World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2021

Hears these three Divine Pill names, numerous Dan God exclaim in surprise, because these three Divine Pill home remedies are truly precious! The competition of Low-Rank Dan God has the so rich reward, then Middle-Rank Dan God and High-Rank Dan God? The people were guessing! Imperial beast Divine Pill mainly feeds divine beast, so long as feeds different divine beast a period of time, then this different divine beast might recognize you for the master very much, even if will be formidable, will meet obediently hear of you. After second clone Divine Pill is eats up, can breed one is similar to the egg big pill embryo, spits from the mouth pill embryo, breeds a period of time after Divine Power again, this pill embryo will break the shell, turns into a villain, so long as then every other seven days feed grain of clone Divine Pill, after 7749, the villain is just the same as me, without any consciousness, becomes clone, if continues to feed minute of Divine Pill, fleshly body also will become very strong. If in some cases, needs to give up fleshly body, Divine Soul runs, then this spare clone use was very big! Therefore this clone Divine Pill is also very unusual and unusual Divine Pill. Above these two types do not have what attraction regarding Shen Xiang, although is low-grade, but these two Divine Pill herbs can evolve, if can find High-Grade divine medicine, then can also refine the High-Grade rank! But the first reward, soul Divine Pill, this was useful to Shen Xiang! Soul Divine Pill and clone Divine Pill are somewhat similar, clone Divine Pill is mainly cultivates an own spare body! But soul Divine Pill can practice Divine Soul to come, it can be said that duplicates own existing Divine Soul, but will not breed pill embryo like clone Divine Pill surely! Soul Divine Pill breeding soul embryo and skeleton Divine Pill such, is not will have each time, but if succeeds, can duplicate formidable Divine Soul to come, therefore soul Divine Pill is very precious.

In addition, will also bestow divine medicine that a home remedy needs, therefore your several must try hard!” The old iron chicken now looks like, although impartial and just, but in his heart actually supports Shen Xiang's, although now is also not that fair, but he saw the strength that Shen Xiang shows a moment ago, must obtain the position is not very difficult. Shen Xiang was still a moment ago worried the divine medicine issue, has not thought will reward together with divine medicine together, this will let him diligently, reward that oneself want. He looked at other that four participating Dan God, except for that Six Paths Temple Dan God, other three Dan God is the middle age, before the Dan Hall young Dan God majority attended the competition of Middle-Rank Dan God, therefore has not seen many. These three have two is our Dan Hall, another unexpectedly is Purple Mist Divine Mountain!” Shen Xiang sees that familiar purple attire, immediately has recognized. Luo Tianjun gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Purple Mist Divine Mountain and Six Paths Temple can enter this, went through the motions, they gave these to be responsible for Divine Country expert many advantage of operation competition, in addition some , although has also given, but actually cannot come in!” The old iron chicken said: I think that your five can arrive this step, thinks that had very preparation! But the following competition, you need to use your divine medicine, refines to think that most precious low-grade Divine Pill, but pill furnace is prepared by us!” Before coming, Luo Tianjun repeatedly reminded Shen Xiang to arrange oneself most adept Divine Pill herbs, best was that type sells very much expensively, or was very precious Divine Pill herbs, participated in Luo Tianjun of many this competitions to be experienced. Now really must arrive at this very preparation!

In the Shen Xiang heart worried secretly, because before him, not this preparation, especially low-grade Divine Pill divine medicine! If not for he obtains skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine that Yang Tianyi gives in that Star Moon Hell, he simply has not taken low-grade Divine Pill that gets rid of now. Time, only then two double-hour, after you refine, to let everybody on the scene watches the friend of competition also to participate, when the time comes you refine good low-grade Divine Pill to result in auction completely, but you are the auctioneers. After auctioning, divine yuan stone that according to selling decides the position! Naturally, when the time comes we will have one to examine the group specially, so as to avoid there is a participant to cheat.” The old iron chicken continued rule. Shen Xiang is very clear, if he must win completely , can only refine skeleton Divine Pill, because can come here majority is very competent, in the hand definitely is grasping the good low-grade Divine Pill home remedy, if he does not refine skeleton Divine Pill, surely does not have any competitive power. Distributes pill furnace is responsible for by that middle age, after he sends, asked seriously: You inspect, have a look to have issue!” Shen Xiang has inspected carefully, pill furnace of this bucket size gives his feeling to be good, at least is better than his broken pill furnace, was only slightly small a point. Does not have the issue!” Other Shen Xiang and four alchemy masters said. At this time several participating Dan God are nervous, because they were worried low-grade Divine Pill that one refine sells many divine yuan stone insufficiently! For must sell many divine yuan stone, they must have pill more, the quality is higher, moreover is quite practical that Divine Pill. Shen Xiang is clear, some skeleton Divine Pill people will certainly buy, if he has pill to be many, then sells expensively! Let his some small worries is, wants exposed he to understand the refinement skeleton Divine Pill matter, but he already had also been ready for any sacrifice, a furnace on refinement several hundred grains of Divine Pill, had made him be the focus of attention a moment ago.

Starts, only then two time of double-hour, you must grasp!” Old iron chicken shouted. This competition does not need to do many preparatory work like former that therefore two time of double-hour look like very sufficient, but regarding must refine furnace limit low-grade Divine Pill Dan God, are very urgent, because must have pill to be much, the quality is high, moreover precious low-grade Divine Pill, difficulty very big. Participating Dan God puts out own divine medicine immediately, at this time also makes many Dan God that surrounds very excited, because home remedy top-secret, can see divine medicine that needs, can perhaps ponder over the home remedy to come, at least knows that uses any home remedy. Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi, even is Xiao Changle this high level pill god carefully looks divine medicine that these Dan God take! After Shen Xiang has put out skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, Liang Gaoyi and Xiao Changle frowned immediately, because they do not recognize these divine medicine! But old iron chicken actually frequently sees, because Feng Yujie goes to the supreme great hall to paste the purchase bulletin frequently, frequently has these divine medicine . Moreover the purchase price that Feng Yujie starts out is also very high! Luo Tianjun did not know, but he can guess correctly that this refines any Divine Pill divine medicine, he has not thought that Shen Xiang such quickly made neat! Before he did not support the Shen Xiang that high-sounding talk, but now he thought that anything, he had not understood these Divine Country to the Shen Xiang's manner! He also knows that Shen Xiang does this, must take off to leave.