World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2013

Yang Tianyi light eats herbs, can eat three skeletons, was conceivable he to eat many these herbs, no wonder he will stare by Star Law God Territory, finally was infiltrated this Star Moon Hell! This is because he purchased skeleton Divine Pill herbs is extremely is really crazed! Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is the affirmation, if because of Brother Yang, I have not known when can find skeleton Divine Pill herbs, does not have the opportunity to refine! Right Brother Yang, has to practice nine skeletons in Star Law God Territory?” expert of full skeleton has, but is very few, moreover little makes an appearance, I have also heard in Star Law God Territory, but does not have personally to see! Generally the fellow of full skeleton in Star Law God Territory is top existence.” Yang Tianyi said. Said that Brother Yang has three skeletons, should be very strong in Star Law God Territory.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, nine skeletons have filled, but Yang Tianyi had three skeletons now. Did not say, three skeletons were a peak of stage, moreover I did not have good Divine Soul, if I had the opportunity to exit, I must return to Star Law God Territory, only then I can find good Divine Soul in that place.” Yang Tianyi raises head to look at that dusky day, he stayed here many years, but now he is hopeful. strength of star moon/month should arrive, how outside did not know!” Shen Xiang is also looking airborne, is very worried about Yue'er. Stars and Moon God Clan inside Patriarch and that several elders were fearful, but behind also mysterious Ancestral Emperor, it is said be bigger than ten thousand beast God Emperor stronger, if alarms this Ancestral Emperor, the Yue'er situation can danger(ous). Any matter in this Star Moon Hell is also done, Shen Xiang was telling outside story to Yang Tianyi, as well as own some experiences. Yang Tianyi stayed here many years, can hear some something new, is also interesting regarding him.

These nine Divine Country I have heard, they and Star Law God Territory have the relation, the overall strength is also very strong, especially nine Divine Country God Emperor, it is said the strength also makes Star Law God Territory these influences dread, but I thought the words that must hit, Star Law God Territory should be able to win.” Yang Tianyi said: You said that these nine Divine Country now have met troublesome? Can came from Star Law God Territory?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I am not clear, I heard that has new Divine Country to rise, therefore these nine Divine Country need to concentrate in this, they should to suppress with joint forces this new Divine Country.” Star Law God Territory in day endless starry sky, but that nine Divine Country also on day some giant stars, must go to these places not to be easy probably, needs to shuttle back and forth in the dark starry sky, danger(ous) heavily! Even if I must return to Star Law God Territory not to be simple now.” Yang Tianyi was recalling in the mind has the matters about nine Divine Country. Before Shen Xiang does not know where nine Divine Country, currently finally had the clue, actually on some giant stars! Shen Xiang asked: Brother Yang, if you can exit, you can return to Star Law God Territory really? You run away from this Star Moon Hell, will you go back not to have danger(ous)?” Yang Tianyi Hehe said with a smile: Matter that I handled in the past although quite causes a stir, but passed after all these many years, in the past had heard person who my, now estimated that died most probably, the time passed was so long, who still remembered me?” My skeleton inside Divine Soul must look well, this can make me stronger, was very difficult to find in this place, therefore I must go back, even if there is danger(ous) the risk to be also good, I have left uncultivated my skeleton many years, these many years have not sought for good Divine Soul to them, I thought that felt sorry very much.” Before Shen Xiang, has Wu Cang Divine Soul integrates skeleton inside idea, but he thinks, since the skeleton is so important, then integrates Divine Soul time, must find quite strongly, although Wu Cang was quite fierce, but in his opinion also insufficient.

Also passed for several days, Shen Xiang sighed: I have Alchemy Competition to participate, it seems like could not catch up!” Yang Tianyi said: Brother, your alchemy level is very high, if you in Star Law God Territory, definitely will win over by these big influences! I in Star Law God Territory, had heard these fierce Dan God, most limit also refines four grains of skeleton Divine Pill! But you can refine three grains under this environment, if you exit, can definitely refine are more.” The Yang Tianyi experience is broad, when Shen Xiang refines three grains of skeleton Divine Pill, he saw the Shen Xiang's talent, so long as gets down according to such adolescence, he affirmed that Shen Xiang will have very great achievement in Pill Dao from now on. From the poly British Divine City congress starts, only then three days, Shen Xiang has lain down on the soil, looks at the airborne that ash-gray cloud, a helplessness of face. Above suddenly, he saw to present a very small luminous spot, just started him also to think one misread, but hearing nearby Yang Tianyi had shouted, he carefully looked. Had the thing to come in!” Yang Tianyi hastily stands up, starts on the alert. Although does not know that is any thing, but in the unknown situation, Yang Tianyi will be regarded as the danger(ous) thing that. Shen Xiang also fierce jumps, the position that luminous spot falls is away from the place that they are at quite to be also far . Moreover the that side also has the dusky fog. We had a look in the past, must guard carefully.” Yang Tianyi just said that a space fluctuation passed on, afterward Shen Xiang only sees a spoken parts shade to dodge, this is the small white cat that is only winged.

Yue'er!” Shen Xiang shouted pleasantly surprised, Yue'er has also jumped into his bosom. Hee hee, I looked for you!” Yue'er smiles very happily, moreover she can also come here, explained that her memory restored. Shen Xiang feels her small head, said with a smile: You are all right well, I am worried about you very much! Can you let out us?” Yue'er looks to nearby Yang Tianyi, somewhat surprisedly meow: Yang Tianyi, has not thought that you are also living!” Yang Tianyi said with a smile: Cat Sir, you looked that I was closed here also for a long time, should be able to exit! I knew mistakenly, later does not violate.” Right Yue'er, that is called the Ancestral Emperor fellow to have?” Asking of some Shen Xiang worries. No, is not too quick, should in the two days, I also just awakening remember! That fellow is really a bastard, I now am only the memory restoration, has not restored the strength, could not cope with him!” Yue'er looks to Yang Tianyi, said: Yang Tianyi, I put you to exit, you help me kill that fellow, I guaranteed after you, will return to Star Law God Territory not to be grasped again.”