World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2007

You are not a person!” Although Wu Cang had been done a fist by Shen Xiang, but he can crawl quickly, covers that side face, is shouting to Shen Xiang, afterward the blood and broken tooth in mouth spits. You are not a person! Do not think humanity that small and weakly.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, Wu Cang, but the elder in Stars and Moon God Clan, is formidable Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, definitely is not the person. Wu Cang is unbelievable, overran once more: Is impossible, is body where of humanity so strong? You are any beasts!” Before Wu Cang because of general idea, will therefore be hit by Shen Xiang, now he knows that Shen Xiang also has good fleshly body strength, therefore in the heart was alerting. Cannot use Six Paths Power, Shen Xiang's strength received very big limit, but he thought that must cope with this Wu Cang, he in world of Nine Heaven, studies some specifically to use fleshly body strength attack cultivation technique. Wu Cang this attack, changes to with holding, he does not have no palm technique, speed swift pace that but he takes control, falls on the racket on Shen Xiang's suddenly. This time, Wu Cang has hit Shen Xiang, this palm very vigorously, when he planned that with the fist attacks, his wrist|skill suddenly by Shen Xiang is held. You......” Wu Cang were startled to stare, because this was expected that with him was different, he thinks a palm hit on Shen Xiang, will let Shen Xiang by certainly the wound, like this he can defeat Shen Xiang in one vigorous effort, which knows that Shen Xiang, that fearful strength held his wrist|skill as if nothing has happened. After Shen Xiang holds Wu Cang, after sneers, big palm direct fan in the past! A resounding, Shen Xiang has given a Wu Cang palm of the hand very with raw hate, that shameless was hit to be swollen a moment ago, now by his maliciously fan a palm of the hand, this has been made Wu Cang feel urgently the shame.

Old Wang eight, this is hits for Yue'er!” Shen Xiang remembers the Yue'er matter, is angry, a foot tramples to the Wu Cang abdomen, kicks the Wu Cang pain to shout. Owns to come clean, what origin Yue'er is, why star moon/month can God Emperor treat her with this method?” The Shen Xiang finger like the sword, selected on Wu Cang instantaneously dozens, the veins skeleton is selected by his finger. Although Shen Xiang inquired, but he to the opportunity of Wu Cang reply, the crazy fan has not actually been hitting the face of Wu Cang, hit Wu Cang to be ignorant. Roar......” on Wu Cang a suddenly white color break-up gets up, turns into a golden tiger, is roaring to Shen Xiang crazily. „The actually main body is a tiger!” Shen Xiang does not fear, flies to jump over, the both feet kicks crazily, a position shade was similar to the violent storm, the blotting out the sky geostatic pressure in the past, long jab tiger head. This Wu Cang turns into the tiger, the body was bigger, becomes somewhat clumsy, in addition by Shen Xiang tyrannical, responded is slower, is unable to avoid, was only instantaneous, tiger head crazily was trampled over a hundred feet by Shen Xiang, was trampled unable to fall to the ground. Wu Cang turned into the human form, whins is lying down in the ground, resented that said: Human little rascal, you die certainly like a dog, do not think that also Yue'er this little thing can avoid this Samsara to offer a sacrifice to can retrieve itself! Told you, if Yue'er to not die to offer a sacrifice to the star moon/month as before, when the time comes star moon/month Ancestral Emperor resurrect, looked how you dealt!” Who star moon/month is Ancestral Emperor? A point that the words talk clearly!” Shen Xiang pulls his hair, is watching intently him. Is our Stars and Moon God Clan Old Ancestor, he is the star moon/month God Emperor father, he may be much more formidable than ten thousand beast God Emperor, he has practiced in the deep sleep, every other a period of time we must carry on a Samsara sacrifice, making him absorb massive star moon power, we also at that time absorb little, otherwise for these years, we already had formidable strength.” Wu Cang said with a smile ferociously: If Ancestral Emperor cannot obtain strength, he will certainly wake up, even if ten thousand beast God Emperor resurrect, could not prevent him!”

The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, he believes words that this Wu Cang spoke, because before he has remembered Huang Jintian, uses important matter that Heaven's Divination Technique is, because of him important matter of reformation of the world revolution. Is because he walks Yue'er, keeping the Samsara sacrifice from continuing, this will make that anything star moon/month Ancestral Emperor wake up, the pattern of world definitely will have when the time comes very big transformation. You are Supreme Temple? You do not want to make entire Supreme Temple be destroyed, you should better a bit faster find the way to exit, making Yue'er obediently return......” Delusion!” A Shen Xiang palm of the hand has hit: This Star Moon Hell what's the matter? I also want a bit faster to exit now!” Wu Cang was punched to fear by Shen Xiang, he also fears death, fears to hurt, now also can only obediently coordinate Shen Xiang. This is the star moon/month life that our Stars and Moon God Clan imprisons to offend the star moon/month principle specially, if offends the principle, the star moon/month will descend such stone to be used to imprison the star moon/month life, but we are do not see carefully, will therefore be inhaled draw.” Wu Cang said. Shen Xiang thought that this matter is inconceivable: Is who causes this type of stone? It is not nature breeding fresh? Has the means to exit?” Wu Cang said: This is Star Law God Territory makes, I guessed that in the past was used to detain our star moon/month Ancestral Emperor, because actually other reasons have not succeeded, Yue'er this little thing should also be at that time with, she should be Law Enforcer, but she was held by star moon/month Ancestral Emperor, but also by the star moon/month Ancestral Emperor use, will therefore have the appearance that Samsara offered a sacrifice to!” Star Law God Territory? These Divine Country in the Shen Xiang eye very formidable, but now this Star Law God Territory looks like more fearful!

Have not thought that we cannot exit!” Wu Cang said with a sneer: We will only die here, after this can also avoid Ancestral Emperor waking up the violent anger.” Shen Xiang casts off Wu Cang one side, then works on soil, discovered that here soil some are different, inside unexpectedly is containing the strength of very rich stars, but is unable to absorb! Old bastard, I remembers that your previous time Yue'er holds, did not say that Samsara does offer a sacrifice to also has ten days? From that time already past ten days, in other words, Yue'er started to obtain star moon/month lowering strength.” Shen Xiang said. That is our Samsara sacrifices starts, we are only the preparation also with more than ten days of set up formation, moreover must make star moon power emerge Ancestral Emperor underground palace majority, when present range star moon power falls should have seven days of time, without enough time. Ancestral Emperor will certainly wake up, nobody may keep off.” Wu Cang Hehe smiles. Words cannot say that absolutely, you said that Ancestral Emperor is the fleeing criminal who offends the star moon/month principle!” The sound that airborne suddenly resounds makes Shen Xiang and Wu Cang suddenly one startled, in this prison, unexpectedly also has other people to exist emptily.