World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2025
Shen Xiang moves pill furnace, was that middle age's matter, these pill furnace were their, after refining, they must recycle, wait for Shen Xiang to receive divine yuan stone that's alright by all means. The middle age is also curious to this furnace, he is responsible for supervising this Alchemy Competition, before Shen Xiang put out skeleton Divine Pill herbs, he did not recognize these divine medicine. Now Shen Xiang moves pill furnace, he also impatiently walks to turn on the pill furnace cover! Inside has six grains of Divine Pill, these on pavilion expert, although is very far among arena, but they can see in pill furnace that six grains of Divine Pill, they still do not recognize this are any Divine Pill! These six grains of skeleton Divine Pill are the creamy-white, that middle age will take from pill furnace, making everybody see clearly, the person in distant place is unable to feel Divine Pill pill to be fragrant, how also does not know the quality. Naturally, what now everybody is most curious, these six grains of pill are any Divine Pill, is precious! ...... Young Master, is this skeleton Divine Pill? With not to be how different, I who you refine remember what you refine is faint yellow!” That old follower sees that six grains of pure white Divine Pill, immediately surprisedly said. The red clothed man frowns tightly, has not spoken, because he cannot determine that now that is skeleton Divine Pill: I am also clear, because my Master refinement is also faint yellow! divine medicine that however he uses truly was refines skeleton Divine Pill saying that three types that needed!” The Xiao Changle doubts said: Old Luo, what Divine Pill is this? I have not seen, didn't you say the furnace to know?” Luo Tianjun sees that six grains of Divine Pill, has gawked half sound, Luo Tianjun he has not seen skeleton Divine Pill, but he has actually understood from the books, skeleton Divine Pill is faint yellow, now but Shen Xiang refines is actually the creamy-white, is completely different!

This...... What Divine Pill is this?” That middle age somewhat awkwardly inquired Shen Xiang, he was also experienced, when did not recognize Shen Xiang alchemy divine medicine, now cannot recognize including end product Divine Pill. Many people suspected that this is Divine Pill that Shen Xiang found! If there is a very good effect, can sell the price, but needs to prove this pill's effect. Skeleton Divine Pill!” A Shen Xiang character character said that resounding voice lets plaza everyone to hear. Hears these four characters, people were shocked first, but actually did not believe that because of Dan God on the scene, had to understand that from the books what skeleton Divine Pill was, now and Shen Xiang's is completely different. The middle-aged man said: But your this skeleton Divine Pill with books on is different, I come from Divine Country, I have also seen skeleton Divine Pill, luster light yellow, pill is fragrant! But your color is pure white, moreover pill is fragrant thick! Is completely different from skeleton Divine Pill that I know.” In the pavilion red clothed man also nodded, skeleton Divine Pill that because he refines with is the same, he who that middle age said cannot believe what at this time Shen Xiang refined was skeleton Divine Pill, perhaps was because Shen Xiang had pill to be too many all of a sudden the grain, if were really skeleton Divine Pill, that has exceeded him! Shen Xiang smiles lightly, he had also understood from the books before skeleton Divine Pill, with is truly same, but reason that now is different, that that middle age said was because built up the law to be different, his building up law can display peak building up of source divine medicine, was quality best skeleton Divine Pill, otherwise he and Shui Bingyan will not practice the skeleton quickly. This Senior, do you have to eat skeleton Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang asked. Has not eaten, even if in Divine Country, skeleton Divine Pill is also quite precious! low-grade skeleton Divine Pill does not have the city valuably, I have divine yuan stone unable to buy!” The middle-aged man shakes the head saying that if at present is really skeleton Divine Pill, he definitely also will buy. Shen Xiang also asked: That Senior do you have to practice the skeleton?”

The strength of this middle age is also at present good, moreover is Dan God, Shen Xiang guessed that his strength has surmounted Highest God, but the person of this strength, wants to practice the skeleton. No!” On the middle-aged man face is somewhat helpless, because of until now, cannot practice the method of skeleton to depend upon skeleton Divine Pill directly to be good. Shen Xiang said: Then Senior, if eats up my skeleton Divine Pill, could confirm that this is skeleton Divine Pill?” The middle-aged man thinks: Ok, what feeling eats up skeleton Divine Pill to have, I know that although has not eaten, the feeling that but I can definitely describe from the book distinguishes.” Good, to prove, then also asked Senior to taste one grain, this was I delivers you!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, in his heart is also quite depressed, skeleton Divine Pill that oneself refine is best, but these that in the book records are insufficiently good, causing the color unable to obtain to approve differently. Middle-aged man hesitant, then puts in grain of skeleton Divine Pill the mouth, the feeling that the Divine Pill entrance, in that type of book described appeared immediately, on the middle-aged man face full was wild with joy, it seems like has been able to confirm that this was skeleton Divine Pill! This is skeleton Divine Pill, after eating up, feels exactly the same that and in the book described, even stronger was fiercer, was the Divine Pill quality that because you refined was better, therefore the color was different?” This middle-aged sound is bringing excitedly said. After this middle age confirmed that in plaza erupted a noisy sound immediately, skeleton Divine Pill appeared, moreover must sell! Even if in Divine Country, is the things of valuable non- city, if auctions here, the price can be imagined, let alone quality better pure white skeleton Divine Pill! ......

Then red clothed man on pavilion, looks that plaza that whispers the people of discussion, said: I must buy one grain, I must confirm personally that is skeleton Divine Pill, cannot refine white skeleton Divine Pill Master, but he actually, is one furnace six grains!” Depending on the Young Master financial resource, even if buys completely is not the issue!” old follower said: If this is false skeleton Divine Pill, then wants this brat to be attractive!” The red clothed man said: Did not say that is false, that herbs absolutely real!” ...... The middle-aged man has eaten grain of Shen Xiang's skeleton Divine Pill, now his also hastily seals the efficacy, so as to avoid this will waste, when he finishes here matter, he must build up the efficacy, can perhaps initiate to congeal the skeleton Divine Pill turning point. „The skeleton Divine Pill value thinks as we all know, then everybody bids should in the heart confident!” The middle age said: Now starts!” Xiao Changle surprisedly said: This is really skeleton Divine Pill, really like Guo Grandmaster said that Shen Xiang refined the quality is best, therefore the color was different!” Be responsible for supervising that middle age of competition is Guo Grandmaster, he has this name, thinks that also has certain status, moreover he has also contacted skeleton Divine Pill, his words are also very authoritative.