World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2017

Next morning, sleeps soundly Shen Xiang to hear the laughter that Yue'er that tender sweet such as the bell manages, then immediately wakes up, last night he not with the Feng Yujie double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique concise spirit bead, but is they carry on the happiest time, that type gentle and is enchanted by happy also makes him rest very soundly. Bingyan cultivated the skeleton, then integrated Divine Soul to become stronger.” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to walk, told Shen Xiang this good news on hastily. Is so quick!” Shen Xiang also feels happy: How many skeleton Divine Pill has used?” Four grains!” Yue'er said that in her eyes, below ten grains of skeleton Divine Pill concentrates the first skeleton to come is very good. Sister Feng, when do you start? I teach you!” Yue'er said. I competed, when the time comes may want to be laborious you.” Feng Yujie smiles gently, has held Yue'er, she liked this small kitty more and more. What to be polite? We are the people on one's own side!” Yue'er hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang sits, eats dessert that Shui Bingyan is making, but these days Shui Bingyan the study does eats, moreover does very delicious. Yue'er, in that Star Law God Territory also uses divine yuan stone?” Shen Xiang asked: Has not thought that divine yuan stone will circulate such.” Normal, because divine yuan stone is quite easy to absorb! strength that sometimes trades divine yuan stone that obtains with some ordinary herbs, is stronger than these herbs!” The Yue'er nod said: You must sell pill in Star Law God Territory, that absolutely is not good, once were discovered that definitely will be grasped.” Before this Shen Xiang, listened to Yang Tianyi saying that he thought, definitely will go to that Star Law God Territory, but now he gathers British Divine City in this, can perhaps collect massive divine yuan stone, goes to the Star Law God Territory definitely very easy to do matter. Walks, we attend the congress!” Feng Yujie said: We, but tenth goes to battle first!”

Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie as the tenth youngest disciple, moreover is also outstanding, regeneration Divine Pill that they refine was already famous, has therefore gained many divine yuan stone. The conference site of competition on that giant plaza, Shen Xiang they arrives, sees on plaza to have at the same time the giant flag, above writes one in a big way pill character. The arrival of Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie, has caused a tumult, initially Shen Xiang regenerated Divine Pill to shock many other alchemy masters and influence the young disciples of the palm refinement. Shen Xiang can refine middle-grade regeneration Divine Pill with ease, but he actually must attend the competition of low-grade Divine Pill now, this makes the disciple pressure that attended the low-grade Divine Pill competition very big. In the Low-Rank Dan God number, there are can refine middle-grade Divine Pill Middle-Rank Dan God much, they somewhat regretted now that they thought will attend the competition of Middle-Rank Dan God to be much more relaxed than this. The competition of Low-Rank Dan God starts first, moreover is three decides the victory and defeat! In the morning compare, therefore many alchemy masters have very tremendous pressure, in the morning also on that time, unexpectedly compared with three times, obviously the rule definitely be very harsh that. Fellow participating disciples please enter the stadium!” unexpectedly that manages to compete is the old iron chicken, he arrives at the Low-Rank Dan God competition conference site. After competition of Low-Rank Dan God, arrives at Middle-Rank Dan God. The sign when Shen Xiang depending on registered obtains to enter the competition conference site at that time. Before coming, in the Shen Xiang mind obtains Luo Tianjun sound transmission, told him his important match.

Luo Tianjun and Gu three brothers had not seen Shen Xiang to come yesterday, was extremely worried that thinks Shen Xiang went out to play. ...... By competition plaza some buildings, several are well-dressed, looks like has the middle-aged person of power and influence very strongly at this time the vision on Shen Xiang. Was he, cultivated Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique!” A gold plating middle age has referred to Shen Xiang, said: Moreover Divine Mirror of Six Paths also in his hand!” Another red clothed middle age said: Now should we do? These things on him, if continuation makes his such adolescence get down, that is Nine Firmaments God Emperor or Six Paths God Emperor!” Is throwing over middle-aged coldly said of blue robe: Wanted a homicide not to be easy! Haven't you seen on him to have Black Tortoise Cloth? This was Nine Firmaments God Emperor refined in the past.” Kills him not to be easy, but can abandon him is actually not the difficult matter?” That gold plating middle age said: When the time comes who will prevent? This Supreme Temple Palace Master should the meeting, but this also well copes.” The gold plating middle age looked at other people, solicited their suggestions. Big ratio finally, our fight, holds him in secret first, looked that they are willing to pledge allegiance to us, if not want, massacres him directly, if cannot massacre, that makes him a waste.” The black armor middle age of not having spoken said that the sound ice-cold fills might, could see that he has the prestige during these middle age. Other middle-aged men nodded. This time big ratio should have many good seedlings, does not know that other Divine Country do have the hideaway here! Do not be robbed by them, moreover they should also hear this Shen Xiang's matter, Divine Mirror of Six Paths, Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique on him, even if we are unreachable, cannot make them obtain.” The black armor middle age also said.

The gold plating man said: „Can this not too proper? If they know that we such do, this is not quite good!” Black armor middle age coldly smiled: Therefore our fight time, wants to be dark is coming, cannot make them know absolutely, be quicker than them! Naturally, even if they know that they can take us to be what kind of?” ...... Shen Xiang of familiar match on arena, does not know that on plaza all around building, how hides expert that Divine Country is sending to solve him in the scheme. Although Shen Xiang does not know, but before him, can guess expert that nine Divine Country send definitely meets these days to his fight, therefore before him, has made Feng Yujie win over in Supreme Temple some expert as far as possible, helping him seek for the helper. Naturally, now has Vermilion Bird and White Tiger, he felt relieved very much that in addition under that shop also has to practice Yang Tianyi of three skeletons, he felt relieved at this time. Participates has more than 200 that Low-Rank Dan God competes, contrasts disciple who around plaza that stands, this 200 Low-Rank Dan God can say very few, but young face also only then ten, except for Supreme Temple outside, other Six Paths Temple as well as influences, these influences have young Dan God. At this time more than 200 robust men hold a big cylinder to walk, in the big cylinder is all kinds of low-grade divine medicine. These robust men arrive at more than 200 Dan God by the scene separately, puts the big cylinder, when this should be competition alchemy divine medicine that uses.