World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2006

Shen Xiang had the major discovery, but he has not treated it lightly, still on the alert that Wu Cang, when he approaches this vortex the center, he perceived that has the thing to enter his space sensation domain, here except for Wu Cang, did not have other anything person. Wu Cang is coming, Shen Xiang turns into a black stone immediately! Who here, you, although hides very well, but I have discovered you.” Wu Cang arrived here quickly, but his anything had not actually discovered. He determined that is not the misconception, he induced to a fluctuation of faint trace aura a moment ago! This Wu Cang suddenly becomes discretely is also so expected in Shen Xiang's, therefore he has not felt surprised, he turned into staying of stone Jing Jing (quietly) at this time in the ground, Wu Cang cannot discover him. Now Shen Xiang approaches the vortex center of strength of stars, Wu Cang, although arrived here, but has not actually discovered that vortex. Was I induces mistakenly?” Wu Cang low mumble, was looking at all around, around here is one piece smooth, is unable to hide . Moreover the aura of other people, he can also induce clearly. Elsewhere Wu Cang flew investigated, Shen Xiang turned into a smaller stone, was controlling slowly toward that vortex float in the past. Soon, Shen Xiang arrives at that vortex the center, after arriving here, so long as careful induces, can discover that is having the strength of weak stars to be absorbed by the following any thing little. When Shen Xiang plans to get down, Wu Cang flew, he has discovered probably also anything. No wonder I a moment ago perceived that here has the sound, the strength of actually here stars by any thing condense, because is extremely weak, therefore before me, had not discovered.” Wu Cang descends the ground, congealing eyebrow looks at that vortex the center.

Here anything does not have actually, but Shen Xiang can see the strength of here stars to move with Dao Heart Eye, but Wu Cang through induction discovery. Finally had been discovered by Wu Cang, in the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, now Wu Cang by him, but Wu Cang does not know that has the stone that person together turns into before his foot. The Wu Cang palm to that vortex, is congealing one group of white rays, bang , the earth shakes, the lime soil flies upwards, here also turned into huge deep hole. Shen Xiang hastily teleport arrives at the upper air, at this time he from airborne overlook, only sees in that deep hole to have triangle slate together, above has spirit pattern, is sending out the weak ray. After this slate exposed comes out, the strength of massive stars emerge in slate crazily, making this triangle slate above spirit pattern send out a more intense ray. Stars Hell......” Wu Cang is startled to shout, moreover on the face also full is the fear. Shen Xiang also thought that some are not wonderful, seeing Wu Cang to run away rapidly, he teleport, Wu Cang so is also formidable immediately, so fears this thing, obviously this stone very danger(ous). When they fly to run away, suddenly induced to oneself by any strength holding! Also at this time, turned into the stone Shen Xiang not to know how changed the human form. Who are you?” Wu Cang saw Shen Xiang, because he now and Shen Xiang was attracted to that triangle slate.

Shen Xiang had not replied, but stimulates to movement Six Paths Power furiously, a bit faster got rid of this suction by oneself, because continues to absorb again, he must be annexed by that stone. „Is that little thing you rescues? The good wise concealment skill, side me, my unexpectedly had not discovered! Do not do to struggle, we will certainly be attracted!” The Wu Cang complexion becomes fierce: Although was attracted, but will actually not die, was stranded in inside at most! However before, me must butcher your this little rascal!” Wu Cang lifts to display, hits together the formidable white light toward Shen Xiang, time that flies to shoot, Shen Xiang induces to that burns the hot aura, cannot help but panic-stricken. However, this strength actually suction by that triangle slate in the midway! Shen Xiang relaxed, he did not know about that slate that only knows Wu Cang called stars Hell a moment ago. Triangle slate absorbs that strength that Wu Cang had hit a moment ago, has a stronger suction, causes Shen Xiang and Wu Cang is pulled fast by that suction. Approaches that slate time, Shen Xiang at present one black, afterward appears in a sky dusky world. After triangle slate Shen Xiang and Wu Cang devour, attracts with the soil block all around crushed stone, buries oneself once more deeply, resembles intelligential to be the same. Old bastard, if not for your violence comes out that thing bang, we will not arrive at this damned place!” After Shen Xiang arrived here, discovers own Six Paths Power unable departs from the body, so long as leaves the body, immediately is absorbed, like this makes his strength sell at a discount greatly. Wu Cang is also so, he is Stars and Moon God Clan, practice naturally is star moon power, was formidable, moreover he is Highest God, has almost 20 Godhead, Divine sea inside star moon power is vast, but now regardless of him how diligently, star moon power once leaves his body, loses the control, submerges the land of under foot completely. If in Divine sea has massive star moon power to appear in the body, will pull out, here he is unable to use oneself that formidable star moon power.

Human little rascal, what background are you? After the little thing rescues, does unexpectedly also come back to seek for the hideaway thing here, the little thing told your what secret?” Wu Cang is also very angry at this time, he is away from Shen Xiang to have dozens zhang (3.33 m) this, he inquired, the half step has fired into Shen Xiang. Wu Cang cannot use his powerful star moon power, but he is very self-confident to his physical strength, he flies to at this time the speed is also fast, such as the wind grazes generally, a hand likely is the swift and violent powerful eagle claw, like the lightning, grasps quickly fiercely to the Shen Xiang's throat. Old Wang eight!” Shen Xiang sneers, his fist fierce like the thunderclap, supreme god bone makes his body have formidable vigorous strength, his response is also quick, moves sideways to avoid, the fist pounds in the cheeks of Wu Cang. Bang! The Shen Xiang's fist is ruthless, hits from side maliciously to Wu Cang that skinny shamelessness, pounded to shake the bang, the tooth of Wu Cang is also hit to fly several, the old blood spurted to fly crazily. Wu Cang has not thought that Shen Xiang this humanity so will be strong, has such strength! He few and humanity has had fight, usually is also and beasts, therefore in his eyes, the body of humanity often the beasts is weaker than time, this is also the beasts thinks the natural matter. But now, Wu Cang his so quick attack, unexpectedly was avoided by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang avoids at the same time gave back to his heavily to come a fist, this response looked like in Wu Cang, did not lose the humanity of strength of Divine sea to be able to achieve.