World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2018

Big cylinder inside divine medicine are many . Moreover the quality is very good, at this time can judge the quality in arena inside alchemy master through the smell that divine medicine sends out. The participating disciples stand, carefully looks at big cylinder inside divine medicine, many people frowned, because they do not know these divine medicine. Shen Xiang did not know that Feng Yujie passes to his pills knowledge, is unrelated with these divine medicine. These divine medicine are Divine Country these fellows makes, will wait for them to the home remedy you, making you build up pill to come according to the home remedy.” Luo Tianjun gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang has swept crowd quietly, discovered that has several to be quite calm, three are the young people, another two are old man, they see these strange divine medicine is very calm, Shen Xiang suspects behind them , the person told them the rule is anything. Has two jade token in these big cylinders, inside has the home remedy, this first competition in definition in refines home remedy inside low-grade Divine Pill, the sand of hour glass leaks, was this finished.” The old iron chicken has referred to the hour glass of distant place, looks like quite small , can only insist two double-hour at most. Has two time of double-hour, must refine two furnace low-grade Divine Pill, and has not refined that this is truly difficult. Those who let Shen Xiang compare to care, only then two home remedies, but big cylinder inside divine medicine also were too rather many, at least over a hundred low-grade divine medicine, below also had more than ten very big black tree roots. Shen Xiang suspected that these two low-grade Divine Pill must use up in this big cylinder all divine medicine, if so, then refines low-grade Divine Pill, needs dozens different low-grade divine medicine, what Divine Pill is this? Now you can start to seek for home remedy.” The old iron chicken said that hour glass starts to turn over, the participating disciple in the heart cursed gets up immediately, this started, simply in pit time. Shen Xiang already saw clearly in the big cylinder before with Divine Sense, he puts out two jade token from inside quickly, drops the blood to seep Divine Sense to look, with his beforehand suspicion is the same, two Divine Pill that must refine both need dozens divine medicine!

In that jade token has the home remedy, does not have the Divine Pill name! What use these do Divine Pill have? These herbs I cannot see anything to come, these Divine Country are really mysterious.” Shen Xiang plans to refine to need divine medicine many that Divine Pill first, needs 70 divine medicine! Must sort divine medicine to come also to cost the time from this big cylinder, this tests alchemy teacher's speed to the divine medicine recognition, now many alchemy masters complain of hardship in the heart, because they thought that light sorts from the big cylinder divine medicine, then reprocessing, the time went much. Shen Xiang has not thought to have anything but actually, his also this is regarded as a challenge! The competition from the beginning, is not competing with other people, but is with the time! This various requests to alchemy master is very high, if no patience, now starts becomes very agitated, therefore when sorting divine medicine will have very tremendous influence, causing the speed to become very slow. Self-confident insufficient, will then have the thought of giving up, thought one will certainly lose, this person has been doomed to be defeated now. Naturally, on the scene has many outstanding alchemy masters, can calm down, very sorts divine medicine tranquilly. Shen Xiang heard to have many sighing sounds and complaints, because in this big cylinder also has other assorted divine medicine, is not used to refine that two Divine Pill, but dopes intentionally in inside, increases the difficulty to the competition. divine medicine that dopes, is used to refine competition Divine Pill divine medicine with these somewhat to be similar, one does not pay attention, will admit mistakes! Is this is testing to the ability of herbs resolution?” Shen Xiang also thinks at this time somewhat strenuously, if misreads divine medicine, that furnace pill cannot refine. The time of less than half double-hour passed by, finally some people started to be on fire alchemy, this let many people line of sight condense in this person, this was one puts on magnificent and expensive old man, was Six Paths Temple Dan God.

pill furnace of this old man use is also very big, he alchemy, while is sorting that pile by him divine medicine that pours from the big cylinder, he must sort second Divine Pill divine medicine that the competition needs to refine from inside. Such one, can save many time, moreover many participating disciples are the plan such do. But such does is not easy, especially refines in the strange Divine Pill situation, but must divert attention to sort divine medicine, will cause the failure very much easily. Shen Xiang such has not done, because this Divine Pill is very strange regarding him, he also carefully treats, so long as in any case this competition the success refined two Divine Pill that's alright. That old man is Xiao Changle apprentice who just accepted, although was very old, but the strength is very good, and has the talent very much! His alchemy talent is Xiao Changle unearths!” Luo Tianjun gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Informed verbally according to me that at least five fellows on the scene have refined that two Divine Pill, the person who because Divine Country sends, has contacted with these five Dan God, has Six Paths Temple the old man.” Shen Xiang understands immediately that Six Paths Temple old man so will be why deft, actually he had already refined, moreover can refinement while sorts! Also only then such does, can win the most time. The Shen Xiang change strategy, he sorts two divine medicine first, then starts to refine! Had the participating disciple to be on fire one after another alchemy, soon after achieves more than 20 people, but Shen Xiang has not started, now passed half double-hour! Shen Xiang sorts divine medicine, carefully has inspected then, if divine medicine incorrect words, that quite in being defeated, therefore Shen Xiang does conscientiously on this point careful. Uses this pill furnace, should be sufficient!” Shen Xiang puts out quite big pill furnace, this pill furnace is very ordinary, is he makes Feng Yujie help him prepare. Shen Xiang is not does not want to use good pill furnace, but he had not found satisfaction now, therefore he will take ordinary pill furnace along, this was for him sufficient.

„-and-a-half double-hour, should suffice!” Shen Xiang looked at the hour glass, then puts in first Divine Pill herbs pill furnace, altogether has 70. Shen Xiang has very big fame in Low-Rank Dan God, especially his mysterious alchemy technique, does not defer to the common sense to come, now really so! According to the home remedy words, 70 divine medicine should have order successively, but he lost altogether! But surprising not only so, but is he then loses other 60 herbs, that 60 divine medicine refine second low-grade Divine Pill! If in pill furnace simultaneously refines two same divine medicine, that is not the surprised matter, level good Dan God can achieve. But Divine Pill of Shen Xiang refinement is two types is now different, these two Divine Pill divine medicine have very big difference, his unexpectedly losing into pill furnace will refine . Moreover the his first refinement.