World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2024

Bids surrounds by plaza, but price ratio rich on plaza nearby pavilion, if these nouveau riche get rid, ringside these definitely ratio. 100 three hundred thousand, but also there are to continue to increase price!” Middle-aged shouted, the sound is covering entire plaza, all people can listen clearly. 100 five hundred thousand!” The old sound said leisurely that passes from these pavilions. If on the pavilion person, then some people intentionally pay the high price to be also hard to judge! But grain of low-grade Divine Pill, can sell to two million divine yuan stone, is very rare, if three grains can sell this price, is six million divine yuan stone! Finally position according to laying out the total price calculates, furnace low-grade Divine Pill, six million divine yuan stone, think to know that is very difficult to surmount! Nobody continued to increase price again, but that side the pavilion also came old man, after having handed over divine yuan stone, takes Godhead pill to depart. That old man is god profound Tianchi, that therefore does not raise prices intentionally! Two grains of Godhead pill must continue to auction, the middle-aged man voice falls, started noisy tendering, the price also quickly rises dramatically to million divine yuan stone, to this price, was basically peaceful. Behind underwent several rounds tendering, unexpectedly on two hundred divine yuan stone! But last grain, pats to 100 seven hundred thousand divine yuan stone, altogether is 500 seven hundred thousand, these divine yuan stone also turn over to that Six Paths Temple Dan God, on this time face has shown the self-confident smiling face! Furnace low-grade Divine Pill, can gain to these many divine yuan stone, this makes in many Low-Rank Dan God hearts exclaim in surprise, therefore participating Dan God has very tremendous pressure at this time, only Shen Xiang is very relaxed, he believes that skeleton Divine Pill will certainly not be lower than that Godhead pill.

Following Five Elements Divine Pill, after eating up, can obtain five attribute Divine Power fast, but also is only right Middle-Rank Heavenly God and Low-Rank Heavenly God has the effect, this Divine Pill also has not the small use, especially these with cultivating five attribute Heavenly God, eats this Divine Pill to break through the bottleneck. This Dan God level is also good, in such a short time, a furnace can also leave the pill three grains, after all they do not use Shen Xiang that Heaven Refining Technique! In the Shen Xiang heart is sighing with emotion secretly, this Highest God Realm really crouching tiger, hidden dragon, this horizontal Dan God, if obtains the key cultivation, later definitely has boundless prospects. Three grains of Five Elements Divine Pill, lay out 100 three hundred thousand separately, 1.15 million, with 1 million prices, in addition is 345 ten thousand divine yuan stone, has been short compared with that old man, but also calculated well, perhaps position, so long as first three can have the reward. What third Dan God is Supreme Temple Dan Hall, what he refines is strange Divine Pill, is the use is quite unusual, named shrinks bone Divine Pill! This Divine Pill is quite rare, eats up the later skeleton to reduce, can be turned into the child by oneself! After skeleton reduction, physical strength will not weaken, moreover can through cultivating grows by own skeleton and muscle once more, the process of growth can also make fleshly body be strengthened, this is law of the quite unusual building up strength.” That middle age is learned to the pills aspect, narrated this Divine Pill use carefully. But fleshly body is too strong, or is Godhead too many words, will eat up will not have the good effect, three Godhead below will eat is best, including three Godhead.” People at this time to this Divine Pill also some certain understanding, especially some tired of living person, feeling that also wants to experience feeling rejuvenated, is ready to make trouble, after all this is rare Divine Pill . Moreover the use is also quite good, perhaps can also hand over to sell is higher. Altogether has two grains, after one fights, sold completely, the first grain sold to 100 eight hundred thousand divine yuan stone, the second grain was 100 seven hundred thousand, altogether 300 five hundred thousand, compared with former that three grains of Five Elements Divine Pill must 50,000!

The single grain can buy such high price, stems from Shen Xiang's to anticipate that after all he does not understand seeking novelty in many person hearts at heart. The fourth type is blood sea Divine Pill, refines this Divine Pill is also Supreme Temple Dan Hall, was the same with that a moment ago, is the middle-aged person appearances. blood sea Divine Pill is quite famous, is quite rare, eats up blood sea Divine Pill, can emit several cylinder blood, but oneself actually not but therefore Yuan Qi damages severely! The blood quality that puts is extremely also high, sometimes alchemy or refiner, need the massive own blood. Naturally, blood most is the sacrifice builds up own Divine Weapon or divine tool these things, consumes the blood to be most, if eats up grain of this blood sea Divine Pill, does not need too to be worried after putting the blood, meets issue that Yuan Qi damages severely, therefore this has the use. blood sea Divine Pill also has two grains, Shen Xiang guessed that the final total price will not be low! Really, before long, two grains of blood sea Divine Pill both have sold, each grain of 100 eight hundred thousand divine yuan stone, in addition is 300 six hundred thousand, compared with former that multi- hundred thousand! At this time finally was one's turn Shen Xiang, so long as Shen Xiang's Divine Pill patted, can immediately decide the position! Shen Xiang beforehand that terror pill measures, making all person impressions on the scene profound, many people on the scene hope that his pill furnace inside low-grade Divine Pill also with former such, is similar to the bean same piles in inside, like this they have the opportunity to purchase these Divine Pill. How many grains can be? His two double-hour refine, this point was good! When I started to refine low-grade skeleton Divine Pill in the past, can achieve after a period of time.” The red clothed man is somewhat tense, resembles to start to carry on the duel immediately to be ordinary, as honored Divine Country Prince, he already very long not this type exciting and felt excitedly.

He thought that own this, can meet refinement skeleton Divine Pill, for him harvests greatly, regardless of the victory and loss, his innermost feelings will feel to satisfy, because he very long has not carried on this contest, although is he original work is sentimental in unilaterally and Shen Xiang contest. At this time Feng Yujie they also anticipated, especially Luo Tianjun, because he knows that Shen Xiang in refinement skeleton Divine Pill, actually does not know Shen Xiang leaves many grains, he with the Gu three brothers knows Shen Xiang that heaven defying pill measures, if skeleton Divine Pill can also leave pill many, that was real heaven defying! Mu Chen and Xiao Changle are also anticipating, because they know that the Shen Xiang refinement Divine Pill is out of the ordinary, before Luo Tianjun had not told them intentionally, making them and other Shen Xiang open pill furnace! Now they forgot the armies of two divine beast clans probably that approached, were waiting for Shen Xiang opens pill furnace! An audience peace, in the heart in shouting a bit faster is opening, Shen Xiang is holding pill furnace, arrives at side that middle age, because and other must give this middle age to inspect the Divine Pill quality.