World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2005
Although Shen Xiang has been far away from the stars tomb, but he can always hear the explosion sound that one is depressed intermittently to transmit, but also follows shaking of earth, is Wu Cang is rumbling to break to pieces these black giant stones very much obviously, wants to have a look inside to hide any thing. Wu Cang also lost the patience, before he was place stones induces to investigate, but more than ten days passed by, his anything had not discovered that therefore he now on float in upper air, used formidable strength, carried on the destruction of big area, the bang broken stars remnant block. Shen Xiang was worried very much this Wu Cang will discover anything, but now he fused Primal Chaos Spirit Eye and on source Spirit Eyes these two methods also had the progress, quick has been able to complete! He immerses in cultivation technique combination practice, unknowingly passed for two days, at this time the sky just shone, he opens the eye, lightly smiled: Should succeed!” When woods he, uses the method that this just fused to look at all around all immediately, especially sees the trees, the trees internal energy operates, the moisture content circulation that includes, can get rid clearly in his eyes. Consumption is not many, the present is direct consumption my Six Paths Power, moreover fused Primal Chaos Spirit Eye and source Spirit Eyes effect, in addition, but also see clearly compared with before many!” Shen Xiang has shut the eye, stops displaying this method. Is called Dao Heart Eye!” Because in looking, not only looked with the eye that attentively was looking, but also has used Six Paths Power. Shen Xiang has been familiar with the moment, displays Dao Heart Eye once more, this time he was not only shocked, in situation that because he displays fully, all around unexpectedly can see to have various Hua Hua green things. These colorful things hide in between Heaven and Earth various energies, dissimilar in shape and form, some are the ribbon extension, some spiral-shaped, some spherical, some looks like the flame to beat, some look like the rivers and streams to flow, flows to all around. Also some likely are one float the spider web, is covering the trim earth.

After he opens Dao Heart Eye fully, during the entire world falls into this type to be colorful, he only thought one go to another world, all around is various grotesqueness, the color varies the floating matter, this is myriad attribute strength of shape nature Great Dao breeds. This should be fire attribute the air/Qi of Spiritual God!” Shen Xiang looks bunches are beating the flamelet floats to flutter, here are miserable, especially contrasts that big piece of blue Qi mist. Blue Qi mist everywhere is, Shen Xiang has absorbed a point with the fingertip slightly, can induce to this is water attribute, Shui Bingyan so will be no wonder fierce, this between Heaven and Earth, the water attribute energy are most. between Heaven and Earth various attribute energies were only several types, but for many years, after various collisions, various fusions, bred all kinds of comes. If compares the lane, can perhaps be born Dao Spirit to come!” Shen Xiang sees the distant place to have one group of very dazzling flame, that is one big rolls fire attribute the air/Qi of Spiritual God to gather together, is fusing gradually, prepares to merge into one organic whole. He receives Dao Heart Eye, then closed eyes deeply has attracted several tones, can see these many to exist with between Heaven and Earth strength, this makes him very excited, before he induced, personally after sees, only thought that shocks incomparably. Can leave that place, that old fellow should not find now!” Shen Xiang can still hear bang the sound to transmit, Wu Cang had not found to hide in stars tomb inside thing. Shen Xiang moving under water quietly in the past, arrived at the stars tomb, here became tattered and torn, originally here some giant crushed stones, but now becomes very small same place, already razed most probably, this was the Wu Cang several days achievement.

Shen Xiang arrived here, immediately displays Dao Heart Eye, he is divided into three strength Dao Heart Eye, first layer can see through the thing to operate the mobile thing directly, for example the flowers and plants trees internal energy revolution way, second layer strength can see the bloodlines of spirit and so on thing, this is useful when alchemy. But third layer, can see in the world Great Dao natural strength, like former such! Now he displays is second layer strength, displays second layer also to see the thing that first layer can see, moreover look thoroughly compared with source Spirit Eyes, he thought that must seek for the hideaway thing here to be enough. After he displays Dao Heart Eye second layer strength, can see here to have many white and faint yellow float Qi mist, these light Qi mist are the strength of stars, hid in these black giant stones, now the black giant stone was rumbled to break to pieces, will float. In ground in these every large or small black stones, was looked by him clear, these stones has probably the blood vessel meridians to be the same, inside is flowing the pale white or to the yellow energy, internal vein will interlock together, can therefore in the stone interior circulatory flow. Let Shen Xiang think what is strange, although these stones had been destroyed, but the interior has the strength of massive stars not to flow comes out, is still revolving in the stone. Must seek for the thing not to be easy in this every large or small stone, let alone must avoid being discovered by Wu Cang! This stretch of stars tomb is also very big, Wu Cang is carrying on the destruction in another now, but Shen Xiang starts to search for here, although he had not found, but has actually discovered some unusual phenomena.

For example the strength of stone internal stars will not flow out the stone, only if the stone breaks to pieces completely, has again is here, although is fluttering the strength of massive stars, but strength of aware gathering together these stars, will not scatter, moreover is hard to absorb. After the careful observation, Shen Xiang had discovered an astonishing phenomenon, is scatters the strength of big piece stars to revolve here at a very slow speed, is similar to Milky Way is ordinary. If carefully does not observe with Dao Heart Eye, is indiscoverable depending on the induction! This should be a disc shape vortex, if so, then the vortex center affirmed that is hiding anything, will lead the strength of this so many stars to revolve!” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly cheers up secretly, if is really this, that thing may not hide in the stone very much, instead in underground, may be deeply under. Because that thing can produce weak strength to lead the strength of this stars to revolve, the speed of but revolving is quite slow, is strength receives the hindrance very much obviously this. After Shen Xiang carefully observes revolving, had a direction, walks toward the center, so long as approaches, he can perhaps see the vortex the center! Very obviously in the strength of absorption stars, the speed of but absorbing is very slow! That Wu Cang is the Stars and Moon God Clan second in command, should also focusing on cultivating strength of stars, his unexpectedly had not discovered! strength that it seems like he obtains, offers a sacrifice to the gain from Samsara, this also causes him to lose gradually to the strength of keenest sensation stars.” In the Shen Xiang heart is suspecting, after he approaches, saw the center.