World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2011
Although Shen Xiang can refine three grains of skeleton Divine Pill, but in his heart actually to this alchemy full is regrettable, if not for because of the environmental constraint, he can refine some. Ate up that's alright?” Shen Xiang pinches grain of skeleton Divine Pill. You eat up first, have a look to have anything to respond, if you thought that the body has a feeling of crack pain, then you must seize the opportunity, hits physical strength completely in that ache place, if can succeed, can concentrate the skeleton.” Yang Tianyi takes grain of skeleton Divine Pill, he believes that now this is Shen Xiang refines, the quality is good. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Brother Yang, you , if not believe that how can eat one grain to have a look!” Yang Tianyi shakes the head smiles: Did not need to try, this skeleton Divine Pill I have also eaten several grains, although was separated was very long, but I affirmed that this was real! In the past I ate up that many skeleton Divine Pill herbs, was really too has wasted, if gave you to refine, does not know that was many grain of skeleton Divine Pill, the skeleton that perhaps I congealed will be also more!” Little brother, you do not know that in Star Law God Territory skeleton Divine Pill expensive, these three grains that you refine if can sell, that can gain one absolutely greatly! Naturally, that place does not allow individual alone to buy and sell pills, once were discovered that buys and sells will be punished.” Speaking of this matter, on the Yang Tianyi face also full was unwilling, he was because these broken matters were made. Wu Cang is looking at the same time that the whole face is not feeling well, his very repugnant Shen Xiang, not only destroys the Samsara sacrifice, came here also maliciously to punch him! He was also stranded himself the responsibility here to push on Shen Xiang. He sees Shen Xiang to refine skeleton Divine Pill now, and immediately must practice the skeleton, this made in his heart more uncomfortable, envied very much! Shen Xiang eats up grain of skeleton Divine Pill, then closed eyes starts to build up the skeleton Divine Pill efficacy, waited for that the turning point of condense skeleton appears.

Quite a while passed, Shen Xiang built up the skeleton Divine Pill efficacy completely, he opens the eye, knits the brows saying: What's the matter? Even if no turning point to occur, should the use be a little right, this is low-grade Divine Pill, should the effect be a little right regarding me.” Shen Xiang also thinks that eats up skeleton Divine Pill unable to congeal the skeleton, at least can also the strong body, but the effect ratio drinks water now was inferior. Is such, skeleton Divine Pill, although is expensive, but cannot guarantee that momentarily can trigger the turning point of breeding skeleton , to continue to eat! I continuously ate many these broken grass broken flowers to have the effect in the past.” Yang Tianyi smiles bitterly, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Two grains, if the luck is good, should be able to make you concentrate the skeleton.” Sees the Yang Tianyi smiling face, Shen Xiang to think that the luck is good, cannot congeal the skeleton! Shen Xiang helpless place was sighing lightly, ate up grain of skeleton Divine Pill, carried on to build up. Before built up to melt for quite a while not to have what harvest, but just started a double-hour now, Shen Xiang thought that the entire left arm had a faint trace ache! Did not hug him who anything anticipates, at this time in heart pleasantly surprised, before Yang Tianyi had said that has this situation is the indication that the turning point presents, but now this indication is also not too obvious, does not have that tearing aching feeling that Yang Tianyi said. He continued half double-hour, a left arm suddenly pain, is similar to the bone hashed meat crack like that is painful his brow tight wrinkle, full Tou is the perspiration. Quickly physical strength centralized in that painful place!” Yang Tianyi sees Shen Xiang this response, hastily pleasantly surprised shouted.

Shen Xiang already got up strength condense of body, controls that strength to break in the left arm unceasingly, he defers to does, he who Yang Tianyi said does not know that centralized will be what kind of after the left arm strength. Has not thought that you such quickly on triggering this turning point, must seize this opportunity, cannot miss, otherwise, was more difficult to meet, I before was also this.” Yang Tianyi is somewhat excited, can see young people to congeal the skeleton under the guidance of own, is one type is worth the happy matter regarding him very much. Shen Xiang continues to transport the left arm strength of body, he only thought after strength enters the left arm, vanished, this makes him very surprised, his left arm at this time is similar to bottomless pit such, strength of crazy devour his body, he thought that if no continuous strength to well up, the ache will vanish! The ache vanishes, means his congealing skeleton failure, to succeed, he can only continue to concentrate to arrive at the left arm strength, this will also make him feel more and more painful. This ache is not the common person can withstand, but you do not think anything evidently probably!” Yang Tianyi recalled initially the first triggering turning point time , because is unable to bear the pain, has to give up, causing him to miss a very rare opportunity. Although Shen Xiang feels the pain, but he has not been in the situation that is unable to endure, contrasts him many years ago that rough practice, now this pain regarding regarding him is not. Wu Cang looks secretly clenches teeth, fist grips tightly, but at this time Yang Tianyi attentively is also looking at Shen Xiang, in order to avoid Shen Xiang has the accident he to be able, even if rescues. Wu Cang suddenly flies to leap up, fights with the fists to the Shen Xiang's back, the anger exclaims: Young bastard, dies!” Although Yang Tianyi has not paid attention to Wu Cang, but after he induces to having the thing approaches, fierce when reacts, the fist of Wu Cang is away from the Shen Xiang also three cuns (2.5cm), the wrist|skill by Yang Tianyi is held.

What should die is you!” Yang Tianyi shouted to clear the way coldly, was twisting the arm of Wu Cang vigorously, revolved, the entire arm was discarded instantaneously. „One side get lost, later is tidying up you!” Yang Tianyi is patting to a Wu Cang chest palm, will fly violently. Wu Cang is similar to the trash such is lost together, fell was motionless after the ground, but he had not died, but was seriously injured. Also induced in Shen Xiang to danger(ous) a moment ago approaches, almost destroyed his good deed, he did not kill Wu Cang before, is the plan leaves Yue'er Wu Cang, after all Yue'er for many years affirmed that accumulated many angers, only then makes her punish Wu Cang personally, can eliminate hate of her heart, has not thought that this Wu Cang such anxiously courting death, unexpectedly is plotting against him! Wu Cang had been hit a palm by Yang Tianyi, cannot fall to the ground, barely alive, obviously Yang Tianyi strength is fearful, Shen Xiang rejoiced one and Yang Tianyi relationship is good. Brother, don't worry, that fellow could not get up, the bone of his whole body was broken.” Yang Tianyi said that in the heart is also very guilty, unexpectedly has not paid attention to Wu Cang, if he is vigilant, so long as Wu Cang moves, he can hit Wu Cang rapidly remnantly. But a moment ago, disturbed Shen Xiang, has almost gone bad the important matter. „......” Shen Xiang suddenly bellows, sees only his left arm above sleeves fierce exploding to open, turns into rags, that sturdy arm, is inflating at this time red, these muscles and veins highlight, is fierce and scary. Must succeed!” Yang Tianyi is gripping tightly the fist, said excitedly.