World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2015

Time that Yang Tianyi smiles insanely, the earth is swaying slightly, the body explodes gushes out very fearful strength, excited he tried to be constrained many years of Divine sea strength, coordinating him to congeal three skeletons that strength became more terrorist, he slightly has tried, on earth-shaking power. Stops quickly, here will be ruined by you!” Yue'er hastily tenderly shouted, this piece of prairie and prairie nearby mountain in violent swaying, the distant place had the mountain avalanche at this time. Yang Tianyi hears the Yue'er words, hastily controls own strength, sees Hua Hua rarely carelessly, he does not want to do the destruction. Is keeping strength, copes that stupid cow! This fellow should not come out, otherwise already clouded over!” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly: Yang Tianyi, here carelessly do not do the destruction, you do not want to shut in that damned place again!” Yang Tianyi shakes the head hastily: I rather died no longer go to that place, the cat Sir, you have complied, so long as I helped you kill the stupid cow, I later will again not be closed into Star Moon Hell!” Yue'er said with a smile: I have promised you, but the premise is you do not make too matter out of the ordinary, otherwise I could not guarantee you!” Shen Xiang deeply has inhaled several outside air, then also tried to operate Six Paths Power to the left arm on, after the skeleton of left arm, his left arm suddenly shivered, this was when Six Paths Power and skeleton round strong strength that suddenly produced, making Shen Xiang that has not been familiar with suddenly hardata-titleo-control. powerful is big!” Shen Xiang exclaims: If there are many some skeletons, strength can be imagined!” Although is only Low-Rank Heavenly God, but Shen Xiang depends upon on his arm double skeleton, the strength can endure compared with High-Rank Heavenly God, if integrates formidable Divine Soul to enter in the skeleton, strength will be more fearful. Strange? You practice a skeleton, strength should not fearfully be so right!” Yue'er sits on the Shen Xiang's left shoulder, strength that the Shen Xiang left arm erupted a moment ago she can very clear feeling, is really very fearful.

Restores the memory Yue'er is very ancient expert, is Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer, from Yang Tianyi to her such respectful, knows that looks like Yue'er this Law Enforcer is very fearful, therefore she also knew about the practice above matter. But now actually does not understand that Shen Xiang's strength so will be why fearful! This brat is the monster, what he concentrates is the double skeleton, on an arm unexpectedly has two skeletons, I have not heard such matter.” On the Yang Tianyi face full is the envy, Shen Xiang eats up two grains of skeleton Divine Pill, cultivates the double skeleton, initially he had eaten many skeleton Divine Pill herbs, ate the tongue hemp, cultivated three skeletons. But the Shen Xiang fiercest place is his adolescence space, a spot can only practice a skeleton, but he actually very mysterious concentrates two, therefore Shen Xiang coordinated Six Paths Power after a moment ago, that fearful strength links him almost unable to control. Double skeleton!” Yue'er is startled to shout: „Is this real?” Saying, her flutter wing was flying, is holding the Shen Xiang's left arm, is only all of a sudden, she confirmed that the skeleton of Shen Xiang's arm, really has two skeletons. Shen Xiang sees Yue'er one startled one for the first time, asked hastily: „Is this good deed or the misdemeanor?” Naturally is the good matter! Although this situation has appeared, but is rare, can practice the fellow of double skeleton to be fearful to late stage, especially arrived has needed the stronger skeleton to promote strength that stage! To that time, wants to promote to be difficult little, but has the words of double skeleton, when the time comes will be more than others a skeleton!” The Yue'er expression also fills the envy and envying, she continues saying: Leaves a skeleton you to know that is what concept? That can the complete crush be less than a skeleton you fellow!” Shen Xiang smiled: My present range that limit, what degree generally must also be, needs to depend upon the promotion skeleton?”

Hundred Godhead were the limits, at that time needed the stronger skeleton, broke through own strength limit through the skeleton!” Yue'er said: This mainly manifests in skeleton internal Divine Soul, Divine Soul that theoretically, the skeleton contains can be very strong, generally integrates Divine Soul to go in through late stage, for example your skeleton currently had Divine Soul together, you think to need to strengthen, then seeks for appropriate Divine Soul to integrate.” Yang Tianyi inserts the tastes: But this danger(ous), two Divine Soul fusions itself are unstable, has the possibility to blast like alchemy, a skeleton did not have!” Yue'er said: To that time, for little strength promotion, did not have the means!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: Said that Realm very much to be easy to achieve to be the same, I now two Godhead, but also needs 90 eight Godhead to arrive, has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows.” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: What your this does little rascal understand? On your this talent, must go to that Realm is sooner or later matter, therefore the first soul of your skeleton must elect, otherwise behind you need to strengthen, must take risk! Hundred Godhead fellows can say much in Star Law God Territory, Star Law God Territory exists these many years, many fellows arrived at the peak very much long time ago! The so-called peak is hundred Godhead, nine skeletons!” Yang Tianyi said with a laugh: Cat Sir, you said Brother Shen Xiang he can concentrate each time the skeleton the time is the double skeletons?” This......” Yue'er thinks that immediately shakes the head saying: Absolutely not possible, can leave a time double skeleton to be rare, if leaves each time, he finally is 18 skeletons, when the time comes old fellow of these peak were killed one by his palm of the hand is not the issues.” Shen Xiang thinks that must practice 98 Godhead to come, cannot help but sighs deeply, this definitely is a very long road! Brother Yang, you and we go back first! If that Ancestral Emperor appeared, can definitely look our, when the time comes you get rid not to be late again.” Shen Xiang said that brings back to Yang Tianyi gathers British Divine City not to have anything, moreover this is a very fierce fellow.

Yang Tianyi nodded: I was closed in any case was so long, wants to stroll this world!” When Shen Xiang prepares to open space passage, Yue'er and Yang Tianyi complexion suddenly changes. Stupid cow awoke, this fellow unexpectedly becomes such fierce! Yang Tianyi, did you cope?” Yue'er somewhat worried that asked. Yang Tianyi is stern-faced: Can yes, but I must integrate in the skeleton Divine Soul first together!” Yue'er said: I deliver you together Divine Soul, although does not have is so good, but fuses own Divine Soul stronger compared with you many!” Needs time, can integrate in the skeleton own Divine Soul.