World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2012
Shen Xiang also felt that the bone of own left arm in probably was reborn to be the same with the muscle a moment ago, suddenly explodes gushes out very fearful strength, the skeleton of left arm seems in the flash breaks to pieces completely, but the rapid reassemble, the left arm above meridians flesh and blood also has produced huge transformation. Is inflating the left arm braves intermittent white fog, lends a scalding hot aura, Shen Xiang keeps bellowing, he only thought that the arm at this time the heat and painful, the iron needles of probably innumerable heat prick the arm, the penetration meat bone. The moment passes by, soon long implored the one breath Shen Xiang that the tooth bit, his left arm stopped inflating, restored the actually appearance gradually, the blood red on skin also fast abates, changed the actually dark colored health skin color. The Shen Xiang pain must keep perspiring, the whole body has soaked, the complexion is also pallid, now he only thought one are exhausted, after he long implored the one breath, lies down in the ground, closed one's eyes passes on the deep sleep. After Shen Xiang sleeps soundly, Yang Tianyi walks, holds the Shen Xiang's arm, after investigating internal skeleton, exclaims: „Is this double skeleton? Like this, one time will congeal how the double skeleton!” Yang Tianyi was shocked completely, shook the head: Is impossible, the arm can only have a skeleton, the whole body nine spots can only have a skeleton, but currently his arm has two! This what's the matter? Is he now a skeleton is two?” On Shen Xiang had the unusual matter, before Shen Xiang can refine skeleton Divine Pill in Divine sea, Yang Tianyi thought that was very fierce, now all of a sudden cultivates the single arm double skeleton! If this brat other spots are the double skeletons, then finally 18 skeletons? Too fearful!” Yang Tianyi took a deep breath, looks at Shen Xiang that sleeps soundly, he was also experienced, but this matter first time has heard. Shen Xiang rested for several days to wake up, he woke up only thought one were very hungry, hastily put out something to eat up, supplemented own consumption. strength that skeleton brings is really unusual!” Shen Xiang looks at the left arm, made an effort to grasp grasping, that had one's wish to release from body above strength, without any limit.

If you can use Divine sea inside strength to coordinate, in addition, on your left arm double skeleton integrates good Divine Soul, that strength is more fearful! You should be now Low-Rank Heavenly God, Divine sea inside have two Godhead! But your this pair of skeleton can actually make you have six Godhead strength, even must be stronger.” Yang Tianyi said: Brother, this way, you later will be only getting stronger and stronger!” Double skeleton?” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, he has not noted actually, he thought in own left arm skeleton left something, can make his strength more formidable. Now he investigated carefully, discovered that in the left arm really has with the Godhead same thing, but looks like be smaller than Godhead, is these two skeletons, making his entire left arm have formidable strength. actually skeleton long in a spot, can make this spot very strong!” Before Shen Xiang, thinks that the skeleton can make the whole body obtain strength, but now looks like only then the left arm is quite strong. Yang Tianyi said with a smile: Only do not think that left arm has skeleton anything not to use, you had the opportunity to try to know! Before, strength of your left arm needed the strength coordination of entire body, but now the left arm and body do not need to be connected, can make very strong strength! Main spot that even if your body catches up caused heavy losses, so long as your intention moves, your left arm will produce strength to hit, even can drive your body!” Shen Xiang sits in the ground, according to makes a fist that Yang Tianyi said a moment ago, really the body flew along with the left fist, making him depart the 1st Stage distance! If coordinates the body, will be more fearful! Naturally, after you leave here, but can also coordinate Divine sea inside strength, this can play the might of skeleton.” Yang Tianyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang looked at the Yang Tianyi both legs, asked: Brother Yang, your skeleton on both legs?” Yang Tianyi nodded: Both legs a respectively skeleton, is the right arm, I altogether have three skeletons now!”

Why now before Shen Xiang understands Yang Tianyi, ran quickly, that speed was similar to teleport is the same. Before knocked down Wu Cang, woke up at this time, painful place **. This fellow almost killed you, how do you want to plan to handle him?” Yang Tianyi has not killed Wu Cang, gives Shen Xiang's. But Shen Xiang must give Yue'er, but he thought that now has not needed such to do. Brother Yang, this fellow was also starry sky divine beast, does not know that his Divine Soul did suit me?” Shen Xiang asked. Wanting is formidable Divine Soul that's alright! The talent of this fellow is not good, is unable to display oneself Divine Soul, but your talent is good, his Divine Soul on your skeleton, will have the good effect! This fellow also in the Highest God peak, has 90 nine Godhead, but you must extract not quite to be easy his Godhead and Divine Soul completely, can obtain a difference to be good.” Yang Tianyi had investigated Wu Cang Divine sea, can only find his first Godhead and Divine Soul from inside, other was all hidden. Hearing Shen Xiang must his Divine Soul devour, in the Wu Cang heart panic-stricken, ** shouted: I am the Ancestral Emperor faithful subordinate, you cannot kill me! The skeleton of your this young bastard cannot be joined to my Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said: Relax, your Divine Soul will not appear in my skeleton! I in Ancestral Emperor to your mouth am interested actually very much, his Divine Soul should be able to make me satisfy.” Then, the Shen Xiang palm covers in the head of Wu Cang, with he most adept technique Wu Cang Godhead and Divine Soul taking.

Five Godhead and five Divine Soul, were quite good!” Yang Tianyi sees in the Shen Xiang hand to have five grains of interior to beat the bead of villain, cannot help but said with a smile: Brother, you should do this matter frequently, has not selected the experience unable to pull out that many all of a sudden.” Brother Yang, do you want?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Takes Godhead probably to pull out bird nest such in their eyes, Wu Cang died luckily, otherwise dies does not die content. Yang Tianyi beckoned with the hand: I do not need now! You really did not plan integrates in now first Divine Soul of this fellow the skeleton?” First Divine Soul is strongest, is unable to hide, generally can grasp. Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Hadn't I said a moment ago? I am interested in the Divine Soul comparison of that Ancestral Emperor, if Brother Yang can exit fortunately, when the time comes may probably help little brother busily!” Yang Tianyi smiles: Definitely helps you, if I can exit, thanks to brother! However the brother, you when the time comes may probably help me build up several grains of skeleton Divine Pill, best is the High-Grade rank, now I only then eat High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill to concentrate the fourth skeleton.”