World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2010

Yang Tianyi from that mysterious Star Law God Territory, probably return stronger there compared with nine Divine Country! Many actually many, so long as you have enough divine yuan stone, can buy, initially I used all divine yuan stone to buy, eats three skeletons, therefore I give your ten herbs, can make you practice the opportunity of skeleton is also very uncertain.” Yang Tianyi said. Wu Cang knew that Yang Tianyi has three skeletons, a face cannot help but panic-stricken, he knows that this means anything, three skeletons add on Divine sea inside Godhead again, strength that erupts is fearful, but generally the practice skeleton is arrives at the Highest God peak to start to consider that if Yang Tianyi is the Highest God peak, cultivates three skeletons, the strength cannot imagine. Shen Xiang sees Wu Cang to fear, in heart secretly is also exclaiming in surprise, he longs for cultivating the skeleton. Brother Yang, heard that most can practice nine skeletons, if cultivates nine skeletons, that fierce?” A Shen Xiang face yearned that was asking. Had the skeleton also to make physical strength strengthen many, but if in the skeleton integrated formidable Divine Soul again, that strength was more fearful, my present skeleton does not have Divine Soul, because I was come here to congeal the skeleton, I cannot exit, is unable to seek good Divine Soul to fuse!” Yang Tianyi said: In addition, a procedure, integrates in the skeleton Divine Soul that oneself practice, this can also obtain very strong strength.” After Shen Xiang herbs processes, puts in Divine sea, lets these herbs immersions on Divine sea inside Six Paths Power, this can let the environment in herbs more familiar Divine sea, waits for the Shen Xiang refinement time will be quite also easy, after is low-grade Divine Pill, this does not have any difficulty. Why doesn't that buy Divine Pill directly? Should have strong alchemy master in Star Law God Territory is right!” Shen Xiang asked. Snort, Divine Pill is much more expensive in Star Law God Territory, by that group of fellows controlling! Is no one can sell Divine Pill in Star Law God Territory, can sell Divine Pill has very strong influence, once were known sells secretly, that is offends the principle of Star Law God Territory, the fate and I almost.” Yang Tianyi mentioned this matter, a face angrily: „A grain of skeleton Divine Pill price, sufficed me to buy over a thousand herbs, therefore I ran many places, purchased massive herbs. Then offends the rule, was made.” Shen Xiang some cannot believe that Yang Tianyi unexpectedly is because this matter was made.

I am because strength is quite formidable, therefore does not have to be killed directly, but was detained, if which day they remember me, perhaps will put me.” Yang Tianyi self-ridiculed that smiles: At least I also a little hope that can exit.” Shen Xiang said: Brother Yang, I must start alchemy, helping me think this fellow!” Yang Tianyi also knows alchemy time needs very earnestly, moreover Shen Xiang alchemy in Divine sea, needs to concentrate the spirit now. Shen Xiang concentrates very small Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in Divine sea, he uses Illusionary Brilliant Furnace alchemy familiar, but this needs very profound control strength, therefore he self-confident can make pill furnace maintain stable in Divine sea. He had three Divine Soul at this time, first Divine Soul situated in the Divine sea middle island on, another two was hidden by him, before he thought that may need with three Divine Soul to control, but he has attempted now, thought that this is not very difficult, what need is only the time. Building up of alchemy direct use source, herbs burns down certain time, from divine medicine discovers the bloodlines of spirit, then fuses together the bloodlines of spirit completely! If in the normal condition alchemy, this to Shen Xiang is only a piece of cake, but in Divine sea, he must display building up of source to have very big difficulty! I practice Dao Heart Eye to come luckily ahead of time, if with beforehand source Spirit Eyes, must find the bloodlines of spirit is very definitely difficult!” Shen Xiang has used the big effort, makes in Dao Heart Eye regard own Divine sea, carefully observes several divine medicine in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. In order to guarantee stably, Shen Xiang has not burnt down with very fierce flame, therefore progresses the speed to be quite slow, in addition his first time refines this skeleton Divine Pill, does not have what experience.

Ten days passed by, Shen Xiang suddenly sees the spirit bloodlines of seven emotions divine flower, but the spirit bloodlines of another two divine medicine have not appeared. „The bloodlines of spirit appear in late stage, other two types should also be this.” Shen Xiang judges according to seven emotions divine flower, shortly , the spirit bloodlines of other two divine medicine also appeared. But then, Shen Xiang faced with a more difficult test, fused! Fusion, concentrates pill, is very danger(ous)!” Because explode pill furnace appears in these two stages generally, if outside alchemy, he does not have anything to be good to be worried that from has come at most newly. However in Divine sea, once exposed, then his Divine sea will receive not the small damage, therefore cannot present any mistake. Three the spirit bloodlines of divine medicine were used Divine Sense to hold by him, then fuses together slowly, because is the bloodlines of fusion spirit, therefore three types the spirit bloodlines that has the common characteristics move the same place, rapid integration. Fused successfully, three divine medicine herbal Spirit Qi can also fuse smoothly, so long as continued to control the good flame, maintained pill furnace had enough firepower to assist herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder to maintain at the extremely active condition, was the fusion any issue. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang alchemy has used for more than ten days, but is away from starts the big ratio also to have a half month, the time is also very tight. Congealed pill, in Divine sea, can only concentrate three grains, oh!” Shen Xiang sighed one, if outside, he thought that must concentrate five grains is not the issue, but now to strive for steadily, can only such do.

After all herbal Spirit Qi merge into one organic whole, that group of cyclones were slivered three, then lets other runs off part, like this when congealing pill will not have the too tremendous pressure, can maintain stable. Congealed pill's process quite to be also long, has used entire day of! Yang Tianyi by Shen Xiang, he closely has been staring at Wu Cang, in order to avoid he does the destruction, opens the eye until Shen Xiang, Yang Tianyi is lax. Became?” Yang Tianyi hastily asked. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile, then takes out three grains of creamy-white pill pellet from Divine sea: Skeleton is Divine Pill this?” Wu Cang in the distant place sees, to be startled, refines skeleton Divine Pill unexpectedly to be able furnace three grains! Right, this is skeleton Divine Pill, you built up really!” A Yang Tianyi face worship looks at Shen Xiang, if builds up outside, Yang Tianyi is not perhaps surprised, the damned place that but in this receive very big limit can build up, this is no one can achieve. Shen Xiang he he smiles: Brother Yang, isn't your this idle talk? I built up , didn't you see?”