World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2022
Watches Divine Country expert of competition to be many by arena, but if said that the status is most honored, status highest should be that red clothed man, he is Dan God, moreover is Divine Country Prince! In Divine Country, the God Emperor strength is strongest, as Prince, where the strength definitely will not miss arrives, this mysterious Prince sees Shen Xiang after hemorrhage bone divine flower and day muscle grass and seven emotions divine flower, the whole body shakes, is surprised. Young Master...... these divine medicine do not refine skeleton Divine Pill? What he has these divine medicine is not, but why will he have skeleton Divine Pill? This is your Master advertisement Divine Pill, in nine Divine Country, can refine skeleton Divine Pill death that only then four King-Grade Dan God, except your Master, other two died, disabled disabled person, missing missing.” That old man hurriedly said, on the face is having the anger, he is one accompanies, this was his Young Master most adept Divine Pill, home remedy unexpectedly to others hand. This old follower angrily said: Young Master, my this goes to catch him, how compelling him to say this home remedy to come!” No , to continue to look!” red clothed man very special Prince, the mentality of standing aloof from the world, he said: „The skeleton Divine Pill other Dan God of home remedy also besides my Master knows that will spread not to be strange! Moreover I thought a moment ago that my Master was responsible for bestowing the home remedy to this Supreme Temple, I thought that he definitely at that time had put in this skeleton Divine Pill single Fan!” old follower is puzzled: Why your Master his old man does either do? Such precious home remedy, his unexpectedly loses to this damned place casually, if in Divine Country, does not know that many High-Rank Dan God snatch the broken head for this reason!” The red clothed man smiles lightly: I do not know why Master he such does, in brief definitely has his truth, Master he can become our Divine Country town country remote antiquity, moreover our Divine Country first Dan God, definitely will not make the foolish matter! Now looks like, this skeleton Divine Pill home remedy, to a very interesting person hand, this person has also understood Heaven Refining Technique! Master he is really the divine strategy, now I must have a look but actually, this Shen Xiang can refine any degree, was I compares one with him in secret!” old follower shook the head, he thought that this Young Master that type the behavior that makes people unable to understand, with his Master study, because they really looked like. He thought that his Young Master Prince has the good status in the God Emperor eye . Moreover the Master power and influence is also very big, itself also has the extremely good talent, so long as he strives slightly, the imperial throne surely is this Young Master Prince without doubt, but he has not actually competed for the heart of imperial throne, all day allows nature to take its course anything. ...... Before Shen Xiang, obtains this skeleton Divine Pill home remedy from Loyalty Pavilion, why will have doubts this precious home remedy in this place, he does not know that this will be very outstanding Dan God lays aside intentionally, moreover that Dan God apprentice is looking at this time.

This furnace skeleton Divine Pill must build up absolutely, wants the limit display, to obtain the middle-grade soul Divine Pill home remedy.” In the Shen Xiang heart resounds very firm sound. Yujie, you may know what Shen Xiang refinement is what Divine Pill?” Vermilion Bird is very curious, to Feng Yujie sound transmission, because everyone can see Shen Xiang that self-confident facial expression now. Feng Yujie should say tenderly with a smile: He refined, live auction time didn't you know?” Vermilion Bird charmingly angry, Feng Yujie unexpectedly has kept guessing to hang her appetite intentionally, she ridicules saying: Yujie, you are that mischievous!” Xiao Chou arrives at side Luo Tianjun, said: Uncle Luo, Divine Pill that waits for my Master to refine, can we buy?” Luo Tianjun has patted his bald, said with a smile: „, Cannot buy with the people who he is familiar with, will otherwise be determined to be defeated! You did not need to be worried, Divine Pill that your Master he refined definitely will when the time comes have one group of people to snatch insanely! Said, wants to snatch including me.” Mu Chen was also evoked the curiosity, asked: What Divine Pill is this? Old Luo did you look?” Luo Tianjun smiles not to speak, looks like now does not say. Old Xiao, you know that is what Divine Pill?” Mu Chen sees Luo Tianjun that smiling face, inquired Xiao Changle.

Xiao Changle shook the head: What low-grade Divine Pill I could not have found out to make Old Luo temporarily snatch, what Divine Pill is this? I did not know divine medicine.” Hides in pocket inside Yue'er also knows that is any Divine Pill, she only hopes that now that fusion star Divine Soul Yang Tianyi in the secret room a bit faster completes, because that star moon/month Ancestral Emperor approached gradually, but Shen Xiang dies in unceasing doing, when the time comes does not have the Yang Tianyi town field, that very danger(ous). ...... In the building in ringside, that several must grasp with the Shen Xiang's middle age is also curious at this time, they also want to know Shen Xiang in refining any Divine Pill, because they once saw that three divine medicine that Shen Xiang takes, bought at a high price in Divine Country. You saw a moment ago, this Shen Xiang's alchemy technique unusual, this definitely stems from Heaven Refining Technique! We must obtain Heaven Refining Technique, like this we can train a number of fast alchemy Dan God in secret, not long, we can also have a good influence, but we can also depend upon massive Divine Pill become stronger.” The black armor middle age said. After several other middle-aged men hear, shakes slightly! „Is this must revolt?” A middle-aged sound somewhat shivers. „It is not, we are only do not want to be annihilated, we must result in have certain strength, if a day we were cleaned, if no certain influence, we definitely will die! You should be also clear, various countries' God Emperor prepared to pass on the position, but our Divine Country had 12 Prince, when the time comes we must stand in line, if stood mistakenly, humph, humph!” Black armor middle age coldly snorted several. Other middle age do not speak, when the time comes surely were Divine Country reign of terror, this was Divine Country that initially Yi Baidong said that has also come across the terrible business, but he does not know why nine Divine Country must carry on to pass on the position in the similar time, moreover these Prince strengths did not have God Emperor to be so strong.

...... Shen Xiang is displaying the limit to go to alchemy, he does not know that at this time danger(ous) is approaching, that star moon/month Ancestral Emperor already woke up, and already on the way, Yang Tianyi has not appeared, only then Yue'er worried, because she can approach very clear induction to star moon/month Ancestral Emperor. Mu Chen just and White Tiger chats, complexion suddenly changes, whispered: Came, Divine Lion Race! It is expected that arrives in three double-hour about!” Xiao Changle also quickly learns of the news, they send the scout in the distant place, has any slightest sign of trouble to subpoena to them. Comes well, I must teach that young animal well.” White Tiger remembers the Qi Yan this Ancient Fire Beast death, in the heart is angry.