World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2020

Be responsible for approving Divine Pill Dan God to lift hand, hints Shen Xiang do not continue to hold pill furnace to come up, he said: Does not need to move pill furnace, you took directly Divine Pill to me that's alright.” Divine Pill that during the game refines is not own, this point all participating Dan God do not have the objection, Divine Pill that so long as refines is qualified, even if through this first competition. Shen Xiang continues, said with a smile: Is necessary.” That middle age has not said anything again, waited for that Shen Xiang holds pill furnace. The road is not far, Shen Xiang steps onto that stage quickly, then puts pill furnace. They in the high place, cannot see in following Dan God, only then can see in ringside these building above people. Shen Xiang turns on the pill furnace cover, light glow is sparkling, covers entire pill furnace hole, causing is not being able to see clearly inside has any Divine Pill. Sees these light glow, the first responses of many Dan God think that this is Divine Pill Divine Halo! Generally is the quality that Divine Pill arrives at to reach the pinnacle will appear. In the past Shen Xiang had also refined this quality pill, but is below Saint pill, Divine Pill he has not refined, few people can have that strength. „It is not Dan light, but after is......” Luo Tianjun sees clearly, is surprised unable to speak. At this time many people also saw, reason that has that intense ray, is not because Divine Pill presents Dan light, because inside Divine Pill were too many, moreover this Divine Pill itself will shine, these many Divine Pill gather together, making the ray very prosperous.

The middle age that is responsible for inspecting was shocked, he most approaches pill furnace, opens that moment of cover, he looked clearly. He has gawked half sound, recovers from surprised, took a deep breath, the sound somewhat shivers: Altogether 347 grains!” The disciples who plaza surrounded in a low voice were discussing, hearing that middle age saying that immediately calmed down, in each individual heart emitted very intense sound not to be impossible! Has pill many are that Six Paths Temple Dan God, he is first completion, his pill measured makes many Dan God surprised, although was only several grains! But Shen Xiang now is actually more than 300 grains! Many people personally have not seen, therefore they rather believe the solar side, does not believe that a Shen Xiang furnace refines several hundred grains, although is low-grade Divine Pill, but also has the refinement difficulty, is not a type of bean, where can that many? That middle age lifts pill furnace, then all but actually comes out inside that more than 300 grains of Divine Pill, grains of Divine Pill brave the light, this was two pill mixes together, one type was golden light, moreover was the white light. This more than 300 grains of Divine Pill become a small pile in the ground pile, clear, this absolutely is real Divine Pill! Before these pill's Dan God, in addition did not have his these many! Because these pill do not have the big use, moreover herbs that many, Shen Xiang with his building up law, almost can achieve herbs to refine 2-3 grains of pill to come, can therefore leave pill that many, this is he in discovers finally. ...... Young Master, you are also alchemy, what's all this about?” That red clothed man behind old man is surprised, a face is unbelievable.

The red clothed man knits the brows to think, shook the head: Does not know that this Divine Pill I have also refined, in the past when I accepted the inspection was to refine these two Divine Pill, the refinement difficulty was not big, during the definition of rule, was difficult! I also can only build up three grains at that time respectively!” Young Master, Shen Xiang he can be so fierce, certainly because of Heaven Refining Technique, must take!” That old man both eyes are flashing the greedy vision. red clothed man indifferently said: Is my, the association is my! If I snatch Heaven Refining Technique, I think me unable like him, because Heaven Refining Technique was not me, if Heaven Refining Technique is my, then I do not need to snatch.” old man cannot help but sighed, because his Young Master was such a person: Young Master, if you can obtain Heaven Refining Technique, the imperial throne might is you, haven't you thought the imperial throne? Great Emperor he had suggested repeatedly, the imperial throne and his all will pass to ablest Prince! Young Master you, although has good talent, but other Prince actually......” The red clothed man smiles lightly: I have not thought must compete for the imperial throne, I only needed at the same time have a good look their battle that's alright, if I participated in this senseless and stupid matter, then I do want to see a play by others?” old man was speechless, obtains the imperial throne, that can control Divine Country, has the supreme authority, has been inherited, the strength can also to bring it up a level, Divine Country inside that many Prince, which is not thinking obtains the imperial throne? But only this red clothed man not this idea! ...... These expert that Divine Country sends, long for obtaining Heaven Refining Technique at this time, they think, so long as obtains Heaven Refining Technique, refines Divine Pill time, like Shen Xiang a moment ago such, furnace several hundred grains! Shen Xiang knows expert that Divine Country sends in, therefore his also intentionally such high-sounding talk, he such does to let these people to his fight, when the time comes he quite makes Yang Tianyi kill these people completely, this is the Shen Xiang's goal, for lures the snake from its hole, catches the whole lot in a dragnet. After Shen Xiang passes, a person, when the hour glass just leaked refines, now altogether has the person can enter the next competition!

Entered the arena has that many disciples, but only the remaining eight people, obviously the following competition has been able now difficult, now is not Dan God is competing with Dan God, but in that harsh rule of challenge competition, simultaneously competes with other Dan God, difficulty very big. Quite a while must carry on three, the time is tight! Old iron chicken clear and resonant voice was announcing the second competition rule: Second does not need to compete with, evaluated by former first! Leaves pill most five people, can enter the last competition!” Hears this rule, that three in pill least Dan God hearts are unwilling, but actually does not dare to say anything, can only have the regret to go out of arena! Shen Xiang guessed that this second rule definitely temporarily changed, because such rule was really too general, but did not have the means that after all nobody opposed that as the participating disciple, naturally does not dare to say anything, after all was also only Low-Rank Dan God. When Shen Xiang has this guess, Luo Tianjun gives him sound transmission: „The second rule is not this, suddenly changed! This should some people be worried that in these has not the controllable situation.” The old iron chicken continues saying: Now starts third, if can enter first three, can obtain the reward! Second third can obtain two precious low-grade Divine Pill home remedies! But first, then obtains the middle-grade Divine Pill home remedy!” The old iron chicken, continued saying: „The third home remedy is imperial beast Divine Pill, second is clone Divine Pill, first is soul Divine Pill!” Now announced reward Divine Pill home remedy, this made in the Shen Xiang heart feel at ease much, otherwise because when the time comes he obtained the position, temporarily the decision to some trash Divine Pill home remedies, Shen Xiang cannot say anything.