World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2008

Listens from this tone, the person of this speech should know about that Ancestral Emperor that in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly rejoicing, the hope that like this he exits will be bigger. Who is?” Wu Cang shouted: Who are you? This Star Moon Hell is not used to close Ancestral Emperor? How also to have other prisoners?” Shen Xiang heard the sound of footsteps, he turns the head to look immediately to one side, that side has the light white fog, some people run fast from that side. Quick!” Shen Xiang is panic-stricken, is only several instances, that person ran over from that far place, must know that here can only use physical strength, but this speed approached in teleport. This is a hair is very long very chaotic middle-aged guy, his heavy features, on the face also full are full beard, is long very big, the body wears the ash-gray clothes, the waist has the sword that a stone makes, does very roughly. You...... Who are you?” Wu Cang was frightened, Shen Xiang that physical strength can be tyrannical he, but this middle-aged guy looks like more fearful. I am here first guest, was very happy that you come here, I welcome you.” This middle-aged guy laughs. In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, he happily does not come here. Who are you?” Wu Cang pursues asks. This Star Moon Hell prepares for me, after I was closed here, by the seal in very giant stars, afterward probably fell in other places, but I in this also nothing! As for that any Ancestral Emperor that you said that should be the little friend who Star Law God Territory gives me to arrange, was only a pity that he has not come, but were many inside two.” The middle-aged guy is patting the Shen Xiang's shoulder, making Shen Xiang feel very painful.

Shen Xiang asked: Senior, then you do know Yue'er? She is a adorable small white cat!” actually this Star Moon Hell can detain many prisoners, this Star Moon Hell arrived here, should to install that any Ancestral Emperor, but actually had the accident, therefore has not succeeded. Yue'er?” The middle-aged guy feels the chin: Name I have not heard, but the adorable small white cat I actually am know that this small white cat is famous, is infiltrates in Star Moon Hell the person specially, before I knew that she prepares to make an everybody, it seems like probably failed.” Wu Cang said with a sneer: She copes, but our Ancestral Emperor, our Ancestral Emperor is so formidable, she is defeated is also very normal.” Yue'er actually was such origin, Shen Xiang had before had suspected, but has not actually thought that was this! She failed, because of your Ancestral Emperor, your Ancestral Emperor that strength was unable to make her be defeated absolutely, these have other reasons, I was not too clear.” The middle-aged guy said: Your that Ancestral Emperor is a cow, although this fellow does not have any fame, but I accidentally have heard, this fellow eats the young star specially, gets what one deserves is grasped.” Wu Cang has not answered again, he is worried to anger this middle age, was beaten violently, now he is here weakest, perhaps Shen Xiang thinks the bored time, will also punch his. Thinks that must stay here long time, momentarily must be beaten, the face of Wu Cang was green. Senior, you are because what matter was grasped?” Shen Xiang asked curiously: Visits you not like the wicked generation!” My that is because of an accident, has not killed an important personage in Star Law God Territory carefully, was made! Actually I can put together one at that time, everywhere goes into exile at most, but thinks or considers as finished, stands the trial of Star Law God Territory honestly.” The middle-aged guy said with a smile: I truly do not go bad, is only is quite sometimes impulsive, causes trouble frequently!”

Shen Xiang also said with a smile: I also frequently cause trouble, now soon rushes? Little brother Shen Xiang, does not know how the big brother did call?” Yang Tianyi, your this little rascal, looks like not strong, but punches the person to come so to be fearful.” Yang Tianyi naturally could see that Wu Cang cultivation base is higher than Shen Xiang, but strength of body does not have Shen Xiang to be so strong, was weaker than Shen Xiang, was been tyrannical by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang Hehe smiled, then asked: Brother Yang, what means do you have to exit? I cannot continuously stay here!” Yang Tianyi sighed: Not having the means can exit, my strength is also very strong, if Ancestral Emperor in old livestock came, I can perhaps kill him directly, but I do not have the means to leave here.” Does not believe!” Wu Cang whispered, he is confident regarding oneself that Stars and Moon God Clan Ancestral Emperor, does not believe that will be defeated by this sloppy guy instantaneously. Yang Tianyi is only lightly smiled, said to Shen Xiang: Does not need to be worried, although you do not have the means to exit, but if Law Enforcer knows that here detains the person who should not close, you can exit! This Star Moon Hell should be turns over to that to be only small the white cat to manage, only then she can put you to exit.” Real? But I am unable to contact with her now!” Shen Xiang also thought somewhat hopes, but thinks that Yue'er this time situation, has cannot help but sighed deeply. Law Enforcer like her is Eternal Life undying, although her memory was eliminated, but every other a period of time, the star moon/month strength will let her rebirth to her, at that time from newly has also been remembered, so long as she remembers to restore, knows that here had Star Moon Hell that that's alright! When the time comes so long as she controls this thing, that anything Ancestral Emperor is stronger than her time, same will be made here by her.” Yang Tianyi said with a smile: Therefore does not need to be worried that Ancestral Emperor is fearful!” Wu Cang low coldly snorted, because Yang Tianyi said very correctly, this Star Moon Hell matter he also understood that their Ancestral Emperor are strong, will be made, Yue'er restores to remember that first will find this Star Moon Hell, is used to cope with their Ancestral Emperor.

Sees a Shen Xiang face to relax, Yang Tianyi also said: Although does not need to be worried about that Ancestral Emperor, but who actually must pay attention to initially is defeated that small white cat, then made that any Ancestral Emperor pick convenient!” This perhaps only then Yue'er knew, now Shen Xiang can do here patiently waited. Yang Tianyi suddenly holds the Shen Xiang's arm, pinches vigorously, the pain results in Shen Xiang to call out pitifully. Brother Yang, do you want to do?” Shen Xiang pain shouted. „Don't you have the skeleton? I also think you to have, sorry!” Yang Tianyi smiled awkwardly: Your body is very fearful, can have this degree of strength without the skeleton, it seems like you for many years definitely process very difficult practice.” Brother Yang do you have the skeleton?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, was somewhat excited, because he first time met person who had the skeleton. Naturally has, if I do not have the skeleton, I already died!” Yang Tianyi said with a smile: „Do you want to practice? I can help your.”