World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2026
„The skeleton Divine Pill home remedy is Shen Xiang obtains from Loyalty Pavilion, at that time I worried he will bring in troublesome, therefore I make him conceal! Be responsible for Loyalty Pavilion old fellow also knowing that this matter, at that time I and he have greeted, making him not say! Therefore, Shen Xiang has the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy, this does not need to question.” Luo Tianjun definitely said: Now looks like, he had found skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, and can refine!” White Tiger said with a smile: Was a pity really that we cannot bid, I think that I was also the time prepare to practice the skeleton, this thing promotion strength was obvious.” Luo Tianjun said with a smile: This does not need to be worried but actually that this fellow can refine six grains casually, we when the time comes can ask him to use the friendship price to purchase!” Quick, first grain of beginning shooting skeleton Divine Pill all of a sudden on wind to three million divine yuan stone, but the single grain can sell this price, now has been able to determine, Shen Xiang is this competition first. Bidding is intense, moreover expert that some Divine Country come, they are also difficult to buy skeleton Divine Pill in Divine Country, now arrived here to meet, naturally cannot let off! They highly believe that Guo Grandmaster, Guo Grandmaster have eaten, and confirmed that therefore they think that this did not make a mistake absolutely! In an instant, arrived at seven million divine yuan stone! Before Shen Xiang obtained skeleton Divine Pill time, knows this, although was low-grade, but the price will actually surpass many middle-grade Divine Pill, even was High-Grade Divine Pill, now sure enough! If middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, then the price is more expensive! Shen Xiang thought one refine furnace skeleton Divine Pill, refining many furnaces regenerates Divine Pill to be much more cost-effective, moreover the spirit return that uses is less! If he and Feng Yujie double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique, concentrates the massive spirit beads, they refine skeleton Divine Pill again together, then not long, rare skeleton Divine Pill will be getting more and more! 10 million!” red clothed man shouted, his sound is having an inherent imposing manner lightly, although the sound is not very big, but contains that imposing manner of belt, making on many pavilions people immediately peaceful.

Now causes fights for intensely is these came from Divine Country expert, these expert from different Divine Country, they are responsible for observing this competition, how comes to see here to develop while convenient! But sound that they hear the red clothed man, does not dare to increase price at this time again, that is Divine Country Prince, a God Emperor son! Even if their strengths are stronger than this Prince, but they do not dare to offend! Shen Xiang also saw that anything comes, before was 1.001 million million divine yuan stone in addition, the present is only some people of shouted 10 million, on complete silence, obviously was because shouted propaganda was an extraordinary character! Yue'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: Is the member of Divine Country imperial family, this imposing manner I cannot forget, has not thought fellow who unexpectedly will come this status, should be Prince and so on!” Guo Grandmaster clear this is the royal family member, in the heart secretly is also being surprised, he as Dan God , the clear Divine Country imperial family settles on to Dan God, therefore he thinks at this time Shen Xiang will have boundless prospects, he does not know that Shen Xiang and Divine Country have some contradictions. Has not increased price again, first grain of skeleton Divine Pill by 10 million sells, but comes up to purchase Divine Pill is old follower of that red clothed man. Although the first grain has not bought, but also four grains, these come from Divine Country expert only to hope that now that Divine Country Prince should not be too corrupt, is small with their these snatches skeleton Divine Pill. The red clothed man he takes one grain to confirm whether is really skeleton Divine Pill, he understood that refinement skeleton Divine Pill, he does not certainly lack this, even if he does not understand the refinement, depends on his Divine Country Prince status, wants skeleton Divine Pill is very easy. „Did Young Master, determine? If false, I went to kill that brat immediately, unexpectedly deceived the person!” old follower to this Prince is very heartfelt, could not look that this Prince was been suffering from injustice by the least bit. After the red clothed man eats up, but sighed gently, seems like appearance that was sincerely convinced: Is real skeleton Divine Pill! Refines me and Master is better than! I and Master refine that type faint yellow can only be the Low-Grade quality, but his approached with the peak quality, if sells in Divine Country, two surely divine yuan stone both are very convenient!”

He self-ridiculed that smiles: It seems like I have picked big convenient!” old follower sees his Young Master to come under the enormous attack the appearance, in the heart is somewhat angry, said: Young Master, this certainly because of Heaven Refining Technique, if you have Heaven Refining Technique, definitely can also be the same with him, even exceeds him! I help you snatch now Heaven Refining Technique!” No!” The red clothed man truly robbed the Heaven Refining Technique thought a moment ago, however his heart of hearts told him unable such to do, because this was goes against his original intention the matter, although he came under very big attack, but has not actually lost the reason. Well-born Prince, some famous teachers instruct, the rich resources, but on refinement skeleton Divine Pill, Shen Xiang actually have gone far beyond him, this attack is very for him big, he is not that type because of envying to make the person of immoral matter! „Not active he!” The red clothed man said severely that he also very knew about old follower, therefore he such severely will urge him. old follower nodded, sighed lightly. Shen Xiang's five grains of skeleton Divine Pill sold completely, the total price was 6700 million divine yuan stone, he was satisfied regarding this price. Naturally, if he takes away Divine Country to sell, can sell high! Shen Xiang obtains first, this is the soul Divine Pill home remedy and herbs!” Guo Grandmaster issues the reward to Shen Xiang, and has given back to Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside has more than ten million divine yuan stone, he does not want to take something for free Shen Xiang that grain of skeleton Divine Pill, he such does, on the one hand must make the impression to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is one Dan God that is worth becoming friends with. After Shen Xiang attains the prize, in a hurry leaves the field! When he goes out of plaza, Yue'er immediately gives him sound transmission, tells him the situation that some just had.

He moves toward the pavilion that Feng Yujie they are, near plaza, in he just arrived under that building, saw in the building to have several forms to fly. But outside the city also suddenly erupts the billowing lion roar! Divine Lion Race came! The Supreme Temple elder in abundance flies on the city wall at this time, Divine Lion Race and Stars and Moon God Clan at this time outside city. Feng Yujie brings Shui Bingyan to arrive at side Shen Xiang, said to Shen Xiang: Hall Master said that here Teleportation Formation can use, what do you have to plan? The transmission leaves here , to continue to stay here?” Naturally stays here! Brother Yang?” Shen Xiang asked that Yang Tianyi unexpectedly did not have, but Divine Lion Race and Stars and Moon God Clan actually came, reason that he can also guess correctly Stars and Moon God Clan will come, definitely was that star moon/month Ancestral Emperor calls.