World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2023
Wholly-absorbed alchemy Shen Xiang displays very well, although Divine Lion Race came, but Luo Tianjun they have not told him, is worried to affect his display! But Yue'er is worried is not Divine Lion King, but is that star moon/month Ancestral Emperor! expert on the scene can resist the attack of Divine Lion Race, but that Ancestral Emperor gets rid, if Divine Country expert does not get rid, here nobody can win star moon/month Ancestral Emperor. Mu Chen already prepared for guarding against Divine Lion Race attack, he and Xiao Changle are two Temple Palace Master, in addition their Temple elder, White Tiger Vermilion Bird, they thought that will be very when the time comes relaxed! Thinks of these, Mu Chen was not anxious, but he suddenly receives the pass on message! Mu Chen and Xiao Changle are are almost simultaneously indirect to the pass on message, their complexions become ten segregate heavily. Stars and Moon God Clan also came! Moreover entire Stars and Moon God Clan strongest strength sends out, Stars and Moon God Clan Patriarch came, what's all this about?” Mu Chen surprisedly said. I just have also been subpoenaed, if Stars and Moon God Clan Patriarch comes, then the Divine Lion Race Patriarch Lion King will appear also?” The Xiao Changle complexion is unattractive, they compete today just started, has such matter, if could not resist, their these two big Temple may be embarrassed. Xiao Changle said: It seems like I must call to be good my Six Paths Temple elder completely!” If Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple collaborate, is unable to resist the Beast God Temple two divine beast clans, then human here Temple was really too weak. Mu Chen looked at Yi Baidong, Yi Baidong nodded, then leaves, obviously is informs closing up some old expert! In the field many people look full of enthusiasm, does not know that is having great war to approach!

The competition of Low-Rank Dan God can only conduct today with the half of the day, so long as now and several other Dan God on the scene refine, can end this competition! At this time five Dan God go all out refines most precious Divine Pill that oneself can refine, actually this rule cannot manifest the Dan God strength, is not big because of some precious Divine Pill refinement difficulties, but is because divine medicine is rare, for example Shen Xiang's skeleton Divine Pill, the refinement difficulty is not very big! Therefore many people understand that this rule is also the temporary formulation, why as for must change the rule temporarily, definitely has other reasons! Shen Xiang thought that this plans some deviation participating Dan God on the scene, because obtains first, can obtain the soul Divine Pill home remedy, this home remedy may very be also precious in Divine Country, expert who these Divine Country send do not dare to examine arbitrarily, therefore gains in this way! Young Master, has the situation!” That mysterious Prince old follower suddenly said. Said!” The red clothed man has been staring at Shen Xiang's pill furnace carefully, wants to lend the aura that to observe Shen Xiang's to build up law from this pill furnace. old follower said: Two armies are approaching, is Divine Lion Race and Stars and Moon God Clan, moreover their Patriarch personally lead, they rush to here in a threatening manner, could occur to conflict, does if wanted prevent?” The red clothed man shakes the head saying: Does not need to pay attention, our time comes, but the secret comes, moreover before Imperial Father is very long, has said that we must little meddle here matter!” He does not know that comes to Shen Xiang, he anticipated that now Shen Xiang's skeleton Divine Pill leaves to draw a charge, because he also refines skeleton Divine Pill, but he can only with his Master contrast, this naturally not have any commeasurability. But the Shen Xiang contrast was different, he thought that Shen Xiang and he almost, for many years he did not have the match, this makes him somewhat lonely, therefore he thinks now one are carrying on an indirect and special contest with Shen Xiang, this contest only then he knows.

The hour glass has leaked quickly, five Dan God do not have one to refine well, it seems like they pinched the time, after all time of refinement with long, had the effect of promotion to the Divine Pill quality, will be stabler. First completes is Six Paths Temple that old man, Shen Xiang their several have been afterward completed, the Shen Xiang's time also grasps very well, he uses two double-hour refinement skeleton Divine Pill is not too strenuous, but he wants the limit display! Auctions according to the order backward, your pill furnace inside Divine Pill must keep secret temporarily!” The responsible middle age said that the heads who this behind judges are this middle age, the old iron chicken only responsibly starts. The Shen Xiang knitting the brows head, he thinks that can promptly turn on the pill furnace cover, if so, he will compare to suffer a loss, because he shouted that finally completes. Other four Dan God strengths are not definitely weak, if their Divine Pill are good, then they auctioned one round, divine yuan stone that those present, in the hand have are not definitely many! But is not absolute, now because everyone refines is low-grade Divine Pill, but the purchase low-grade Divine Pill majority are cultivation base slightly is low, but purchase skeleton Divine Pill different, Highest God will snatch. Thinks of this, in the Shen Xiang heart was also more relaxed, his skeleton Divine Pill facing these true nouveau riche, therefore he is not worried unable to sell. Six Paths Temple old man unemotionally, but in look actually full is the self-confident ray, he opens pill furnace, takes out three grains of translucent pill pellet. Godhead pill! Can make Profound God concentrate immediately second Godhead low-grade Divine Pill, this Divine Pill is quite rare, moreover is precious, especially regarding Profound God!” That middle-aged man surprisedly said: These three grains of Godhead pill are the quality excellent!” Under has much is Profound God, especially Supreme Temple Profound God are most, in the hand had divine yuan stone to be ready to make trouble, congealed second Godhead to become Heavenly God, but this stage was very difficult regarding many Profound God, even if had confidence to congeal second Godhead, but needs a period of time to be able to achieve, if can concentrate immediately, even if paid some divine yuan stone, they were glad.

Except that profound Divine Level other has beyond the impulsion of purchase, many Heavenly God even Highest God want to buy to their younger generation, making them break through fast! But mostly the Profound God affirmation competition Highest God and Heavenly God that they are more formidable than! Altogether has three grains, can see that tendering will also be very intense! Now starts, does not set the low price, bids at will!” The middle-aged man is responsible for beginning shooting, he is also Dan God, therefore he can throw this moment ago is skeleton Divine Pill. Five hundred thousand divine yuan stone!” Some people shout, afterward many Profound God noisy crowds shouted, the scene was chaotic. However the middle-aged man is fierce, can hear each voice of person, even can know that who these sounds are send. 100 two hundred thousand, the present are the maximum valency, is price that was shouted by this old man!” The middle-aged man referred to distant place one leaning on old man of walking stick, the audience was peaceful immediately. low-grade Divine Pill, can have this price, this is very good, regeneration Divine Pill that Feng Yujie refines, is only million divine yuan stone. Moreover this has not ended, because also some people continue to increase price!