World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2009
Shen Xiang wants certainly to practice the skeleton, but must practice the skeleton to say the condition that needs is harsh, like Wu Cang, he now surely does not have the skeleton, will otherwise not be hit by Shen Xiang that miserably. Is easy to practice?” Shen Xiang wants to understand first, if needs too for a long time, he does not plan to practice here, because after he exits, has very important matter. Naturally is not easy, cultivates skeleton to be most difficult, some people rather give up promoting cultivation base, must practice the skeleton! After having the skeleton, follows own cultivation base promotion, the skeleton adolescence speed will be fast.” Yang Tianyi said. Wu Cang was taunting at the same time: On this little rascal, is insufficient including foundation, but also practice skeleton? Can he control? Looked that his appearance should have two Godhead, the difference was far.” You do not understand, cultivates the skeleton and Godhead not anything relationship, is mainly the foundation of body must suffice! Although your Godhead are more than him, but you are actually well below him on the body! Therefore he meets the requirement of practice skeleton now, naturally, this cannot explain that he can certainly practice.” Yang Tianyi said to Wu Cang very earnestly. Wu Cang does not speak, the intensity of Shen Xiang body truly made him feel fearful, if Shen Xiang cultivated the skeleton again, after that will be definitely fearful! Yang Tianyi puts out big pile of flowers and plants, these flowers and plants place in a broken basket, said: If there is a fire, has refined well!” Shen Xiang carefully looks at basket inside thing, said with amazement: These herbs, but skeleton Divine Pill herbs!” Yang Tianyi „”: „Do you also know skeleton Divine Pill? Also can recognize this is skeleton Divine Pill herbs comes, had you seen skeleton Divine Pill before?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am Dan God, has been able to refine middle-grade Divine Pill, skeleton Divine Pill herbs I have, but had not collected, because was too rare!”

Shen Xiang makes Feng Yujie be responsible for purchasing, has hung many days, but did not have the news, has not thought that he will see complete skeleton Divine Pill herbs here. This is low-grade divine medicine, if middle-grade, the effect will be better, eats directly also! Naturally, if can build up become god pill, you practice the skeleton to be easier.” Yang Tianyi said: You, although is Dan God, but here releases the produce fire flame not to come radically, is unable alchemy.” Shen Xiang has tried, wants to release Creation Fire to come, but the flame just welled up, that fire Qi has dispersed on suddenly, in strange strength by this place was absorbed completely. „It is not really good!” Shen Xiang sits in the ground, works on soil, said: In these soils is containing the strength of very rich stars.” Yang Tianyi said: These soils are the strength of stars turn into, but you are unable to absorb, is unable to use! This has been this Star Moon Hell for many years absorbed strength of condense massive stars from outside, mainly to maintain this Star Moon Hell the revolution of strong large formation method.” Only can use is weak Divine Sense, takes out the thing with Divine Sense from the storage space, Shen Xiang is looking at the sandy soil in hand, said: So long as strength does not leave the body to use normally!” Yang Tianyi said: Is such good, but doesn't leave the body to be useful?” Shen Xiang smiled: Can alchemy in Divine sea, I, although has not built up, but I thought that can try!” So long as has Heavenly God cultivation base, can turn into the storage space own Divine sea, but will not put generally in too many things, but puts some to be most precious.

In Divine sea alchemy? This truly is a good breach, but this need is very big and very stable Divine sea, can you?” Yang Tianyi is also at present one bright, he had not thought this method before. Divine sea in regards looks like very big, that is because own Divine Soul and Godhead were very small, will enter in Divine sea to be compressed slightly, usually also puts in some small storage equipment and so on, but must squeeze in pill furnace, will be is unstable. Must know that Divine sea is very frail, especially, if pill furnace explodes in Divine sea, will injure to Divine sea seriously. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang with that big pill furnace alchemy, he cannot directly use Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. Brother Yang, these herbs some of your also how many? Skeleton Divine Pill herbs is rare, where do you make?” Shen Xiang looked at that basket inside flowers and plants, the quality is good, because just collects excessively for a long time, preserves also does not have too pays attention, causes to look like some death Qi heavy. My also ten, in the past I bought to eat, after eating skeleton Divine Pill, I preserve now, you must all take away!” Yang Tianyi was saying puts out a big pile. The skeleton Divine Pill herbs altogether three types, in Divine Pill are few, but is extremely rare. Shen Xiang Shen Xiang takes up a very long green grass, flat belt-shaped, above has thin the fine fur, the crown of mao jian has very thin pellet, is sending out very small and weak light glow. This is called the day of muscle grass, after first stage maturity, altogether nine feet, can become low-grade divine medicine, if the second stage, that need 18 feet are good, the High-Grade divine medicine rank is 36, on turns time. This skeleton Divine Pill herbs can evolve unceasingly, therefore skeleton Divine Pill also has the High-Grade rank.

The second type is a pure black flower, named blood bone divine flower, the stamen and pistil of unfaithful is similar to the skeleton, the careful observation, can see that stamen and pistil to have likely is the thing of blood! But the flower petal also has the blood vessel same trace, if makes rottenly the flower petal, will seep out the red such as the liquid of blood. Last type is also colored, but this flower quite special changes, the flower petal is the red, unfaithful downplays the color, the special place lies on unfaithful has the design trace, the design that these similar spirit pattern turn into is similar to is bringing the sorrowful face, if it is said this flower full of vitality, the unfaithful above design is a smiling face, therefore this flower is also called seven emotions divine flower, has the seven mood of humanity. Can succeed? If can build up Spell Bound Pill to come, after eating up, can make you practice the opportunity of skeleton to be bigger, if eats directly, that can only try one's luck.” Yang Tianyi said. Eats up skeleton Divine Pill, is not certainly can practice the skeleton, but this skeleton Divine Pill can induce a turning point, can succeed all looks at itself, it is said concentrates the process of skeleton is also very difficult, but must concentrate that turning point of skeleton more difficult. Shen Xiang puts out own elixir, dropped above, improved the quality, after that seven emotions divine flower turned into the smiling face, explained that at this time the quality was best. Brother Yang, your place are herbs many?” Shen Xiang listened to the Yang Tianyi expression a moment ago, resembles him this skeleton Divine Pill herbs, when the food eats to be the same.