World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2016
Yue'er does not know where makes a grain of bead, gives Yang Tianyi. Yang Tianyi looks in this grain of bead blue color is beating the flame, asked: This Divine Soul is very familiar, where has probably seen!” This is star Divine Soul, after being similar to the fierce positive stars destruction, might breed this star Divine Soul, I for many years also collected this!” Yue'er said. Yang Tianyi is surprised, says with a smile: This Divine Soul is good, why don't you give this little rascal directly? Perhaps that Ancestral Emperor Divine Soul did not have this well.” No, Divine Soul of that stupid cow has many, if when the time comes gives Shen Xiang to take the soul, so long as he can take out majority of Divine Soul and Godhead of that stupid cow, then lets him all refined into body fusions, that is strongest.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang has Heaven Refining Technique, must fuses together homologous Divine Soul and Godhead, was really too simple, before this was Shen Xiang, has not thought. Yang Tianyi nodded, he knows that Shen Xiang has wise alchemy technique, said with a smile: I am impolite, but when the time comes fuses time I require some time.” Currently speaking, in this place, Ancestral Emperor that just woke up is strongest, nobody can cope, only if Divine Country gets rid, but Yue'er knows that Ancestral Emperor and Divine Country have the relation. These Divine Country are bad to the impression of Yue'er, initially she arrived here, encounters Divine Country expert to besiege, by the Ancestral Emperor sneak attack of that Stars and Moon God Clan. Therefore Yue'er hoping to pin on Yang Tianyi, after let alone Yang Tianyi killed star moon/month Ancestral Emperor, Shen Xiang can also obtain Godhead! Yue'er is very clear, oneself can restore the memory the opportunity , because Shen Xiang take risked to save her, moreover she also liked keeping side Shen Xiang's, she hopes that Shen Xiang can be formidable. Returns to poly British Divine City to fuse, when the time comes we provide the place to you, but you go to restrain some to that city, do not ruin that city!” The Yue'er urging said that Yang Tianyi almost destroyed a moment ago this piece of beautiful prairie. Quick, Shen Xiang and Yue'er brought Yang Tianyi to return gathered British Divine City!

At this time the poly British Divine City congress also started, this congress named Highest God congress, gathers Highest God Realm each elite of influence to come this to carry on various types to compare, if there is a good seedling, will be chosen by these Divine Country, sends in the Divine Country world to cultivate. This is many outstanding young disciples yearned that therefore when the time comes everybody certainly will go all out. Shen Xiang brings Yang Tianyi to arrive at his shop, at this time the shop closes, but in has the person. Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan here, they see Shen Xiang and Yue'er come back, was happy, because before them , is extremely worried about Shen Xiang. Bingyan!” Yue'er with that tender sweet sound shouted, then happily throws to the bosom of Shui Bingyan. Big Brother Shen is good, this big brother is......” Shui Bingyan sees Shen Xiang, gave regards hastily, then looked at Yang Tianyi. He is Brother Yang, he needs a basement now.” Shen Xiang traces Shui Bingyan beautiful hair with a smile. Yue'er said: Where I know, I lead him to go!” Yang Tianyi held the fist in the other hand to arch cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan, then hurried away with Yue'er. Who is this person?” Feng Yujie hastily goes forward to hold Shen Xiang, because she from Yue'er there learned that Shen Xiang met danger(ous), otherwise not in the congress must start has not come back. Shen Xiang kisses her small mouth, said: Has been all right, that Brother Yang helped my good person a moment ago, moreover then he must help Yue'er repel the enemy.” Was right, don't you watch the congress to start?”

Feng Yujie shook the head: Had not known that your news, my where does not want to go! White Tiger and Vermilion Bird have also joined in the fun, they and Mu Chen have Xiao Changle to chat very much come.” Yue'er flew, said with a smile: „The fellow started to close up, when he defeats that stupid cow, we were safe.” Feng Yujie asked curiously: What matter have you come across? I always felt that you have concealed any big matter!” Me! Me!” Yue'er hastily shouted, because she, as soon as restores to remember that was tells Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan Shen Xiang meets to trouble, then hastily left, has not told Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan own matter with enough time. Shen Xiang asked: Congress started, doesn't go to No problem?” No problem, but announced congress to start, what today competes with was only other, we refined low-grade Divine Pill and middle-grade Divine Pill tomorrow will be starts.” Feng Yujie said. Yue'er starts to narrate that own bitter experience, is how to be besieged by Divine Country expert, then by the star moon/month Ancestral Emperor sneak attack, degenerated into the sacrificial offering...... Finally talked about her to go to Star Moon Hell to rescue Shen Xiang. This is skeleton Divine Pill herbs!” Shen Xiang put out two to give Feng Yujie, said with a smile: This is easy to refine, did not need me to teach you! These skeleton Divine Pill herbs are low-grade, we must make High-Grade comes!” Feng Yujie face immediately micro red, she and Shen Xiang also had a period of time separately, thinks feeling that double cultivation that type happy and was enchanted by, in her heart cannot help but blurred. Shen Xiang also grain of skeleton Divine Pill, he said: Bingyan, you eat one grain to give a try first, will practice the skeleton becomes stronger.” Yue'er said: Bingyan is Dao Spirit, has practiced with human same fleshly body, even compared with human stronger, moreover her sensibility to the nature strength must deepen, must practice the skeleton not to be difficult! Teaches her on allows me to come!” Feng Yujie traces the back of Yue'er, said with a smile: Yue'er, should you not be the appearance of small kitty? You before definitely were not this, you should also practice the skeleton to come!”

That is natural, I only need next Star Moon Grand Feast, can restore strength, when the time comes can also melt the turn into a human shape.” Yue'er said with a smile: Bingyan, we walk!” Yue'er saw a moment ago Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie flirt with the eyes. Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie have not entered the room, but enters in the alchemy room, in their hands also some skeleton Divine Pill herbs, Feng Yujie also needs the congealing skeleton, therefore they planned that first alchemy said again, as for double cultivation...... That was evening's matter. Shen Xiang in Divine sea refines skeleton Divine Pill has used many time, but is only more than two double-hour refines a furnace outside, altogether has five grains! „Do you eat now?” Shen Xiang asked. No, after waiting for the congress to pass, ate again, will require when the time comes probably some time.” Feng Yujie shook the head. They comes out from the alchemy room, sees Yue'er and Shui Bingyan in the hall, knows that grain of pill has not made Shui Bingyan practice the skeleton. „Here also nine grains, take away!” Shen Xiang refine five grains, Feng Yujie refines four grains. This time certainly!” Yue'er and Shui Bingyan enters in the secret room.