World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2004
After Shen Xiang and Shui Bingyan rescue Yue'er, the Wu Cang this Stars and Moon God Clan second in command, in the random attacks that „the stars tomb in goes crazy, because he does not know that is who rescued Yue'er, his people have not seen, the opposite party vanished without a trace, but he knows that the opposite party was the use very strong ice cold strength, this is he at present the only clue. Wu Cang has not left the stars tomb, he has informed other elders, other elders caught up with this place fast, Yue'er have been missing, and knows matter that Samsara offered a sacrifice, formidable friend in helping her, this made the Stars and Moon God Clan high level worry, if they offered a sacrifice to the arrival before Samsara had not found Yue'er, then they very much might face the revenge of Yue'er from now on. Wu Cang, you are always discrete, presents the careless mistake in this critical moment, was then good, that little thing is missing, can seize the little thing the basket also to be taken away only.” old man stamps with rage, although he does not have Wu Cang to be strong, but life Qi/angry he, blamed Wu Cang at this time unceasingly. The Wu Cang complexion is unattractive, his coldly said: This matter also no wonder I? For these years, matter that your frequently miscalculation Samsara offers a sacrifice , isn't the critical moment also I pulls each time? These time is also your responsibility, time that also miscalculation Samsara offers a sacrifice, otherwise we one year catch ahead of time her, did not have this matter! For these years, you calculate to number of times also more than ten times, but the miscalculation actually much reaches hundred times!” Is the time that Samsara offers a sacrifice to is unstable, so can it be that good to calculate? In the past star moon/month God Emperor they were not because miscalculated frequently? They to be easier to hold the little thing, will refine that basket, now is booing, the basket did not have, even if found the little thing, must hold him not to be easy.” That old man refuted: Calculates the time that Samsara offers a sacrifice to was not steerable, but you grasp the little thing to be simple, this you make a mistake, this is your responsibility!” Had the matter, they do not find the way to solve, instead is accusing each other, shirks the responsibility, compares them to be worried by that Patriarch blame. This matter do not tell Patriarch temporarily, if he knows that the little thing and basket were lost, when the time comes we have the trouble.” Wu Cang also knows now is not dispute time, they must grasp the time to find the way to look Yue'er. That old man said: What means do you have? Now 1 : 00 clue does not have! Use ice cold strength Highest God were too many, where do we go to look?”

Wu Cang said: Went to Supreme Temple, the little thing went to Supreme Temple before, examined that she has contacted any person, then started from that person! Your several same places go, Supreme Temple Mu Chen became famous to hide shortcomings, person who when the time comes discovers with the little thing has the connection, thinks that he will also shelter! Before he to shelter little rascal, had the big enmity with Divine Lion King.” The matter of Divine Lion King also quite causes a stir in Beast God Temple, is definitely clear as one of the God Clan, regarding them now, Supreme Temple is the only clue, even if offends Supreme Temple Mu Chen, they also do. That several elders go to Supreme Temple together, this also appears they have strength some, after all goes facing Supreme Temple expert alone, will make them not feel any energy. Wu Cang has not gone, but in this stars tomb, for these years, Samsara offers a sacrifice to each time soon starts, the Yue'er association goes to this place, making Wu Cang have doubts. This type had doubts he to have much long time ago, but he can hold Yue'er in the past, searched anything from the Yue'er memory, but this Yue'er ran, therefore he also decided that must investigate this stars tomb carefully, having a look here to hide any secret. ...... Shen Xiang has rested for day in Supreme Temple, then leaves, oneself go to the stars tomb, original Shui Bingyan must go with him, but he is good some worries, therefore makes Shui Bingyan accompany Yue'er, after all the Shui Bingyan strength is very strong, she said that can hit with Mu Chen this Palace Master, therefore makes her protect Yue'er to the start that Samsara offers a sacrifice, this will be quite appropriate. Before walking, Shen Xiang also has the matter about that place from Yue'er there understanding, Yue'er tells him the place named stars tomb, is also famous in Stars and Moon God Clan, but Legend many stars do not know, because any reason crashes in that place forms, but there existed many years, even if there is any treasure, looks is taken by others.

However Yue'er said that there also has any thing to summon her, therefore makes Shen Xiang seek. Shen Xiang used five days of time to arrive at the stars tomb, he did not need to escape, he in also slowed the tempo, he approached the stars tomb time started to go into hiding, he induced in the distant place to vestiges in all around aura, when this was the Wu Cang anger the random attacks initiated. This old fellow should also here!” Shen Xiang is very vigilant, releases probability Divine Soul to fly airborne, overlooks the tread, quick discovers Wu Cang, he sits on a very big black stone Yue'er does not know where that summoned her thing, therefore Shen Xiang also needed to seek little, this was not easy, let alone Wu Cang also in this place. Shen Xiang has not entered that stretch of stars tomb, he is worried about to be discovered by Wu Cang, previous Wu Cang bitter experience over one time, definitely will pay attention all around at this time. Two days passed by, Wu Cang has not left, he has traded several big stones, and destroys much! „Is he doing? Is he seeking for what thing?” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, he does not hope that Wu Cang found that to summon the Yue'er thing.

Shen Xiang cannot give a thought to that many at this time, enters the stars tomb quietly, he does not know how should seek, can only use his some marvelous methods. Primal Chaos Spirit Eye can make him see the thing that these naked eyes are hard to see with source Spirit Eyes, he displayed just started to display Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, has not discovered anything, he used Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to search for more than double-hour, anything had not discovered that afterward changed to source Spirit Eyes, but also was same, without any harvest. Primal Chaos Spirit Eye and source Spirit Eyes does not know that can fuse?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, immediately uses Enlightenment Stone, starts to sense these two methods, he must seek for a fusion point! First leaves here, so as to avoid when the time comes fuses to cause the sound.” Shen Xiang leaves the stars tomb immediately, he before departure, paid attention to that Wu Cang, this Wu Cang is still seeking for anything, but he does not have what discovery. Was far away from the stars tomb, Shen Xiang started to sink the heart to sense two cultivation technique of practice eyes, these two methods had something in common, but the use was different, Shen Xiang thought that if fused these two methods, perhaps after can let him, can see the indiscoverable thing.