World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2014

Yang Tianyi smiled, is patting the Shen Xiang's shoulder: This you could rest assured that I promised the brother, kills that stupid cow, making the brother pull out to integrate in the skeleton his Divine Soul!” Yue'er is somewhat surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly and Yang Tianyi mix such well. Shen Xiang, how do you know that Ancestral Emperor matter?” Yue'er was somewhat curious, looked at Yang Tianyi: Is this fellow tells you? You can concentrate the skeleton, should also be this fellow helps your!” Initially Yang Tianyi plundered big pile of skeleton Divine Pill herbs in Star Law God Territory, Yue'er knows certainly that this Star Moon Hell she was responsible, she to was also imprisoned in inside criminal understood. „It is not, is Wu Cang tells me, I and this fellow come in together, that fellow had been blown away by me.” Shen Xiang had felt relieved at this time, because Yue'er can lead them. Yue'er coldly snorted: Wu Cang this fellow died also well, he may kill my many times!” After Shen Xiang sees Yue'er restores the memory, unexpectedly has not come under the tremendous influence, the Yue'er mood of very admiring, after all her these years the bitter experience can say that is painful. „Can cat Sir, when deliver us? I may have a look outside world anxiously, I was closed am very here long.” A Yang Tianyi face longs for that said. Also requires time!” Yue'er is actually not anxious: Yang Tianyi, you now how many skeletons? Can be victorious that stupid cow? This bastard initially took advantage my severe wound time sneak attacks me, otherwise I will not be held by him.” I have three skeletons, moreover does not have good Divine Soul! These many years passed by, my strength is also increased much, that stupid cow does not have any pressure for me!” Yang Tianyi said: Cat Sir, initially did you encounter the severe wound actually? You as Star Moon Hell Law Enforcer, strength should be very right!” Is these Divine Country fellows, I passed by this place time had been met by him, moreover they are rampant, finally was besieged by them, I run away to this local time, meets that stupid cow, was sneak attacked by him!” Yue'er angrily said: That Divine Country I have remembered, when I restore strength, must look for their calculate.”

Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi have not thought that Yue'er will turn into this, unexpectedly is related with Divine Country! Yue'er, when can you be able to restore strength?” Shen Xiang has not thought that Yue'er also has the common enemy with him now, these Divine Country also want to cope with him. Needs next Star Moon Grand Feast to be good, that time can only make me restore to remember!” Yue'er said that Shen Xiang can understand Star Moon Grand Feast in her mouth immediately is anything, should be that Samsara sacrifice. Now can exit!” Yang Tianyi was impatient. I require time, must take 2-3 days, patient!” Yue'er smiled, then the flutter wing circles in flight in the air. Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi saw the ground that Yue'er circled in flight to present a circle immediately, but also follows some spirit pattern to appear, she was in set up formation! The soil of ground is the strength of stars turns into, being used for set up formation can produce very strong strength! In this, only then she can use Divine sea inside strength, she is here master! She is only strength is now insufficient, if she, can control this Star Moon Hell again, can perhaps receive that stupid cow.” Yang Tianyi had affirmed now one can exit quickly, is happy, on the face piles up with the smiling face. Yang Tianyi lies down in the ground, said with a smile: Has a look at the sky of this place again, because, again also looks to disappear! After exiting, but can also try my three skeletons, is the anticipation! We hope that stupid cow can formidable, like this I when the time comes also be able to hit satisfying.” Shen Xiang is very speechless, others hope own match the weaker the better, to this Yang Tianyi actually hopes that own match the stronger the better.

Brother Yang, when the time comes do not lose!” Shen Xiang teased. I know the strength of that stupid cow, although he has enjoyed Star Moon Grand Feast strength for these years, but he in the deep sleep, it is estimated that could not absorb to be so quick, only then in that way! The cat Sir is special, therefore she can have Star Moon Grand Feast, only then this class existence can digest these many strength fast, that stupid Ox Ke is not good.” Yang Tianyi said: When the time comes I kill him, catches his Divine Soul as far as possible, but in his Godhead should also store up many Star Moon Grand Feast strength, the Sir should better to the cat.” Yue'er also in formation that the arrangement transmits, if she exits, is naturally relaxed, but she must makes now Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi this prisoner, must make on an effort. Brother, after I stupid cow levels, I must return to Star Law God Territory, found my satisfied Divine Soul to integrate in the skeleton as soon as possible! When I complete these, I will come back to look your, I do not have enough formidable strength, when the time comes is unable to face these Divine Country!” Yang Tianyi is also very loyal, he very clear present can exit, because of Shen Xiang and Yue'er. But Shen Xiang and Yue'er have a grudge with these Divine Country, he thought that only then helps Shen Xiang and Yue'er resists Divine Country, can be repays a debt of gratitude. Yue'er drew formation to be very long, using nearly two days to complete! Has been OK, you come in quickly, I opened formation to exit.” Yue'er said: Hopes that stupid cow don't outside!” Yang Tianyi said while loudly laughing: In outside just right, as soon as I exit to punch him!” Stars and Moon God Clan Ancestral Emperor initially was because the devour young stars were captured by Star Law God Territory everywhere, Yue'er brought her Star Moon Hell to go to this place, actually encountered the Divine Country attack severe wound, finally by that Ancestral Emperor sneak attack, being caused her to become the sacrificial offering that Samsara offered a sacrifice. For many years, the Stars and Moon God Clan high level has been enjoying Star Moon Grand Feast that Yue'er brought, therefore becomes one of the four big divine beast clans!

Yue'er stands on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, shouted: I must open formation!” Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi nodded, the Yue'er body lightens a white light, sees only ground these soil suddenly to glisten! Let Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi thought that places oneself in sea of stars. This beautiful picture continues shortly, Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi feel the burning hot the roaring flame, they left Star Moon Hell finally, arrived at outside! „It is not that stars tomb!” All around Shen Xiang sees is a piece of prairie, asked with amazement. Naturally is not that place, I, that triangle star stone shift position.” Yue'er stands on that triangle slate at this time, spirit pattern on triangle slate also braves the ray. Yang Tianyi laughs, while is dashing about wildly on the deep green prairie: I came out finally, finally was delivered from oppression, Ha Ha......” The Yue'er chuckle several, then received that triangle star stone, should be received her Divine sea.