cang walks, mentioned this basket, laughing. Obviously, for these years, will be mostly dishonest Yue'er to this time, therefore refines such magic treasure specially to cope with her! Was stranded in basket inside Yue'er is struggling, neighing, but cannot come out. Yue'er can use Law of Space strength, but she cannot display in the basket now! Samsara offered a sacrifice to quickly must start, ten days!” Wu Cang mentioned the basket, to inside Yue'er happily said with a smile: Small obediently, honest, you must enjoy while the present well, you will forget after a period of time these.” So long as completes the Samsara sacrifice, waits for the Yue'er rebirth, they will take this to remember that then makes Yue'er continue to live as before, Yue'er does not know that Stars and Moon God Clan inside clan will not detect. in other words, the Yue'er memory will have been searched, when the time comes she and Shen Xiang's matter also completely exposed, this is the matter that Yue'er does not hope, but makes her feel what heart pain is, she does not want to lose with Shui Bingyan, their together that remembers with Shen Xiang that this memory is precious regarding her, thinks of here, her suddenly does not struggle, she only feels at this time very sadly! Bingyan, fight!” Shen Xiang to Shui Bingyan sound transmission, Shui Bingyan looked to prepare, heard Shen Xiang to her sound transmission, she displayed strongest strength immediately, saw only her whole body to erupt a blue light. Wu Cang and Yue'er suddenly induce to very fearful ice cold strength, after Yue'er induces to this familiar aura, in the heart is being wild with joy, but somewhat was also worried, because she knows that this Wu Cang strength, she worried Shui Bingyan did not deal with. Shui Bingyan and Wu Cang great distance is very far, but Shui Bingyan can actually use very marvelous method, offers the song 1st Stage distance, the Wu Cang frozen wife!

Shen Xiang also takes advantage of the present, displays to separate takes the thing spatially, checks the Yue'er basket to seize from the distant place, then brings Shui Bingyan fast teleport to walk. Just teleport left in Shen Xiang, the place that he stayed a moment ago has a very strong explosion, turned into a giant pit instantaneously. Shui Bingyan frozen also can only ice lives in the Wu Cang very short time! But actually enough Shen Xiang rescued Yue'er! I can be victorious he.” Shui Bingyan whispered. Is victorious cannot hit, our goals are to rescue Yue'er!” Shen Xiang is bringing her fast teleport, although Shui Bingyan said that but after Shui Bingyan and Wu Cang eruption fight, that side Stars and Moon God Clan will perhaps have the elder to come the support, when the time comes Shui Bingyan difficult enemy four. Shen Xiang is confident regarding the skill that oneself escape, in addition he goes into hiding own aura, that Wu Cang definitely is unable to discover him, a moment ago he and Shui Bingyan approached, Wu Cang had not detected that those who most made Wu Cang angry was, he does not know that is who rescued Yue'er, the scene has not left behind a little aura. Three days passed by, Shen Xiang teleport three days, he returned to Supreme Temple with all might and main, he has not gone to gather British Divine City, because he thought that there is insufficient the security. The tenth Dan Hall inside basement, Shen Xiang has made from that basket Yue'er. Was then good, this specifically is used to grasp your thing in my hands, looked after them, how to catch you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was looking at the disc in hand, will then receive.

Yue'er throws to the Shui Bingyan bosom, Shui Bingyan closely is hugging her. Shen Xiang, I also think thank you I must be finished!” Yue'er looks at Yue'er very grateful. Polite anything, we are friends! Right, will you go to that place? That old fellow knows very much obviously you will go to there!” Shen Xiang said. I do not know that I thought my suddenly must go to there, therefore I will go, which knows that his suddenly came.” Yue'er said: I go to that place, in the mind to emit very familiar feeling on suddenly, memory that the star blood shield that before I displayed also at that time braved.” Shui Bingyan asked: Then you must restore to remember that can also go to that place?” That place definitely they are sent many strength to search for by Wu Cang now, therefore cannot go back. Yue'er shakes the head saying: I do not know that now I thought did not seek for these memory also No problem, can have with your together memory is enough!” Yue'er only thought that only then their together memory is real with Shen Xiang, the memory that before she had was others pours into, and also had been revised, therefore for her, these memories were very precious. Shen Xiang comes back covers the basket with thing, moreover in night, had not been discovered that now he cannot make Yue'er make an appearance at will, otherwise Stars and Moon God Clan to catch her, definitely will not hesitate all, when the time comes and Supreme Temple makes war is uncertain.

Feng Yujie knows Shen Xiang to come back, immediately returns to the tenth room. Yue'er!” Feng Yujie sees Yue'er to swoop, hastily wraps up her, then loves strokes her wool: Worry died I!” Later I will again not make you be worried!” Yue'er and Feng Yujie sentiment is also good, is the same with Shui Bingyan, probably is the family member is the same. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Fortunately, I can also be able to catch up with the competition!” Feng Yujie said: Because is many influences simultaneously the together competition, therefore the time has postponed, will start one month later, the time is very sufficient.” „Can Shen Xiang, help me go to that place to look for the same thing? I thought that there has a very important thing, therefore Samsara offers a sacrifice to each time soon approaches, that thing will always summon me to go to that place, Wu Cang they should not know this matter, if can find that thing, I when the time comes can perhaps restore stronger strength.” Yue'er thought that restores the memory not to be unimportant, but she is urgently needed formidable strength, now she has the person who needs to protect, Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan because of her together, perhaps will be implicated to say. Good!” The Shen Xiang go it alone is very safe, Yue'er also knows this. In order to help Yue'er, Shen Xiang will definitely not postpone, he also hopes that Yue'er can have formidable strength.