World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2019

This is Shen Xiang does not have the means that he planned to use two pill furnace, but two pill furnace words, that needs to divert attention! But now two Divine Pill divine medicine in pill furnace , he although also needs to divert attention, but does not have two pill furnace to be so serious. alchemy technique that Shen Xiang uses is building up of source he comprehends, will use this alchemy technique to refine Divine Pill quite to be good to control, therefore he such will do. Superficially he must give dual attention to the two sides, but he is divided into more than 100 independent regions in pill furnace more than 100 divine medicine actually now, then carries on to burn to build up with the flame fast, seeks for the bloodlines of spirit. In the past when he refined these have not refined Divine Pill, used building up of source is little burning builds up, but his time does not allow him such to do now, therefore he also can only act according to his experience, the use flame carried on burns to build up fast. ...... „Does he start to use Heaven Refining Technique now? Heaven Refining Technique I have heard, but how has not seen to use, I could not see how now he in refines.” In plaza nearby another tall building red clothed man said that he also from Divine Country, although looks like very young, puts on is also quite ordinary, but his status may former that several discuss how to kill the Shen Xiang's middle age to be much more honored. The red clothed man stands in the window looks that old man of his side said: Young Master, wants not to catch him, making him teach you to practice Heaven Refining Technique? I can now fight!” No, heard that cultivates Heaven Refining Technique to need the chance, this compulsive way I do not want, I must allow nature to take its course! You may other fight, how I probably have a look at this Shen Xiang through this big game, has a look at him is looks like in Legend that the god!” The red clothed man said that the sound is somewhat severe, obviously was criticizing old man a moment ago that barbaric procedure. The old man complexion becomes somewhat terrified, hurriedly said: Young Master said is, old servant knew mistakenly!” Knows wrong good.” The red clothed man nodded, then asked: On stadium, most starts alchemy that several Low-Rank Dan God, other Divine Country have decided that our Divine Country will not make such matter to come, we must choose the true outstanding alchemy master to train.” Young Master, if Shen Xiang wins, you can bring back to Divine Country him? Heard that many Divine Country want to catch him, even if cannot grasp, must ruin him!” old man said.

This matter I also early have hearing, all allow nature to take its course!” The red clothed man said very much at will that he does not demand to any matter, all allow nature to take its course. Started a double-hour, many participating disciples are sweating profusely, but that Six Paths Temple old man whole face is leisurely and carefree, the appearance that has victory in the hand. But most lets the attention is Shen Xiang, because he refines two different Divine Pill in same pill furnace, but is divine medicine very many two strange Divine Pill, looked that he persists in such for a long time not making a mistake, knows that he is possible. so that's how it is, this first ratio is not alchemy, but compared with the mood, these two pill is refining to be easy actually, is only in the patience and confidence of test person!” Shen Xiang has not thought that such quickly found the bloodlines of spirit from these divine medicine, moreover fuses time is easy, probably refines many time has been same. Shen Xiang now is quite curious, why these will Divine Country some on the scene open the back door to disciples? Had been selected by these Divine Country? Completes!” Six Paths Temple old man opens the eye, indifferently said, he is the first start is on fire alchemy, is first refines pill. He opens pill furnace, inside has four grains of shining Divine Pill, although does not know that this is any pill, but looks like is very good. Then he starts the second furnace, he starts, some people complete first Divine Pill one after another! At this time had ten people to complete the first furnace, starts to refine the second furnace, but the second furnace is most difficult to refine, herbs are also many, a middle-aged female starts the second furnace shortly, left the stage on explode pill furnace. In an instant, passed more than half double-hour, distance competition ended shortly.

...... Shen Xiang has not refined, made a mistake? In this point!” Gu Laosan said. What to be anxious, haven't you seen Shen Xiang now is very calm?” Gu Laoda said: This little rascal previous time you also has to see with palm alchemy, he wants to play any ghost method to come me not to think surprised.” Feng Yujie said with a smile: That said that but he can always be unexpected.” Luo Tianjun coldly snorted: These Divine Pill are useless Divine Pill, these divine medicine are casual can fuse, eats this Divine Pill, thought that makes people feel comfortable, really cheats.” Luo Tianjun a moment ago very careful looks at these herbs, he recognizes comes, therefore he will say. Look, that old man completed the second furnace, this fellow was really fierce.” Xiao Chou shouted, he does not know that old man is goes through the motions, before had refined one time, therefore so will be quick. Becoming person who first completes, this old man does not have what expression, he takes out pill furnace inside four grains of white Divine Pill slowly delivers. Shen Xiang thinks strange, if he with other how many going through the motions had been selected by these Divine Country, why can also attend this competition? To enter Divine Country justifiablily?” Shen Xiang suddenly understood: It seems like these fellows give person many advantage that these Divine Country have sent!”

Comes from Divine Country, definitely is greatly richly greatly expensive, but was bribed, obviously that several going through the motions has paid the big price. Shen Xiang suddenly associates, that Six Paths Temple old man enters Divine Country, can be the Xiao Changle arrangement? expert contact that perhaps also only then Xiao Changle this Six Paths Temple Palace Master, can send with that Divine Country, and gives them some advantage, making them bring that old man to return to Divine Country. The time has been not much left, now only then six people are completed, but Shen Xiang in alchemy, he is actually not anxious, because he believes that he can complete to in the time. Good!” Shen Xiang shouted, has patted his pill furnace cover, this pill furnace has half person high, is similar to the big water jar is the same! After he completes, the hour glass also has some not to leak. Before many people are tense for Shen Xiang, because the time must arrive quickly, now sees him to shout is completed, wants to have a look at him really to be completed, after all he is pill furnace refines two pill. Side the old iron chicken has a middle age, this middle age specifically is responsible for Divine Pill that inspects these to refine, seems like came from Divine Country, he said to Shen Xiang: Takes Divine Pill that you refine!” Shen Xiang has not taken Spell Bound Pill immediately, but holds pill furnace to move toward the middle-aged man who that is responsible for inspecting, looks like makes people think that his Divine Pill preciously is the same.